Murder at Sea

Captain Clock is murdered by one of his own crew.He was a loved Trauler in the port town of Barinlo. But DI Machman and Detective Brewders find that he wasn't always the loveable sea Captain he was at death.


2. Richard III

"A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!"


The children turned. Their Director had squeezed his Coffe so hard the cup had smashed and now hot coffe was all over his white shirt and jeans.

"Your doing it all wrong! He clambered on stage and began to do an over-exaggerated inpersination on Richard III. His back hunched, his eyes wide and evil.

"MY HORSE! I mean... A HORSE, A HORSE! My kingdom for a horse! Sheesh, its not that hard"

DI Machmal sat at the back of the hall waiting for his companion- who was the Director- to find a moment to come and speek to him. He pushed hin long bushy hair back to reviel all of his forehead.

"Now, children, take a brake. Back in five!... Oh and Timmothy, dont go looking up Felishas skirt. Yes I saw you." The director strolled over to Machmal.

"Had an accident?"

"Hu? Oh," he looked down at the coffe stain on his shirt ",Those kids must be the dummest..."As he said this the Head Master of the acting collage walked in. "...I mean. they call this 'Acting Collage'. Well, I'll tell you what those, arrogant worms are all arse holes. And that Head Master 'ain't helping. I mean look at the man he's an elephant... What are you nodding at." He turned to see the Head Master sitting on a chair.

"Oh, do go on. You've already lost your job." 

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