Murder at Sea

Captain Clock is murdered by one of his own crew.He was a loved Trauler in the port town of Barinlo. But DI Machman and Detective Brewders find that he wasn't always the loveable sea Captain he was at death.


1. And So He Swings

The Captain had never got along with the man. That was probably the reason he had his corpse was swinging on the end of a rope and his toes slowly being roasted by the fire that had started under him. Already on deck his crew were panicking over his where abouts. He hadn't answered his door for supper and a strange smell of smoke was comming from his room.

"Try again." Said the First Mate, a short, fat man with smelly ginger hair, "He might be asleep."

"He smokes in his sleep! I highly doubt it." Grumbled the oldest in the crew as he untangled fishing nets.

"Tell you what i'll check. I'm sure he's fine." The youngest of the crew, Sloth Manchester, began to stroll towards the stair access hatch which lead to the crews rooms.

As he oppened the hatch a great torrent of fire rose from the hole and threw him off his feet and in moments the ship was engulfed in flame.

The crew threw themselves off the ship, while the ship slowly sank into the the watery obbiss. 


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