How do you escape a world that doesn't exist?

Nova has spent most of her life plugged into the Virtual reality life named V.U.S.A.N . When the underground city blames her for plotting with the 'hackers' and she learns the truth about V.U.S.A.N.

How will she become UNPLUGGED?


1. Prologue

    It's 3500 A.D., the start of a new century. The beginning of a new world. Planet Earth has perished only to leave behind a struggling human race. Just the smallest of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables is a prize, to the richest of men. A delicacy compared to the grey, synthetic slop we eat now. It's pack full of nutrients but not with flavour.   
    1000 years ago happened the apocalypse. Imagine all the world disasters there are. And then imagining them all happening at once. The pandemonium of panic. People killing each other for survival. Brother on brother. Sister on sister. Like animals. Until the few that remained decided to build a new settlement under the new world. Named Endore.
    Since then we have prospered underground in the earth and rock. We haven't ventured outside for over 500 year, or so I've learnt in class. There is a punishment set in place for anyone who threatens peace in our world. They are cast off outside. So far no ones come back. I'm sure that above ground it's impossible to live on. It's a wasteland no life what so ever.
    Life under ground is trialing. I live in the city of Yarone, populated with the remains of the human race. There are about a million of us now. Everyone lives in a different borough where they admire different qualities. Their named after the four elements, water, fire, air and earth. In water knowledge is admired. In fire strength and bravery. In air analytical skills are admired and in earth selflessness is admired. Your allowed to live in any borough you wish.
    25 years ago scientists of the water borough had an amazing break through, that by inserting a small input, a plug into the back of the neck, they are able to live in a virtual world. Ever since then we have lived in the virtual world.
    We live, sleep, eat and drink in the world. The vr helmets we wear plug into our brain and stimulates our senses. Makes us think we're eating, feeling, seeing. When actually we're bing fed by food tube put in our mouthed. We stay in our pods all day until curfew when we have to log out by 11pm. 
    We survive and live possibly only on the use of the virtual world. Maybe without that we would die. Turn insane on the thought of the grass, the air running through our hair, the touch of the suns heat on our skin.
    This fake world is our saviour.
    This world is The V.U.S.A.N
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