An attempt at a ‘Flowers for Algernon’ kind of story, written from the perspective of a disabled child who does what he can to conform. It’s a very short story, originally written for a competition in school-it didn’t win, though I thought that maybe I could get some pointers on how to improve it etc. As stated before, as it is written as someone with learning difficulties all spelling and grammatical mistakes are intentional. I haven’t intended to offend anyone; I merely wanted to take a different view to the one that is often accepted.


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Is funi wen i see pepul stairin well is funi at the beeginin. im wokin down the stret and their al pontin at mi wisperin and stuf is funi at the beeginin butt then i gett scard i tel linnda coz is not nise wen pepul ar al pontin and wisperin stuf coz i dun lik it. shee tels them too go awei and then they al prettennd lik thei ar lukin sumwer els butt i now their not i now their stil lukin at mi linnda ses ignaw them coz their not woth the agrafashun or sumffink butt i cant ignaw them wen their lukin at mi. is weerd wen pepul staire at mi butt im usd too it naw coz it hapenz alott wen i go too the parc with linnda coz al the kidz ar lukin at mi eefen the mumsanddads doo too.


is not so bad wen the kidz ar lukin at mi coz they just fink im weerd and they tel mi too they sez ur weerd butt is wors wen the mumsanddads doo it coz they dun luk at mi lik im weerd they gett sad they sei u pwr fing and wen i asc linnda wot a pwr fing is shee sez hoo sed that and i sei the mumsanddads at the parc and shee ges al angri and sez ignaw them shee sez ignaw them alott. i lik linnda sheez nise and shee dun sei im weerd or gett al sad shee just actz lik linnda and i just act lik bradley eefen tho i dun wana bee bradley sumtims well alott off the tim rili. but linnda sez dun sei that u ar bradley and i lik bradley. i tel her that i dun lik bradley i haet bradley and then shee starst criyng and i starst criyng too coz i dint meen too mek linnda cri but then shee sez i lik u bradley alott and plis dun tcange ffor anion okai?


and i sei okai.


i go too skool sumtims and sumtims i lik it and sumtims i dun butt at leestt i haf ofer kidz too plai with their rili nise the ofer kidz they lett mi plai with them and wee plai a gem cold runn awai ffrom bradley is rili funi coz i wok rownd the plaigrownd and they al runn awai ffrom mi and laff and i laff too eefen tho i dun no wy. i eefen gott a niknam is reetard i dun no wot it meens butt the ofer kidz fink is rili funi so i lik it they sei alrit reetard and i sei ies thanc u and thei laff. linnda ascd mi onse wot is ur niknam? and i sed reetard and shee gott rili angri and sed ur not a reetard dunt lett anion cal u a reetard. ur speshiall bradley and is becoz off that i luv u okai?


and i sei okai.

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