Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


10. Chapter 9


    Paige's P.O.V

    He's just lucky I saved his ass. I kept writing down the problem. I can't believe I'm getting mad over something so stupid. He's with Vanessa. So what? Why am I so bothered to get him on our side? My side- actually. You know what fuck him, it's his choice. I finished my homework, and began to watch t.v . I didn't really want to go to my next period- although Harry is there...well actually Mycaela first...I sighed. I finished with my Romeo and Juliet play. Everything was finished. Nothing to do- but torture Zayn. I guess Zayn wasn't a huge problem- he's probably on his- nevermind. I guess I should try to call my dad again. Jones probably will pick up- but then Cally, my dad's girlfriend would...and brag about her daughter being a great actress, and stuff. God I hate her so much. She would even ask me what I want to grow up and brag that I'm horrible than her daughter. Or just maybe Quinn would. Quinn, he's a nice guy- mostly Jone's body guard. He always takes calls and talks to me- try to make me feel good. I shook my head- How about mother. I picked up my phone and tried again with her old number. Nicki wouldn't even pick up- she changed everything. 
    "This number does not exist, please use a different number" Then the beep came. I sighed, and turned off my IPhone 4s. I dialed my father's number. "hello?" My dad's voice. Daddy...he picked up. Finally. I smiled,"Daddy." "Hey pumpkin. Sorry, this is not a good time to call, honey." "But you never have time for-" He hung on me. I dropped my phone on the couch. I balled up into a ball and whispered to myself,"It'll be alright..." I cried, sniffing a bit. Why does my dad always do this- always saying, I don't have time. Sorry pumpkin not the great time. I'll make it up to you. Oh yeah sorry, directing a serious movie now. Must sign the contract. Sorry, bun bun I'm at Dian's speech (Cally's daughter). 

I just hate it, always making excuses- I bet he won't ever make it to my graduation- or Star Show- even if I did make it. I sighed- wiping my tears, grabbing the remote and turned t.v off. I studied. I sighed, hearing tap noises- Zayn. I opened the door, and closed it- still having my key. I put it in my pocket of my backpack. Knocking on his door, he didn't open it but I walked into the dorm. "Hey! You can't just barge in." He sat up. "Then stop tapping on the wall." I spat. "I wasn't." "Uh huh...." I turned around and grabbed the door knob. "Wait." He said. "What?" 

    "Sorry for earlier." He sighed. I turned around, leaning against the door. "It's fine, but are you still, hanging out with Vanessa." I breath in. He nodded,"Why." "Oh nothing- Just watch out. She takes virgins...she's not a vigin." "She's 19, she can't-" "Yes she can. She took my crushes's...and my neighbor's Bryan....he didn't go to our school, but I liked him too." "Proof?" "I don't have any....but....just watch out." I faced the door. "Wait...don't leave yet." He stood up, walking over to me. "So we're cool?" "Yep." "Okay, I'll stop hanging out for her....if, you make a deal with me." "What particular deal?" "Well, I don't know...You help me find this voice....and I help you study and stay away from Vanessa." He smiled. "What kind of voice?" "Uhm...Nevermind....but I'll tell you later....also....I will stay away from Vanessa." I shook my  head...weirdly,"Okay?..." I opened the door. That was weird...

     The bell rang- leading me into sixth period, Mr. Venci. I saw Mycaela patting the chairs to me. I walked over to her,"Hi." "How did it work out with you and Zayn?" "I only known him for one day- well we worked things out. He's stopping..." I sighed. "great." Mr. Venci walked in and smiled,"Class, I need you guy's to sing a high note." "speaking of singing. What's up with you lying?" "Haha...saving my butt. I don't want anyone to find out I can't sing.." "That doesn't make sense." " doesn't matter anyways." I pretended not to sing."Oops...I can't sing...your turn.." She rolled her eyes..."Really..." "Yeah..."I laughed. Great.....I guess I'll just have to LIE to everybody..


    I saw Harry sitting in class- I sat next to him. "So....worked out?" "Yeah..." "Well Ms. ReSmore. I need your Romeo and Juliet paper. I'm collecting them." He smiled. I laughed. "Okay." I gave him the papers and he nodded,"Very interesting." "What?" "Nothing.." He collected every papers...including Vanessa's and the brats. "Stop flirting, you'll never get anybody Loser." Vanessa called out to me. I didn't care. I just looked across the table- eyeing the papers. Harry sat down next to me."Seems like Jones really really hates you. Want something to her- in the night?" "Oh you know me so well! But we can't, we don't have any tools." "Haha, we'll just wait." Harry chuckled. I rolled my eyes, laughing. "So what do I usually do here?" Harry said. "You're going to be in a play." I ended. "Hmm, interesting." This should be fun....Mrs. Dee walked in. "Hello class."

    "hello Mrs. Dee." We said together. "Good, Harry collected all the papers, we will be having our roles. Anyone want to be Romeo?" No one wanted to raise their hands. They all wanted to be the easy people. "Okay...then may be Romeo. We just need to get the others. I will be correcting the papers...the announcements for the play will be on the board." She pointed to the wall. Of course...this classroom had a stage. "Remember. you guy's will be doing this because this is the only honors class I have." she ended,"You make talk for today." She walked to her desk, correcting. "Hmm, seems interesting." I said."This never had happened before." "Maybe I'm here." He winked. I rolled my eyes,"What's up with you and Mycaela. Fancy her much?" I laughed. He smiled,"She's pretty hot." "Don't say temperature. She hates it." "Then she's beautiful." He chuckled. "This isn't a joke Harry. She hates when boys don't take relationships seriously." Harry sighed,"Yeah I like her..." I smiled....Ooh...


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