Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


9. Chapter 8

   Paige's P.O.V


    I sat there, waiting till the bell rings. It's usually always 15 minutes. But this time it's 2 minutes. She sat there,"Oh I got to get some papers to grade in the pod. Will you mind watch the classroom?" She asked. I nodded,"Sure." She walked out of the room. I sighed,"Alone..." The door suddenly burst open with Zayn. He closed the door, and looked up."Oh." He looked shocked. I rolled my eyes.

     "Hey, why are you acting so mean all of the sudden?" He asked, drinking his water bottle. I didn't answer my doodled my composition book. (A/N: that's a notebook if you don't know.).

     "Answer me." He growled. I guess I'm pissing him for no reason. I bit my lip, why he's a hothead. "Nothing,god" I sighed. He rolled his eyes,"Bullshit. Louis and Liam also said-" "Said what? You wouldn't listen to me? We only know each other for 2 days and we're fighting? Wow, that's like crapiness!" I scowled. He clutched his fist together,"What are you going to punch me or something?" I scowled again. He shook his head,"No. But I don't trust any girl like you. You just want me to be on your side. It's really stupid, and it's over- " 

    "Over? We're breaking up? Haha That's stupid we never went out!" 
" I meant our friendship!" He snapped. "I never wanted to be your friend! Pebble thrower!" I stormed out of the classroom to my dorm. I'm skipping classes like last week. I wiped my tears. I knew he was speechless. I shook my head, locked the dorm and sat on the couch- watching my family videos. I hate him so much. I felt something- I lost my backpack...

  Zayn's P.O.V

   She stormed out of the room. I looked hurt but I shook it off. Who does she think she is? Who does she think I am? (A/N: Oh my gosh I just had to >w<). Am I just a boy to her- of course, I'm not. I'm Zayn Malik. She can't control me. I can be friends with whoever I want. At least get to know her. I sat back down and sighed, shutting my eyes. I turned to face to look at her seat. Her backpack was there. The turquise Jansport backpack was laying there. I grabbed it- I shouldn't look in it. I shook my head-"I'm not that bad of a guy." I walked out of the room- seeing Mrs. Pierce. 

    "Hello Zayn, where are you going? Paige is right in there." She smiled. 
"She had to go back to her dorm and finish her homework. Her next period told her she had to." She nodded,"Oh okay- give this to her." She handed me the homework. Pages 23-25. I smiled,"Okay." "Bye Zayn, you can leave if you want, I don't need help today." She smiled. I nodded,"thanks." "You're welcome." She went in the room and closed it. The bell rang- all of the sudden, students started walking to their periods. 

    "Zayn! Zayn!" I heard Vanessa's voice said. I turned around, "Hey." "What do you have there?" She smiled. I hid the backpack behind my back,"Nothing, look Vanessa I have to go to the bathroom. I really have to go." I lied. "I understand. Text me later, babe." I walked away, upstairs to the dorm, knocking on her door. She didn't open it, I heard sniffles. I knocked again. "Paige?"  She opened the door,"What do you want?" She spat the word at me you. I rolled my eyes,"Your stupid bag." "You know, you don't always have to say stupid each time you say a sentence. It's really not cool. Plus it's not a bag it's a backpack. Or call it Jansport." She said. I looked at her- her eyes were red. I ignored her saying. "Were you crying?"  "No." She yanked the Jansport from my hand. Rude. "Calm your tits, you don't have to be rude." She rolled her eyes- closing the door, I blocked it by my foot,"At least say thank you." "I'm not saying thank you." 

    "Then I'll bother you." I smirked. "Don't you have some snogging to do?" She crossed her arms. My jaw dropped,"I-I was not snogging! We didn't snog! We were talking. You're just jealous you can't talk to any boy like me."  She looked hurt,"Well for your information...." She didn't end her sentence but kicked my leg. "Ow!" My foot was removed from the ground. She slammed the door on me. "Harsh!" I kicked the door. 

    "You there!" An old man walked over to me. He was around his 40's. The tag on his shirt said, 'Richard.' More like dick. He was bald. His beard and side burns were all white. "Hey." I smiled. "Don't hey me! You just kicked a door! You're getting a detention." I looked at him,"For your information, I'm not a student." "Then why are you here? I'm calling the police- intruder." "I'm Zayn Malik a.k.a in One Direction. A part of a boy band." I stated. "Oh, I'm laughing." He chuckled,"stop ly-" "He isn't lying." Paige's voice said. Her door opened, she walked out facing him. "Miss ReSmore. Do not get into this." He stated. "I'm just saying what's the truth. He isn't a student or intruder. He's a helper for us to graduate." She explained. I smiled,"That's the truth Richard." 

    "Okay, your just lucky I trust Miss ReSmore. Don't kick any doors." he walked away. "Bye dick." I muttered under my breath. I turned around to face her,"Thanks."  She ignored me and closed the door again. Ouch. I walked into the room- the balcony. I sat there, and watched the garden, students were writing and studying. Those must be some future biologists. I heard typing , turning around. I saw her typing and searching in her paper. "Urgh this is useless!" She crumbled the paper and threw it on the ground. I chuckled to myself,"Don't litter." She ignored me, "You don't have to be-" "Rude." She finished her sentence. "Yeah." "Well it's my way when people piss me off." She typed without looking at me. "Why don't you like Vanessa?" She didn't respond,"it's too late to tell you. You didn't listen to me. You're stuck with her. Just a notice, A bird once was stuck in a tree. His mother told him not to go near that tree, but he didn't listen. So punishment." She ended. I didn't get it. "What?" "You're the one with some deep thoughts,'Just close your eyes and enjoy the roller coaster. That is life.' She quoted my twitter." 

     "Directioner?" "No." She typed again- writing down. I sighed, looking. "Look I'm sorr-" "What is done is done." I shook my head and walked away. I felt so bad. I sat in the living room. I wish she would just accept my apology- then again, she accused Vanessa. 

 Paige's P.O.V

   I finished typing Romeo and Juliet. I took a deep breath. Our conversation was different this time- calm and relaxing. I smiled shyly, I turned around wanting to say something but he was gone. I shook my head, stappling my papers. I grabbed my backpack and looked at the paper scrunched- 

Hey Paige, do page 23-25? In your math book? I know you will finish. Thanks (: xx Mrs. Pierce.

   She always did this. She knows I always skip her class for some reason, she looks out for me. I smiled, pulling out college paper. I started doing my equations. 

Vanessa's P.O.V

    I sat in class- Mr. Erifrata. I closed my eyes, thinking about Paige and I. We used to be friends, but then I wanted to be more popular. I was sick of being beaten up. I ditched her, and now I did this to her. Since middle school to now....It's all because of Elizabeth. "Vanessa..." Brooke said. "Yes Brookie?" "You and Zayn. Cute couple?" She smiled. "Yeah we are. He hasn't asked me out. But I will make him ask me out. He will." I said. "Don't you think Paige is falling for him?" That cracked me. I always liked everybody Paige liked, I had it with all of them. But Paige it was in Middle School. No, I didn't have it in middle school. It was when we're here, I hunt them down and had it with them. I told Paige everything about it. She didn't care. But sighed and rolled her eyes. It has been 4 years since she liked someone. That long..
    "Yeah, but who cares. That bitch isn't dating anyone when she's pregnant. Someone should call MTV. Teen moms." I smirked. "Haha, at least nobody cares for her- except her new fake friends." Brooke smiled. "Her parents doesn't either."  I stated. "We should tell everyone in the school, that she's pregnant. Even though she hasn't talked to Zayn yet." She whispered. I smiled deviously. "We should." 

A/N: oooh.... and this is like my fight with Anastasia. She's making me piss. She mad at me while I 'did' something 'wrong' which URGH!!! I'm so mad! D:< anyways...sorry guy's I will try to update more! If you have time, Read my book (Niall Horan Fanfiction.) 
Catch Me Before I Fall

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