Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


8. Chapter 7

  Paige's P.O.V

    I grabbed my tray and walked back to the table. I sat down and grinned,"So how's class going?" Liam looked at me and sighed,"Speaking of classes, while we were in Mr. White's class, you said something that you couldn't sing. And then you just kept quiet when I kept asking you-" He was cut of by Louis. "No, No. Liam, I got another questions in my mind too. Let me ask first." "Louis! I asked first, be more polite sometimes. God, what I was saying was that, why did you ignore me. If it's personal, I'll stay away but I'm just asking you, why didn't you tell Mycaela." He ended. What was I s'pose to say? 'Oh it's just that it's personal durh, she doesn't always have to know stuff.' No, I shouldn't say that. Mycaela looked up,"Maybe she doesn't want to tell. It's personal of course, Liam." She whispered. She looked hurt but not too. It's because she is my best friend, and we're suppose to tell each other stuff. I kept nodding. 

   Harry and Niall didn't bother to look up but eat silently to themselves. Louis sighed,"Boring." The tone of his wasn't really sarcastic but a popular girl would say or bratty. "Okay Liam, you had your chance it's my turn." he continued,"Can I come over to meet your mother, we'll be great friends." he smiled. Then, I got a glare from Mycaela. "Her mother? She's-" She stopped as she saw my reaction. It was a 'no please.' reaction. She rolled her eyes,"Mycaela's mom doesn't like company. It happened to me." Mycaela lied for me. Louis awed,"Okay." Niall smiled,"enough with the chit chat. I have some news." Uh oh, is it a bad one or good one. I thought. "I was text by Louis, saying that there's a play here and Paige is joining it. Including Mycaela. We're going to watch them act in Romeo and Juliet." Harry smiled,"I hope Mycaela gets the opening act." He winked to Mycaela. She was blushing,"Okay, truth is that, I don't always gets the opening act. I'm usually the second one in play or third one. But it's thanks to Paige. She always does my work." She laughed while confessing. I smiled. 

   "Well, we have 15 more minutes to hang out. Should we talk to Zayn?" Louis sighed. I glared at Zayn laughing with Vanessa. Vanessa looked at me and flashed an evil look. She turned back to Zayn and fake laughed, kissing his cheeks. Zayn smiled, moving his arms around Van's body. I rolled my eyes,"No, No. He looks very happy. Just leave him, along with his virginity." I spat. Louis laughed,"I think I like Paige now. She seems funny." Louis got a text and stood up. "hey guy's I'll be back later, I got to use the restroom." He left. "So, you and Harry sitting in a tree." Niall sang to Mycaela and Harry. "Stop it!" Harry smiled. Mycaela rolled her eyes. Liam stood up too,"I got to talked to Louis about Eleanor and Danielle. I got a text from them. Be right back." Liam left us. 

  I sighed, crossing my arms, humming,'Stay' by Rihanna. Harry and Niall stopped goofing off but looked at me. I idmediatly stopped. I looked away and then back,"Yes?" "You were s-" "No it's not, singing is words, which I can' Humming is different." I lied, looking a bit hurt. (which I'm acting (; ). "Oh I'm sorry." Niall smacked Harry's head,"Don't say that." "sorry." Harry rubbed his head. I rolled my eyes and got out of my seat, leaving my full plate behind. I walked outside near the lockers where couples were and some popular people, gossiping and kissing. Urgh. I opened my locker finding a note inside of it. I opened it.

       Stay away from One Direction. Nobody likes you. You're becoming a slut everyday, I see you around with boys, it's just gross and nasty. You seem to look over weight btw. I think you should check the doctors. You might be prego. If you ever tell anybody about this or tell the boys that we bully you, you might want to kiss your future good bye. And your 'Baby'. 

  I rolled my eyes. So stupid. Why would I tell them about th- Oh wait I haven't and what the hell is wrong with Van (Vanessa). I'm not pregnant! How would she know that I was 'pregnant'? Stalker Status! I tore the paper in half and threw it in the garbage. I heard people whispering about me, when I walked back to my lockers. I shook my head, grabbing my book. Also my other notes. Walking to Mrs. Pierce's class. I leaned on the wall. She opened the door. She was about 29 years old. She had blonde hair and she married to a wonderful husband that works in F.B.I. "Oh I though I heard you. You're always early." She smiled. I nodded,"Well I like to be first." I walked in. She wrote on the board. "Well, Zayn asked to sit next to you." She began,"You know who he is, right?" 

  "Yes I do. He's from One Direction. Our helper from now on this whole year for us." I bit my lip, sitting in the back corner. The tables were lined up- every table was 2. Like in partners. "Well that's great, you guy's will do! We're learning about functions today." I nodded. 

Zayn's P.O.V

    I was sitting there with Vanessa. She kept smiling, I think I'm in love with her. I think she has the voice. Her voice is so elegant and so calm. Her friends are kind of rude. I kept fake smiling when her friends made rude comments to other people. She just laughed it off. I looked at the others- Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry were at the tables with Paige and her friend as I assume, Mycaela. They were all laughing- but not having enough fun. Paige glared at me and looked away. Mostly looked hurt. Didn't really care.. I sighed, and then looked away- "Excuse me ladies. I'm going to the restroom." I text Louis, letting him know that to meet me in the restroom. I smiled and walked away to the restroom. 


    "Zayn." Louis' words shocked me. I leaned against the wall. I rolled my eyes,"It's just girls!" "Not just any girls Zayn, we told you even Paige told us, to stay away from Vanessa and her brats." Liam walked outside of the stalls and washed his hands, without looking at us- he looked in the mirror and sighed,"You do understand, right Zayn? Paige told us-" 

    "Paige what? You really expect me to listen to random people. Vanessa is nice! You should at least get to know her,mate! Stop judging people. God, I met her in 2nd period so what. She's nice, flirty like Harry. She doesn't really steal-" I was also cut off by Louis.
"Steal? How would you know, she would've lied." "Really, do you really trust Paige too?" "What the hell are you wanting to do? I trust Pai-" "She helped us- you don't even know all of her story!" I stormed out the restroom. I know what I should do now...(A/N: You guy's guess c: )

Niall's P.O.V

   After Louis and Liam walked in, Paige leaving us. Zayn stormed out of the bathroom. "Do you think Zayn trusts Vanessa?" I whispered. Harry shook his head,"Well, I don't know. You really want me to expect what's happening? Zayn is all mad and then everyones sad and depresed. How should I know!" I raised my hair in defeat or surrender,"Sorry mate!" I sighed. "Well Zayn's in her next class. They'll talk about it." Mycaela smiled. I hope...


Stayed 'UP ALL NIGHT' to write this :D TO BE CONTINUED!

~J.1D<3 or Jackie

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