Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


7. Chapter 6

   A/N: Hey guy's I got a question. Does anyone know how to make a trailer? (: If you do thanks xx please notify me! 

~Jackie or J.1D<3


Paige's P.O.V
   "Hm, you like soccer?" I smiled, sitting in the grass, we were watching the students playing in teams- kicking into the goals. "Ah, well yep. I play too." He smiled back. He then shot a bet,"Hey I bet you can't play against me." I smirked,"Deal. I'll do it, any time any day." I bet back. "Hm, after school, today." he shot at me. I thought about it- today, but I had...I wanted to say something- then I did, lying again. I felt so bad. "I can't" I bit my lip. "What? Why." His smile faded. I shook my head,"Uhm well I promised to visit my mom after school ends, just the week. Visit." Lies.My mum never did cared about me. My dad did. He lives in New York- with me, but he never did had time to visit me. We have a house together, he never did come back. My mother lives somewhere, away from us. She tried pulling me away from my dad, but I never let go. I love my dad, saying this hurts; more than my mom. My mother, she's apart from me, but she does text me every Saturday, but never calls. Never did tell me where she lives now. Even I tried searching for her, but still I never did see my mom. Ever. My dad, Jones ReSmore. My mother, Nicki ReSmore, changed her surname, Quin. 

   My dad never did saw me graduate in 8th grade nor my mother. Nobody did came- I guess I was a nobody. Every weekend I stay here in the dorms. Some teachers and students too. Usually other kids- Vanessa and the brats get to they're house and party, clubs, bars. I don't. But when it's spring break, summer break, winter break and fall break- yeah we have those. We all have to go to our houses. My house, where dad bought for me. A huge apartment. He always did send me flowers and roses. but never a card saying,'hey baby.' or something. He's missing, I just know it. The huge apartment or penthouse I say, 4 rooms and 2 bathrooms. 1 living room. and kitchen. I sighed, deeply, it seems like I'm a foster child. Mycaela always brings me to her house- for company. She's so lucky to have her parents. They treat me like I'm another child. I love them. I jus-

   "Hello?" Louis's voice broke my thoughts, I turned to face him."hmm?" I hummed. "I thought you were dead, looking at people with your eyes open." He laughed. I cracked a smile,"Eh, so what were we talking about." He rolled his eyes,"Never mind, but tell your  mom I said hi." He smirked. I nodded,"Sure." 
"So how about tomorrow? Are you coming back?" 
"Hell yes, I am." I'm going to be in my room forever of course. I stood up,"Okay the bell is going to ring, I got to change. See ya later at lunch!" I walked away. I turned around,"Wait do you need my number?" He shook his head, smiling,"Already got it." I scrunched my brows together,"What? Ho-" 
   "Mycaela to Liam to Me." He cracked a smile,"Okay. Remember those-" 
"Toe eaters, yes no go on!" "Stop doing that!" I laughed and turned around, walking to the lockers. I could hear Mr. James shouted,"Okay now you can go!" Kids started to run inside, with me. I wore my clothes back and pulled my scrunchie, putting it in my locker. My hair was flowing- I had bangs with layers along my hair. My brown hair flowed as I grabbed my blue Jansport backpack. I rubbed my brown eyes, and started to walk to lunch. Oh shit, I forgot- Louis had the same lunch as me. I turned around and saw Louis, smile. "Hey thought about ditching me?" "I'm so sorry, I forgot!" I laughed. "Oh sure you did!" He teased. I rolled my eyes. "Hey don't roll your eyes, you peasant." He snapped. I laughed,"Okay okay. Now let's get to lunch- the cafe is across the building. Hurry up Louis, the rest are waiting." He nodded and ran up to me. We walked inside the cafeteria. It was very huge- with glasses as walls. There was a platform on top of us as the roof. Every table was round with at least 7 chairs. And some have squares tables. It was like a mall- but fancier. The lunches- we had a red try with lunch ladies/men- it was like a buffet place. Some people have 5th lunch, but the rest are 4th- ergh including Vanessa. 

   "Hey guys!" Mycaela and the rest of the boys, Liam, Niall,Harry- wait where's Zayn? I sat down including Louis. "Hey where's pebble thrower?" I looked around. 
Harry grabbed his fork and started poking his salad,looking down."He ditched us with toe eater." I sighed, "Urgh- did any of you guy's warned him?" They all shook they're head, "Not you Liam?" Mycaela looked at him. His buzz cut was growing out to a bit of hair hawk. I dunno...whatever you call it. I sighed after he said,"Nope. Forgot sorry. I see him flirting with her now.." I kinda got jealous. "Hmm.." I sighed,"Well I'm getting lunch. Who's with me."  "Eating.." Harry smiled, his curls were flowing into his side- he cut his front curls...few of his curls survived...(a/n: R.I.P CURLS T-T' Oh well they'll grow back.) 

   "Louis? Niall?" I smiled. Niall nodded, his braces were off and he looks so happy. He got up smiling. "Food!" "Sure." Louis got up with me, along Niall following us. I grabbed our lunch- we chose our lunch. 

Liam's P.O.V

     After Paige, Niall, and Louis left. I turned to face Mycaela. Harry continued eating his salad. "Okay, so what's wrong with Paige's throat. Is she okay? Is it her tonsils hurt? Did she get surgery?" I continued asking, while drinking water. "Damn, Liam stop asking her questions- she's going to go all-" Harry was cut off. 
"What do you mean?" She wiped her lips from her spagetti. Mycaela's curls were flowing. I sighed,"Don't you know this?" I asked. She shook her head. Weird....

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