Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


6. Chapter 5

A/N: QUICK NOTE (:  Anyways thanks for the cheering and rooting my friend, Ashalee York! Fan her or read her books? Thanks xx She's the best (: AND DON'T DIE ON ME YOU GUYS. FORGIVE MEH!!! D: I have to study a lot for my CST. But thank god I'm on Spring Break!
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         Zayn's P.O.V

   The bell rang. Well wasn't it a boring period. They were asking me questions of course? Aren't they all directioners? Mostly, girls but seriously, some were taking pictures of me. I sighed- I remember when I entered the room there were no turning back. I sighed as the kids left," well how is the first period?" The teacher asked. Pretty much don't remember his name I smiled and lied,"wonderful, say do you have Paige LeVale in this class. What period?" I sighed, She smiled," Well yes she is our finest student ever I don't remember the period but yes."  She continued," and please sit next to her she's easily to be understood " I smiled and nodded. She walked away leaving me to sit stranded texting on my phone- getting a number from Liam. So it's Paige's and Mycaela's. I smirked maybe just maybe I can text them and scare the shit out of them making me as a stalker- kidding. I bit my lip and sighed," how many minutes for the next class?" 

   "About 2 more minutes. The passing periods are 5 minutes." She smiled as she wrote on the board. I sighed and looked away..."great just-" Then a girl came in. She was so beautiful, her black hairs to her shoulders. She looked at me and waved, walking towards me,"Hello, you must be Zayn. I'm Vanessa." I bit my lip,"Ah yes Zayn Malik, I'm from One Direction and your last name must be Ms. McHotie." I winked. MCHOTIE???!!! 

   "Ahaha, in your dreams bad boy..." She winked at me back. "want my number?" She smiled. I nodded,"Sure..." She scribbled it down and handed to me. "Stop flirting with Zayn you slut." A girl shouted. I laughed. "Urgh, you're just jealous I'm sexier than you." She sat down- she gave me blow kisses. Oh great I think I'm soo wrong about her. 

   Liam's P.O.V

  Paige entered the room, sitting next to me. "Hey Liam." She looked at me,"What's up with the first class. Did my boo warned you about those toe snatchers?" She looked at me. I nodded and laughing,"Yes I warned the others too. Let's just hope flirty Harry won't catch them." 

  "What about Zayn?" She muttered as the bell rang-pulling out her binder with some notes. I grabbed the notes with lyrics all over it. Ignoring what she said. "Liam, give that back." She hissed. I looked at it. "It's write?" 
Mr. White was teaching so he was ignoring us. The students were laughing- off course it was noisy, but he didn't really mind. She smiled,"Not really just for fun. Oh and I DON'T sing." I smiled,"So you do?" She shook her head,"No I have this uhm...sickness-well sore throat. The doctors told me never to sing at age 5. It was around my family so techiqually I can't." She looked sad. I sighed and looked at her, I did felt bad, patting her back. "It's fine don't be sad." She smiled,"It's fine..." She looked at the board and started writing. "So what's up with you and Mycaela just today?" "Oh same thing- warning- totally history burned the teacher with the Yes I Am Paying Attention words." I looked at her. 

  She nodded,"Well can we hang out after school?" She shook her head,"Can't i have to uhm, meet my tutors after school." The bell rang."Bye see you at lunch." She left immediatly. I sighed...What's going on? 

   Paige's P.O.V

   I lied I keep on lying. To save myself..I bit my least I saved my ass..
The bell rang, making me go to my next class, of course, I have to hurry because the virgin stealer is going to catch me, I bumped into someone, I swear to god, if it was- "OH MY GOD! DID YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO BUMP INTO ME YOU BITCH!" A girl shouted. Thank god it wasn't Vanessa, it was even worse. One of her annoying little pesky dogs, Valerie. You think they don't do anything? Well you thought wrong. Valerie is those sort of 'Minion' and she always gets what she wants. Her mother is a worker or shall I say a manager for this so called boy,'Justin Bieber' I don't know- I'm so glad that Justin didn't date this sleaze. 

  "Valerie, you know you should really fix your hair- it's getting uglier everyday and you're not even doing anything about it. Think about it, your mother would really be disappointed." I nodded, smiling. She hold her brown locks,"It is?" She said in her high pitch voice. I nodded,"Yeah, sweetie you should fix it. You know Vanessa wouldn't like it. She always does complain about your looks." It was the truth, of course, every single time I had a class with Vanessa she whispers to this cute kid, Josh DeDrews, about Valerie and her little crush on him, and how she acts annoying. "Thanks um, Paige I owe you." She grabbed her hair and start speed walking to the restroom. Stupid little blonde...but still I was saving her back. I still did regret it. Oh did I mention, this school is only for rich people only. Like boarding school, but it's better than boarding school. It's a high school, PAYING one. I don't even know how I can afford this. 

  I began walking to my gym lockers. There are 2 gym lockers, one is for boys and the other one is for girls. I opened my locker 315 and the locker pass, 39-7-12. I grabbed my gym uniform- yes, we have to wear it for P.E only. It's really weird, it's those kind of shorts that's to you're booty, but it's stretchy. and my shirt is a tank top which is green, and has the words- ' East High Panthers.' Our school mascot is a a panther and our basketball team is awesome, they're in a champion ship that's all. Well enough about it- I grabbed my hair band and put it in a messy pony tail and wore my shoes, CONVERSE ALL STARS. I walked outside to my roll call number, 24. Louis was standing around talking to the teacher, Mr. James. Mr. James was pointing at me. Uhm, pointing is rude. Then, he walked over to me following Louis. 

  "Ms. ReSmore, hello this is Louis Tomlinson." He showed him. "Uh I met him already, he's next to my dorm along with his mates." I smiled. Mr. James was a man that was a fit man, with blue eyes and brown hair. He used to be a model until he was retired in his 40's and became a New York High School teacher, who's teaching sports for devils like us. "Even better! Um, I see you're the only kid that tries hard enough that has an A. You don't really have to participate in any assignments with us anymore. Louis and you can start helping me out, with setting out new unit, Soccer. Like a teacher's assistant." He explained, I nodded,"Sure. I could do that." Louis smiled,"That's great." 

  "Well awesome, the stuffs are in the gym, and unlock the door, here's the key." He said dropping the key to me. "I want you to bring them out for me to the field." I nodded, following with Louis to the gym. I could here Mr. James shouted,"Alright stand up from your roll call. 10 counting jumping jacks, ready set go. 1, 2....."

   "So, how's life." Louis laughed. "That's probably the worst starting conversation ever." I laughed, opening the gym's door. We entered the door,closing it. "Sorry haha, well mostly everyone warned me about that stupid girl who steals yeah...." I nodded,"Thank god....anyways I didn't greet you guy's at all. Welcome to High School, Panthers- or you call it East High Panthers. We're in New York, and um this is a Paying school that we enter in. Each year, well this is my last year if I graduate....We have to take this test. It's a test based on our knowledge in every single class. In the drama class, which I'm in with Mycaela, we usually have this contest, it's like a talent show, but based on if we get to be chosen to be in X-Factor or American Idol. But this one is different. Simon Cowell will join us and choose 1 of us to be a singer, like you guys but not a band member and there are finals too, about 5 stages to go through.It's only for people who passed the test." I explained. 

  "Oh that seems legit." I rolled my eyes hearing Louis said that. "Yeah it is. But they're is 2 activities going on with this school. That Contest and uhm that test if we get to graduate." I smiled. "That seems hard." I nodded, "Yeah it is...." I sighed, worrying if I will pass that test.


a/n: Sorry if that was short! I'm so sorry for not updating. and I promise the next chapter will be long. This chapter is giving out the details about the school (: 
~J.1D<3 or Jackie




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