Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


44. Chapter 42

"Okay, pull the curtains when I give the cue," My mother said, I sighed as I peeked a bit outside. There's a lot of people. There was something in my body, fluttering I was scared, nervous. What was happening to me, my knees were all wobbly. No, I can't be afraid. I have done this several times. Everyone was setting the scene at Juliet's rich father's house. There was the stairs that lead to the rooms, but the main scene here is the living room. 

"Paige!" I turned around to see who called my name- Mycaela? 

"What are you doing here? Aren't you suppose to be outside there?" I questioned her. Too bad everyone was busy decorating or looking over their script. She handed me my phone, it was ringing. The name popped up, Father. My hand went all numb, as I widened my eyes- was he here? Why is he calling me. 

"I came to check on you backstage but all I hear was your phone ringing, so I decided to give it to you. Hah, he finally called you." She knew everything about my family. I nodded carefully and moved my index finger to Decline. Mycaela stopped me,"Hey it's your father, it might be important. Don't ruin this chance, I want you to be happy. Just answer it." Those few words of her made me scared even more, What the hell does he want now? I pressed Answer

"Hello?" Was all I said, the background was noisy and all I heard was the name, Jones. Wait it can't be. 

"Hello pumpkin." My heart dropped, hearing my father's words. Calling me pumpkin- I didn't want to cry, I gritted my teeth, staring at Mycaela. She looked at me calmly. 

"What do you want? I'm busy." I growled, I had the right to be mad at him, I hated him. Yes, I hate him more than Vanessa. He left me here, all he cares was money, his business, his new wife, and worst of all his precious new daughter, Diana. 

"I'm going to watch you perform like a real dad. I'm sorry I haven't been a real dad to you." My father spoke carefully. I scoffed and crossed my arms. "We'll talk later. Your play is about to start." And he ended the conversation. Mycaela's face was all suspicious. 

"Well?" She really wanted to know? 

"He's watching the play. To hell I know if he's even here, I don't believe him. Hey, keep my phone just in case and you're sitting in the front right?" She nodded,"Well I know my father, he enjoys sitting in the front, so try to find him." I wasn't getting my hopes up but I know something will go wrong. 

"You can count on me!" She ran out leaving me all alone. Then again, Vanessa could be the one behind all this, I sighed- she doesn't have the brain to do this. 

"Everyone get ready." Ethan was acting as my father, Juliet's mom recently passed away. My mother walked out on stage as she introduced the play, loud claps were made. Everyone was not on stage, it was only Julian or should I say Thomas. 

"Good evening everyone." My mother smiled, the curtains were still closed."My class and I worked really hard on this. As you can see, this play is not in the 1870's. It is in 2014, we didn't want to make it original so we made it very different." Claps were given. "I present you 2014 Romeo & Juliet." She walked back to stage and told Frank and Jenny to open the curtains. To make this play even better there were very thin earphones (that you can't see) with microphones. 

Thomas was on the white fancy couch,"Mary, get me Juliet." Mary ( Kari ) was one of the maids, she walked upstairs to find me, but I wasn't there. 

"What is it Mary?" Christian asked, Mary panicked. 

"Juliet isn't here." She whispered, I of course was sneaking out. They closed the curtains and set new decorations. It was then set to a mall scene, I was standing there watching when the curtains open. The curtains did and I heard a huge applause.  

( I'm gonna try to write more, lol - of the play because somehow i can't think of any. So really I'm gonna write it in a fast pov.) 

Once I walked into the mall, somehow I'm supposed to bump into Harry. And he should be saying,"Oops, I'm sor- wow you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." 

I tried to blush and smiled,"T-thank you.." It's like falling in love, I stared into his green eyes and looked away."I gotta get going," I began to leave- but he hold my hand back. 

"Wait, what's your name? I'm Romeo." He said. 

"Juliet, most people call me Julie." I looked at the crowd and gave a huge grin. I can see Zayn from here, smiling and watching the play. Everyone was so interested. There were butterflies flying everywhere, I couldn't stop smiling. 

"What a beautiful name you have there, I'm guessing we'll bump into each other again. I'll see you later, Juliet." As Harry left I began to look like I was in love, I kept smiling, and awe'd. 


"Juliet, where the hell were you? I thought you were studying for your English test." Ethan said. 
I gave him an innocent look, and raised my brow. 

"Father, I was just outside the neighborhood, meeting my friends. I did study with them." A playful smile crossed my lips. He sighed and hugged me. 

"I don't want you to be playing with poor kids, go play with the rich people. They have money and once you and Sam date each other and have-" 

"Dad, we already spoke about this. I wanna date someone I wa-" 

"Do not cut me off young lady. I am the father of the house, and you will listen to me? You hear me? I don't like you dating any filthy rats- I will make you marry Sam, do you understand?" 

I widened my eyes as his voice was high tone, and nodded silently, walking upstairs. The curtains closed and there was my room, I was changed to my sleeping clothes and my hair and make up was removed. Everybody was moving quickly. Joey's voice narrated the stories. 

"Juliet didn't understand why can't she be friends with the other's (poor).How were they different from Juliet? She didn't understand, her father never raised his voice at her. But Juliet didn't care about that, she was thinking about the boy she bumped into- Romeo. Romeo, his gorgeous green eyes and pulled up hair. He wasn't wearing any rich clothes exactly, more off a ripped jeans and plaid red shirt with a black top." Joey explained to the audience. The curtains opened and I was laying on the bed, staring at the black ceiling. 

~~ SKIP CUZ I LAZY AF ._. ~~ 

In the end of the play, I died because of my father- he didn't kill me on purpose, it was an accident. He pulled the trigger to shoot Romeo, but he killed me. How? Because I blocked it. I love Romeo. 

(scene right here.) 

" Juliet, get the fuck out of here, stay behind me. I got a lesson to teach to this Romeo kid. "Ethan growled and hold out the gun pointing to Harry. Harry was standing still, still tough. 

"Sir, I think you should calm down...Juliet get out of here.." He said and faced me. 

"Romeo I don't want to leave you! I love you. For the past months I've grown to love you. You are the air to me. I can't live without you, I won't ever leave you. If you die I will die too! Ever since we met, I fell so hard in love with you, like no other!" 

"Juliet," Harry caressed my face and leaned in to kiss me, I can hear Ethan screaming and pointed the gun right at Harry- the noise effect went on, making it sound like a shooting, I widened my eyes. 

"ROMEO!" I screamed and pushed him out of the way, so I blocked it. It was supposed to shoot me in the stomach, making me bleed to death. 

"JULIET!" Both Ethan and Harry shouted running over to me, they were screaming, I dimly closed my eyes... 

"I love you Romeo..." And I died, rip. Then this is where the part where Harry and Ethan dies. This was happening at a cliff. Harry pulled out his pocket knife and was crying. 

"I love you too Juliet...I will die with eternity..." And he stabbed himself. Then he died. Rip. My father died by in shocked, he didn't want his daughter to die. He kissed my forehead, and jumped off the cliff. The curtains closed and I stood up laughing. 

"Holy crap, best play ever!" Mycaela ran up the hallway and hugged me. I smiled and Harry nodded, laughing too. 

"My death was very sad." Ethan pouted, I rolled my eyes and pushed him gently.

"I am so sure, mine was the worst." Everyone in drama ran around us and high fived each other. I was smiling, until my phone rang, FATHER....

~ Kassey ) 


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