Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


41. Chapter 40

A/N: I lied, this fan fiction will be a bit long, like Liam's dick. 


Paige's P.O.V 

My eyes widened as I saw a lot of people rushing and getting ready for the play, they still haven't put up the props. I wasn't wearing makeup, the make up designers are doing that for me, I was just wearing a ripped top that was shoulderless, a jean black jacket with white buttons, and ripped leggings that were designed. I decided to wear black combat boots with laces around it. My brown hair was straight, like I said the designers are going to do my hair, dress, and make up for me. 

"Let's keep working, ah Paige~ Where is Harold?" Mrs. Dee smiled at me, she's still smiling after that talk? I wanted to wipe off that smile off her, I hated how she can relax after what happened at Baskin's Robins. I fake smiled and didn't dare to look at her. 

"Looking for me, Mrs. Dee?" Harry appeared and set his elbows on my shoulder, "So when does the play start?" Oh I forgot, we don't go to school today, technically it's all about the play today. The play takes 3 hours. I sighed and looked at her, she sighed back. 

"We need rehearsal about 5 minutes and then we can relax then it starts at 12 pm to 3 pm." I was about to roll my eyes how she was trying to be a smart ass and stuff, but I didn't. I crossed my arms,"Alright, you guy's gonna change?" My legs moved, I could fell Harry's arm slipping, as he sighed and followed me. 


The stage looked huge, like I said, this school is huge. I gave a small smile, and grabbed a white dress, it was the dress that I had to practice in,'Mrs. Dee' told us that it keeps us in character if we wear costumes. I sighed to myself, and looked away from her, thinking about 'Mrs. Dee' makes me uncomfortable, it makes me nervous, actually it gives me stress. It gives me worries, it doesn't make me strong, it makes me weak. I smiled a bit to Harry and waved him, his facial expression looks worried. Oh great, now he's going to say something. 

"I know you. You're bad at fake smiling." He whispered next to my ears. I shrugged,"C'mon Juliet, you gotta get this together." 

"Since Paige said something about Juliet cheating on Romeo, we gotta get in play. Someone will have to take action in having sex with Juliet. Austin, why don't you be Samuel in the play. Romeo will still be the leading male, you're in second command. Samuel and Juliet have sex. We'll practice on this part. Get to your role." Mrs. Dee told us. "And action!" 

I sat there in my 'room' my eyes laid there out side the window. "Romeo doesn't understand... He doesn't understand my situation. I thought we were in love....I guess I was wrong," gripping the rose Romeo gave me. A light knock on the window was made. I turned my head to face it. 

"Juliet. It's Samuel, may I come in?" My hands quivered as I dropped the rose, and opened the door. 

"Samuel what the hell are you doing here? You're not allowed here, it's past 10, it's really late. You must leave Samuel." 

"But Juliet," He said as he closed the door,"I have been your friend for years. I know you're hurt because of Romeo, I must know if you're all right." He pushed me against the wall. The cold stone wall was freezing, "I love you. Please don't tell me you choose him over me. I'm rich, I can give you needs, and he's- he's a montague." 

I pushed him away,"Is this all you wanted to say? That love me, and that Romeo is a montague, you can't just tell me who to love, I love Romeo. I don't care if you don't like us together, I don't care anymore. I want to die, Samuel." 

"Juliet, you don't make any sense." Austin touched the bottom of my chin. We were so close, I smiled a bit. " Any guy to have you is a lucky man, Jule. Please just give me one chance to make love to you, and you would be able to have feelings for me, more than Romeo. Can Romeo do this?" He kissed my collar bone, Austin didn't actually kissed my collar bone, he breathing on me, as an actor you have to act the part, he was really closed to my neck. 

(That's Xavier Samuel, but in my story he's Austin Wedri ) 

"S-samuel..." My head was focused on the script- I looked at everyone, they looked very impressed. And even my mother, which I was surprised. "I love Romeo, I'm sorry I can't love you back. G-Go home," I pushed him away from me, and walked towards to my bed, my hands touching the bed mattress. My face tried to make an 'I changed my mind' face. 

"'s best for our reputation too..." 

"You're speaking nonsense," I growled, " I'm clear that I can make any choices I want, so if you excuse me Samuel, it is time for you to leave." This play, has completely changed, it's not a typical romance story. This play is mostly in the 20 century, Mrs. Dee changed it, this is the younger version. Capulet's and Montague's are just a side that we prefer on. Romeo is based on a poor, boy and he falls in love with Juliet, the richest girl in the world. They're both 18 years old, in this version. 

"Please, Juliet..." he pushed me on the bed, as he got on top of me, I tried to struggle. "I'll show you." 

"You're drunk Samuel. I can smell the alcohol." I whispered. I was struggling, to get free. 

"And cut. That was perfect. We can dim the lights once you guys kiss, and then move on to the next scene," Mrs. Dee said. 

"Hey, you left early ." I heard Mycaela's voice, I smiled a bit and turned around. 

"Early practice,"I yawned, she handed me water. "thanks."  We were talking about the play, and how it's going to be amazing, to be honest I feel scared how it relates to my reality life. As I said, this play isn't in the 1870's . Mostly because it was inappropriate for the program, and some students get bored easily. I sat on the cold smooth floor, looking at the velvet seats. I realized how rude I treated my mother. My own mother, I sighed a bit and looked over at Mycaela. 

"What's wrong now?" She raised her brow, her body was against the floor, but her head was facing me. I sighed a bit and hesitated,"C'mon Paige you gotta tell me. I'm your best friend and maybe one day you'll be my sister. Remember when I told you, my father wanted to adopt you? It's still in the market." 

"I remember, it's just that, I'd like to be your sister but..." I trailed off, thinking about my father taking me in or my mother and my father.  

"What's the hold? Spit out dude." She rolled over to me, nobody was in here, my mother told everyone to take 30(minutes) for break. 

"Uhm, remember when One Direction and I had a management meeting." Cae (Mycaela's nickname) nodded as I continued,"Well we're doing this play all because of that. We lied to save my ass, Um, they brought people in, like a court meeting. Their first pick was Mrs. Dee which I found out was my mother...." I whispered. "All the words Alyssa said was true, she searched up my mother and Mrs. Dee. The part Mrs. Dee was scared was when Alyssa said something about her checking in the school and saying she changed her name, something about that." 

"How do you know she's your mom?" I shrugged, not wanting to go into details. " I know you know so you must tell me Paige, please!" 

I sighed again and told her the rest of the details. She was really surprised,"I'm happy for you. You found your mom, but why are you so depressed about it?" 

"I don't think she told me the truth when we were at Baskin's Robins." 

"Why is th-" 

"You girls doing alright up there? I got Subway's." I heard my mother's voice.


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