Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


5. Chapter 4

        Paige's P.O.V

   As I was woken up by Mycaela, I looked at her, "Let me go to bed..." I sighed. She rolled her eyes, "Wake up. You know it's Friday. The day we get to be free and plus new boys. C'mon." She pulled my hand. I rolled off my bed, looking at her, the body of mine went hugging to the floor, thump...I scowled underneath my breath looking at Mycaela. She smirked, "Hurry up, babe." I sighed, grabbing my shirt, 'Music Is My Passion.' and some shorts with converse. I walked into the bathroom- stripping down my pajamas. I took a hot shower- walking out- blow driving my hair and started wearing my clothes. I applied make up on; eye liner. Then, brushing my teeth. 

  When I opened the door- I saw Mycaela looking at me displeased,"Hurry up." I smiled and put my hair in a messy bun. On my way to the door, I grabbed a piece of bread and nibbled it. "Okay let's go." I opened the door seeing half of One Direction at my door smiling, like gentlemen. "Okay, you guys Mycaela might scream so-" Too late I heard a gasp and then a thump. "I NEVER KNE-" I covered her mouth. Harry snickered, "Sorry love Zayn is an asshole, he left early. We waited for ya." He grabbed Mycaela's arms and pulled her up. "Hello, I'm Harry Styles." He smiled cheekly. I can already tell Mycaela was squealing in the inside. 

  "Why are th-" She was cut off again. "Long story short." I walked past the boys. "You should wait for us!" Niall shouted. I turned, "Alright all of you guys have the same class as me. Who's first with me?" I looked Louis. "Not me." Louis sighed. "Nope I have Mycaela." Liam walked over to her. She giggled,"Um try the sexy Irish guy, named Niall." I rolled my eyes, "C'mon Niall." 
"C'mon C'mon...." Mycaela started singing. "SHUT UP!" I grabbed Niall's wrist and ran downstairs as fast as I could so Vanessa the she devil couldn't find him. Niall smiled, "You are a bit grouchy." I smirked,"Because there's a she devil....she'll hunt you down and chop off your toenails....And maybe if she loves you she'll steal your virginity." I warned him. He looked scared, "And may I ask who is that?" His Irish voice whispered. "Vanessa Jones, the slut of the school. Who used to be my friend." Easy I can say 'SLUT' because she's rude- using guys all the time. I didn't tell him about the making fun of me. I couldn't possibly trust him...YET.

   I texted Mycaela. 

TEXT > MyCookieBooBxtches > Me: Show the boy's their room. thanks! <3

MyCookieBooBxtches: Okay, and I'll warn them about the toestealer....(Vanessa). 

Me: Haha Okay bye xx

   She didn't respond but Niall kept laughing, "The boys will be scared, now let's go to Ms. Stevens." He pulled me to the 700 building. "Ah fine...but sit next to me! I must teach you everything." "Yes my master."  "Good job padawon." I laughed using the Star Wars thing. We opened the door, but all I could see was kids staring and tackling us. But Vanessa just shouted, "Oh my god guys I knew Paige was a slut!" She laughed. Everyone starting agreeing with her. They backed off from us and all the girls rolled their eyes at me. I was about to burst- jumping onto them. "Oh Niall you wouldn't want to sit next to her." Vanessa stated. I growled, "Well he maybe doesn't want to sit next to your two timing ugly face that maul of people's crushes and dates." She sighed, "Silly little Paige-" "Welcome students" The voice belonged to Ms. Stevens. She entered the room and set her books down. "Hello Mr. Horan, you may sit next to anyone. It's a pleasure for you to help us graduate." 

   "Ah, thank you I would like to sit next to my friend, Paige." Niall's deep Irish accent said. She nodded, "Yet our finest student of all time. Go ahead." I guided him to our seat. He smiled, "Nice." I smiled, "You might have to stay away from the rumors. I don't really like people saving my butts." He sighed and whispered,"maybe." 

   Mycaela's P.O.V

   I showed the boys their home room; to be working- I just hope that the other boys will survive the periods without Paige and I- for Vanessa and her little brats. Except for Liam, just for now. He's with me for Mr. White for History, "So why is Paige in a hurry?" Liam whispered during class. It was a good thing we sat in the back. It was much easier. It was an amazing thing that Liam gets to sit with whoever he wants or sit in the teacher's desk, also might walk around. So, he could just ignore the Vanessa voodoo dolls. "Oh, just someone she hates and wants her to rot in hell." I whispered back. "What? Who?" He blinked. "Ah, Vanessa- the most stupid girl ever. She's a whore just to let you know." I sighed. He smirked,"Oh really. Do tell." How should I explain him it. 
   "Ah, well-" I was cut off by Mr. White. "Ms. Files, tell my why aren't you doing your work? Pages 134-136? On why King Henry the VIII changed the whole-" I smiled, "Well because he made a new church. The church of England. He broke away from it to have a new wife. So the new wife could have a son. So then later he died, never having the son that could rule. And the one who ruled is Queen Elizabeth." He looked speechless, I saw the whole class smiled and hearing Liam chuckling. 
Mr. White's face was red, "Oh okay. Just whisper more softly, don't interrupt us then." I then heard him mumble stuff. I smirked,"Laughing are we Mr. Payne?" He nodded,"Just being a smarty aye?" I nodded-"Well, carry on?" 

   "As I was saying. Well Vanessa used to be friends with Paige. But then that girl Lizzie or Elizabeth you say, she pulled Vanessa in. And she was controlled after that. Lizzie was jealous of Paige of course- she wanted everything. Paige just was just sad and bullied. She usually sneaks off....I don't know where but always going to the cafeteria. Anyways After Liz left, Vanessa was in control and hated Paige. For some reason. I just don't know..." I sighed. Liam looked at me surprised? 
  "That's horrible!" He said. I nodded, "Don't tell anyone. I promised Paige not to tell anyone. So will you." He nodded, "Aye Aye Captain Mycaela." I smiled. "That's the Liam Payne I know." He laughed. 
"But just to make sure for your guy's safety and save your virginity, stay away from the stealing no good nitwits. Understand?" He nodded. I smiled,"Okay. One of them is in the class her name is Valerie. Stay away!" He kept nodding. I was attracting some attention but it didn't matter. 
   "Oh and meet me outside- the hallway before lunch."  He sighed, "Yes mother." I rolled my eyes, as the bell rang. Well 1 down, 4 more to go unless Paige already told. "Bye." He smiled. "Bye Daddy Directioner! Text me or Paige!" I gave him my phone number and Paige. I hope she doesn't mind....

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