Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


40. Chapter 39

Paige's P.O.V 

No way, I can't be exposed. I can't let anyone know I sing, it'll ruin me, more drama, more ideas of people thinking that I'll be a show off. Not even my boyfriend, I won't let him know I sing.
"Is anyone here? I heard the piano. Come on show yourself." His raspy voice said. I looked around and freaked, fuck. Come on! I don't even know, they are boxes, too big can't hide in them. A huge cloth around, maybe. I might not even fit because I'll be too tall for it. The only thing I can do is jump out of the window but what if someone will notice me. Think about the people saying, 'oh guys did you see Paige jump out of the building?' 'Slut much?' 

The door started to move. I opened the window and jumped out of it. Did I forget something...wait my necklace. It must have fallen off when I was smashing my face on the piano. That necklace has my middle name, my grandmother gave to me. I sighed and slapped my face, why did I had to forget that. Stupid Paige, what the fuck is wrong with you! I hid in the bushes, and checked who was around- nobody. I leaned against the wall with face pressed against the cold building. My legs kneeling to the dry grass. I could see the stars as the moon glowed. 

"I thought I heard someone.." I heard Zayn's voice said- I could hear his footsteps walking closer, he opened the window, my heard beating fast. Shit, he's going to see me. His phone rang, as he picked up,"Hello?" 

Zayn, don't you have somewhere to be? "Did you find Paige?" of course his phone is on speaker, Louis's voice shouted. Why would Louis be so interested to find me. 

"No I can't get a hold of her. Listen Lou, I'll call you back, bye mate." He hung up- thank god Louis, you're a life saver. Although, Zayn did not look through the window, he closed it- thump. My heart raced. I heard Zayn walk to the piano, pressing on the keys. I peeked up a bit through the glass window. The boy looked closer to the piano, he touched the top of the piano where the music papers were on and grabbed something. It looked just like my necklace! The lace was golden, and the shape was the letter 'J' for Joyce. Yes, Joyce, is a strange name, but for me I think it was an unique name. "What does J stands for?" He whispered, I felt guilty, why did he really want to find his princess. "Paige can help me, we made a deal..." 

Crap,  I forgot about that, he pulled out his phone and called me, my phone vibrated- thank god it was on vibrate. I began to walk out of the area, time to move back to the music room, since Zayn will be surrounding this area, I guess I'll just have to be in a different place. Great, now all I have to do now is practice for the play...with..Harry. How am I suppose to explain where I went, they're probably standing next to my door. I began to continue my walk to the dorm, I don't even want to see any of their faces. I mean, what's the point of watching them yell at me while I don't even care, it's a waste of breath. 

I opened the door and saw Mycaela, only Mycaela sitting there. "I knew you would sneaked out." 
I opened my mouth - but she cut me off,"Paige, I was worried about you. Where the hell were you? The boys had to, um" She pointed at the door, which was ripped from the wall. My jaw opened. Now, I'm pissed. My face started steaming up and I screamed. That's all? A scream, I was speechless. 

"What the fuck! My door!? Why are you guys so fucking worried about me, mind your own fucking damn business, what if I ripped open your door? How would you feel about it, fuck god damnit it, I'm moving to my house, leave me to be god you guys are just fucking shits. Ugh!" Yes, I do curse a lot but it's only when I'm THIS pissed off. The boy's head popped open a bit,

"I told you, she's mad." Louis pointed at me, they were in my room? 

"Yeah, who knew she would jump out of the window, what a daredevil." Niall laughed. I tightened my fists- not wanting them to explain or why they had to break down my door, "uh oh. DUCK!" Niall shouted. I stopped.

"Why did you guys break my door." I whispered. 

"Um...we wanted to talk to you.." Liam said carefully. As he flinched a bit. "We can fix it, I learned a bit, my uncle showed me when I was little." I nodded, sadly I was so pissed off, I never got to mingle with my friends. I was too busy in my own world. 

"guys. I'm sorry for everything, even you Louis- Mycaela too. I'm such a dick, I pushed my friends away, even if they were trying to comfort me." I rubbed my left shoulder. They smiled at me, Mycaela got up and hugged me,"I want to confess something..." I closed the dorm's door. 

"But first, I forgive you Paige and I want to be sorry to for everything, I over reacted when you cheated on Niall, but since Niall is happy and Zayn tried to make Niall happy, in reality, Zayn needed help and he always makes us all happy, we forgot to give him his happiness. So I'm glad you and Zayn are together, and you're still my maid." Louis smirked. I smiled and hugged him. 

"Thanks?" I said in confusion. 

"Oh and Mycaela and I are back together." Harry chirped,I smiled, I guess everyone is happy. I finally got to explain how I was Zayn's princess. But Harry didn't really get it. I opened the oven and handed cookies to everyone in the room, the smell of chocolate was flowing in the living room. 

"Yeah, we know you guy's are a couple." Harry rolled his eyes,"no need to make us jealous." 

"No what she meant was she can sing." Niall muttered, Mycaela's eyes widen. 

"You mean you can fucking sing? Since when, why did you lie to me! Why do you keep so many secrets, god you bitch!" She shouted questions at me. 

"Shh!" I hushed them,"Don't tell Zayn or anyone this, I just feel very strange if everyone knew, they would make fun of me and say I'm a show off at everything." I explained,"And if Zayn knew, then he'll never treat me the same, he'll treat me with royalty and shit like that." 

"Hold on, just sing one song." Liam looked at me,"Let It Go!" I rolled my eyes and did what I was told, they were all speechless. I smiled being embarrassed. 

"Paige, all these years you wouldn't have been bullied if you just told everyone that you can sing, and you can show them you're right all these years, The Break Off!" She shouted, I covered her mouth and sighed. 

"I am going to do that, I just don't know if I should." It wasn't a total lie, I want to go to college, but I really want that Synco contract, I wanted to be a star. That was my dream, I shrugged,"Just don't tell anyone." 

"This is really great news, we forgive you and shit, but you and I have a play tomorrow,don't we Juliet?" Oh yeah it's been days! I almost forgot,"Yes and I already learned my lines, have you?" I nodded, read the play 5 billion times. 

"First, you guys need to fix my door." I sighed sitting on the couch.  This will take long. 

Everything was finished, my door finally was fixed, I sat in my room and looked out the window, it was quiet and peaceful. I hated everything in my life- though I was grateful to meet Mycaela and One Direction. Somehow I don't know what to do with my life, I was still mad at my mother for leaving me and giving bad evidence why she REALLY left. My mind was still worrying if the guys did tell my secret, I didn't want anyone to know. 

Vanessa's P.O.V 

Paige can sing huh? I just heard her sing, my ears were leaning against her door, 

"And here I stand, and here I stay~" she sang, damn she was good, I was jealous. I hated her, I will do anything to win that competition. I grabbed my Samsung Galaxy s4, and text Gina

To Gina: I got a plan with this ReSmore. :) 

From Gina: What is it? 

To Gina: Tell everyone in our group to meet me in our dorm. I got something I need to tell you. 


If it's too short, sorry and for the cliff hanger, I'll update more~ Please check out my new story, Chasing Paper Planes, a harry styles fanfiction ~

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