Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


38. Chapter 37

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Paige's P.O.V

Sunnyside Park. The door slammed closed as I looked up- Mycaela. Great, she looked at me,"How was management? Treat you nice?" I didn't bother to answer, she thinks I forgave her. "Paige, we all know that you'll forgive me one day." 

"I'm moving out." Was all I said. She widened her eyes. 

"You can't move out. You signed a contract with the Mr. Smith that you'll stay in your dorm for the entire 4 years." Little 18 Mycaela said. I crossed my arms and shrugged. 

"I'll bribe him." She scoffed and looked at me. 

"Listen, Paige. You can't bribe teacher-" 

"You don't know him. You don't know me at all, even though we did know each other, you don't even know my secrets because all the secrets I tell you are lies! All lies okay, just leave me alone. You can't help anything Mycaela, you're so troublesome and and a bitch! A bitch! Okay! A bitch who wouldn't even help a friend but side with One Direction because their your big idol and shit like that. You sided with Niall, the guy you hardly even know- for one year, and you know me. Your 'sister' your best friend you know her your whole life and you chose the boy over your best friend. How can I forgive you that? 

It's my life, I want to do what I want too. You can't boss me around like my father does. You know how much I fucking hate this school? I hate it! I've been held back for a year- I could have been in college, finding my mother. But guess what! Life is fucking stupid, I think my mother is Mrs. Dee, and secrets are coming out which I hate! Mycaela you don't know everything. The one thing that pisses me off is you. Choosing your fucking idol over your best friend. I fucked Niall and Zayn. Yes I cheated, how did you know? You trusted Niall, he could have said I killed someone and you agreed to him. Yeah thanks 'bestfriend' you bitch." I walked into my room and slammed the door leaving her speechless. That felt good. 

"Well at least I'm not a slut!" She shouted. 

"Do you even know how old I am? I'm older than you! Oh wait I forgot, you don't know how to count!" I scowled. I opened my laptop, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. Oh my god, so much notifications. I began to look on Google, news all about me. 

Paige ReSmore and One Direction's management, she's clean! 

Perfect Girl! 

I scrunched my eyebrows and collapsed on my bed, closing my eyes and slept. 


"Paige! Open this damn door already!" A loud pound knocked. My sight was all blurry, I rubbed my eyes and stood up, the door was being pounded to death, geez. It wasn't Mycaela's voice. Every pound makes my heart beat super fast. It sounded like Louis? I leaned against the door with my ear pressing against the white wooden door. 

"Why isn't she coming out?" Another voice said, it sounded like...Niall!? Why the hell are they here? I kept quiet as I walked to my bathroom that was inside my room. I looked in the mirror, holy shit I look like a mess. I grabbed my phone and checked, a lot of notifications. Fuck, I asked not to be popular and now I'm a celebrity? Great... The time was 4:23. Holy fuck I fell asleep for 5 hours.  I looked like a mess and so I grabbed my brush and brushed it in a neat style, rubbed my eyes and sighed. Again, why are they here? 

"Paige, we know you're in there. Quick Liam hand me a screw driver, so I can unlock the door." Good luck with that. Why are they always fucking bothering me? I heard the door knob wobble, I brushed my hair with my hand- great. 

"Babe, open the door. Louis can't unlock the door with the damn screw driver because he's an idiot. The point doesn't fit into the fucking knob because it doesn't fit! The damn door knob is fucking weird looking and the screw driver is just ugly as hell." Wow Zayn, curse much? 

"Calm down Zayn, we'll find a way for her to get her out of the room." Liam comforted Zayn, good luck with that. I grabbed my phone as I looked over the window. 

"Paige open the door we want to talk to you." Harry knocked on the door. Why are they always bothering me, ever since I met them they caused a ton of trouble- too much drama. I just wanted to help them during management but now this? My stomach growled- damn I'm hungry. My head swayed towards my closet. My room was exactly the same as Mycaela, but I have a bathroom and she doesn't. She's afraid of ghosts after watching paranormal activity 3. There are 2 bathrooms, one is outside and the other is inside here. I walked to my window and touched the violet curtains, silky soft as cotton. I pressed my right fingers against the glass frame. 

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I got an idea~ My legs rushed to my bed and sat ontop of my blanket. 

Me: Meet me at Baskin's Robins at Schooner road, ASAP - cancelling the date tomorrow. 

A quick reply came back. 

Unknown: Alright, I'll see you. 

How am I going to get through them? I grabbed $30 and my phone along with my keys. I looked outside my window, well I'm about 15 feet high. This building is about 20 feet, and if I jump down I'll be dead, maybe break my bones - even worse be in coma or die. Down this building are bushes- nah. ouch. I opened my window and looked down and side to side, there were people walking around- I saw Vanessa yelling / bossing these 2 boys to move her , quote ' ugly' mattress out. Perfect! 

"You boys take it out to the dumpster for me. I'm getting a new bed." She left swaying her body- slut alert! I rolled my eyes. 

"Jason, Amier!" U shouted , their heads turned around- idiots, "up here!" 

"What do you want Paige?" Jason said, he had a blonde hair but his eyes weren't blue. They looked hazel, most girls fell in love with his abs- body. As for Amier he was black obviously (A/N: Im not racist!) Both boys were tall as fuck. He has short hair and his eyes were the same color as his hair, brown. He was this but sagged a lot;being swaggy. 

"Could you set this up for me-" I pointed to the mattress,"so I can jump down." 

"Need to escape your boyfriend?" Amier winked. I rolled my eyes, they walked over with the mattress and set it down near the building,"I'll catch you babe if you fall." I swear I will punch that flirty face off, as for Jason he smirked- he was fixing his snap back 49ers suck ! (A/N: I love the 49ers but this is Paige's personality.) 

"Paige! open this damn door!!" Zayn's voice boomed, Hmm no :) Bai~ 

I jumped down closing my eyes. I climbed over my window and jumped. "Holy shit! June look at Paige!" Everything was crazy, I saw the boy recording his 'girlfriend' singing- but then he recorded me jumping. I looked down my will ...- ah!! I screamed as I tightened my eyes, 

bong ~ 


I opened my eyes as adrenaline pumped into me. I opened my eyes as I landed ontop of the mattress I lived?! 

"Damn Resmore you got guts." Jason smirked as he pulled me up from the mattress. I quickly stood up- breathing hard. Everyone clapped as I smiled to the two boys. 

"Thanks!" I smiled as I quickly moved my chicken legs to the parking lot. My eyes looked around for my car. After, I saw my car I sat in the driver's seat and began to drive to Schooner road. I walked into Baskins Robins and saw a brown headed lady, I walked and turn her shoulder around- Oh ew ugh wrong lady. Too much make up. "Sorry!" I sighed.

"No problem." 

"Paige over here." I turned my head to face Mrs. Dee, I walked over and sat down next to her. "Listen before we talk I'm sorry about everything. I just wanted to -" 

"Cut it, mother .  You don't have to make excuses, I fucking went through all these trouble , got held back once , and father never had time for me." I ranted. " Why did you have to be here? Why did you have to go? Why didn't you bring me with you?" My voice cracked whispering. She sighed and looked at me, thank god this place only had 2 people in here. 

"Paige, your father and I divorce. He never wanted you." 

he never wanted me? My heart, lies...

My father never wanted me.


He never did? ...


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