Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


37. Chapter 36

Okay so I broke up with Chris. I don't like to talk about it, I hate him so much. I don't want to be reminded, and so please enjoy a happy Valentines day, I'm going on dates with my girlfriends! Watching Movies :) #Late 



RECAP: "I am never wrong." Never say never. "Management searched you up," She looking at me,"It says that you were married to Jones ReSmore, leaving him one night- changing your name on your birth certificate and surname. You married a man named Joseph Dee and then got a job at the school, East High Panthers, as a drama teacher, bribing the principal to let your daughter in your class. Am I right?" 

Mom....?No impossible.


Paige's P.O.V


"What are you trying to say? That I don't know my own name? That's precisely stupid of you, I'm sorry I think you have to wrong name." Mrs. Dee looked over at me, her expression was worried. It's impossible my mother is right here in front of me, all along? And the worst thing out of this is my mother knew, she never told me, she knew I was her daughter and did not bother to say anything! How could she, how could she abandon her daughter leaving her to her careless father, then having her being kicked out and send to this- this dumb school!


"Miss. ReSmore do you recognize this lady as your mother?" Alyssa asked me. The boys eyes were rushed to me, everyone was staring including Simon Cowell. I gulped and shook my head immediately. No she can't me, she doesn't even look like my mother, my mother has blonde hair. My hair color came from my father, dark brown. This lady has black hair, her strands weren't even related to blonde.


"As I said, I'm not Nicole Elizabeth Quin. My name is Destiny Dee married to a wealthy man, not married to a celebrity, Jones ReSmore. I am never related to that girl. She is a great student and all but I never had a child in my life." She restated her topic. Why wouldn't she just admit it, if she is surely my mother she would have told the truth. But in this case somehow, she wouldn't NOT admit she is my mother.


"Are you sure? You never signed a divorce paper? The night before you left? In the principal of the school, he let me check your history, or shall I say information. You never had a marriage paper or any photos of your husband on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You stayed hidden, you deleted all your information when you left Paige and Jones ReSmore. Then you took all the money you saved up, moved somewhere and changed your name, license, everything you can think off. After that you decided to make a new account. But surely you never mention your husband in any paper files I checked. It said you liked to be called 'Mrs.' . " God Alyssa get to your own damn point.


"Pardon me, this is not a drama show or anything. We're here for management and why Paige is in all this. You're not a lawyer, Alyssa so get to your point. There is no need to be, ahem, stalking Paige and her 'mother.'" Louis complained. Gee thanks I guess Louis. You're on my team now?

"Louis, this isn't about you right now." Another person spoke. His name tag wrote, Erik Sawyer. Oh okay, since when did it became a ReSmore family reunion. 

"Then, I don't have to be here. One Direction doesn't have to be here if it doesn't concern us right, Simon? I mean if Alyssa wants to prove herself right why doesn't she go to law school instead of joining management?" Louis chuckled. He's actually right. 

"Yeah. Why does it concern us if Mrs. Dee is Paige's mom or not. It doesn't matter for us, all it matters is for us to know if Paige can be with us or not." Liam sighed as he took a sip of water. Simon sighed frustrated and he looked up. Alyssa and Mrs. Dee kept arguing. My head was getting dizzy from the yelling and arguing. The management people were yelling at Louis and the boys well, they were either on their phone or protesting at  management. Simon kept shouting and yelling at the other two to keep quiet. I stayed quiet until I heard the name. 'Paigey' I stood up, everyone stopped and stared at me. 

"Sit. down. Paige." Niall gritted his teeth. What were they thinking? Trying to get me to shut up so they could get out of this mess? Well then, we already gotten enough mess. I already have too much drama in my life and what am I suppose to do right now, since Alyssa wants to fight with my teacher. 

"No, I won't shut up and sit down. Why don't you all just shut up instead of me. You all are so loud and your telling me I should shut up? No, you should, including you too Alyssa. Just because you're wrong does not make you tell my teacher she's my mother. My mother left me ages ago, and your trick is trying to make me feel bad so I can mope about it. Then, tell everyone that it is the truth that I banged everyone in One Direction, but I didn't. Niall and I are just great friends and if management doesn't like that, then so be it. But Zayn and I are together, if you don't like it, it's your fault. We're madly in love and you can not do anything about it. Even if you try to push me off I cliff, I will always stay in love with Zayn." I said it in one breath. Everybody's jaws dropped except for Alyssa, she crossed her arms and smirked. 

"I think this ones a keeper, Zayn." Simon chuckled as he looked at me. "I see a bright light in your future." I smiled and thanked him. Alyssa nodded, " Alright Paige, I guess you won't harm One Direction at all. You're going to make us proud, right?" 

"Yes, Mr. Cowell." I said. Wait- what just happened?

"You're alright, Miss. ReSmore. And as for you Mrs. Dee, I'm sorry for everything if you don't mind. I kind of invaded your privacy, I will grant you $5,000 for this. " Alyssa smiled dearly. Woah, I hear angel's bells ringing. 

"Ah it was no problem...." Mrs. Dee is still acting strange. Mr. Cowell handed me his number along with Alyssa, we talked about rules and rumors. Ah I feel too famous about this. 

When I got out to the parking lot, there were paparzzi's surrounding my car. I growled and pushed them away from me. 

"Are you Paige ReSmore?!" No really? I'm Olaf from Frozen 

"Who are you dating?!" No shit sherlock 

"What happened?!" I killed someone. 

"Why are you sad?!" none of your business 

"Are you pregnant?!" my baby....fuck you. 

"Do you think management is horrible?!" they're okay...

"Are you lesbian!?" Yes. Yes I am, I prefer boobs over man nips. WHAT DO YOU THINK?!

Are you lesbian? Seriously, does it look like I'm fucking lesbian? What if I were to walk up to you and say, 'Are you gay. Do you suck dicks? Do you prefer dicks over vagina?' Who the hell makes these questions?! I opened my car door and shoved them out. Then the word 'Paigey' went out of someone's mouth. 

"PAPARAZZI'S ARE DICKS. GET A FUCKING PROPER JOB IDIOTS!" I shouted through my window. Then I started my engine and drove off. Fuck those assholes. Can't they get a damn proper job? My phone started to buzz as I looked over to my phone- million text. Great! Just damn great- tweets has started? 

@ZaynMalik : @PaigeReSmore My love. <3 Just went to management today, I think we did great! Love you fans xx

My mind is still pacing on top of Mrs. Dee. Could it be? 


Unknown Number: Paige, are you there? 

   My heart beat. Who was this..I never gave a number to anyone before? Should I answer it? Millions of questions were on my mind-and all of the sudden a random number text me. 

Text> Unknown Number>Me: Who is this? 

Unknown Number: Are you Paige? 

Text> Unknown Number>Me: Answer my question. 

Unknown Number: I asked first, hun. 

Text> Unknown Number>Me: This is She. Now, who are you?....I'm waiting. 

Unknown Number: Oh my god, Paige. I can't believe you have the same number. It's me Paige, your mom. I am in tears now.. Thank god you're still alive. Where are you? 

    My heart pounded faster and faster. Who the hell is this? It can't be my mom- wait she could. I couldn't breathe. "Mom." 


I kept breathing. No, it can't be, but Mrs. Dee never gave me her phone number, I stopped the car at the red light. I looked back at my phone. The text wrote. 

Unknown Number: We need to talk. 

It's the same number as the one who text me last time. I hesitated looking back at the phone then to the wheels. Okay Paige, don't worry it's just a text. 

BEEP! BEEP! My heart raced as I looked behind my car window- the man inside his car was honking- okay, never mind about the phone. I held tight on the wheels and drove off, I arrived at the school, I kept breathing. Everyone was staring at me, hatred, well some girls were giving me dirty looks. I shrugged off and began walking back to my dorm. But someone stood in the way. Vanessa Jones. 

"What do you want Jones?" I said- looking at her. Please my room is behind her, let me pass. I have no time for this! She looked sad- it looked fake, pathetic. "Pathetic, you're going to put a fake sad face, I seriously don't have time for this. Now leave me to be Vanessa, why don't you just hang out with Brooklyn or any of those toe eaters. Still nothing. The hallways are always quiet during this time of day. 

"I heard the news." She held up her phone- Twitter. "Congratulations..." She sounded depressed. I shrugged. 

"You knew this would have happened, so stop acting so depressed or surprised." I sighed - looking at her face, disgusting. Hmm Hmm I got no time for that. I continued walking and she stopped me, grabbing my shoulders, I shifted my shoulder away from her. Fluffing off the dust. "Don't touch me." 

"Look Paige. I just want to say I'm sorry for everything!" She cried, it's actually tears, they were falling out of her eyes. Wow for the first time, I, Paige is getting apologized. The (pronounce: thee) Vanessa is apologizing me? 

"Everything? Like for you being a slut, for you acting like a bitch. You being a real pain in the ass? That seems very unlikable of you Vanessa." I smirked. "I'm not falling for your little trick." I crossed my arms. Can this day get any worse? I mean Vanessa being nice . 

"I'm serious please, consider it a-" 

"I'll think about it." I opened my door and entered the room. The room was exactly the same thing, clean as always. I opened the refrigerator; oh yum Nutella and bread. I made the sandwich and ate it. My phone kept buzzing- Oh shit I forgot. I pressed in the password for my phone and looked at it. 

Unknown: We need to talk 

Same number, (646) 124- 8908, same number as Mrs. Dee... I never noticed. I never did. 

Me: What do you want with me? Could you just leave me alone. 

Unknown: It's Mrs. Dee. 

Me: I know. Now please leave me alone. 

I began to change the name, to *Teacher* 

*Teacher*: Meet me tomorrow after the play at SunnyTides Park. 

Is that really all? meet me at sunnytides park....?


A/N: Crappy chapter, next chapter will have the play and etc :3 More drama~! 







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