Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


36. Chapter 35


Happy Late Chinese New Year and HARRy FCking STyLEs~!!!!! 
They're not a teenage boyband anymore and that makes me sad. But the good news is that they're so goddamn sexy. I have boyfriend, Chris <3 haha He asked me to be his Valentines but he lives in Arizona, and we know each other for a while and we were playing this game League of Legends and ahh <3 and it's long distance, but it's love. Enough about me, Read the story, I love you guys so much 65 favorite! Please favorite, read more of my stories, and as for Through The Dark, I will keep update it next Friday! Happy Lincoln's Birthday! 


Paige's P.O.V

"What the fuck is going on!" Louis's voice was shouting- it kept booming into my ears. His voice chimed in my ears. I stood up and didn't say anything so for Mycaela she did say anything too. Why would Louis bother to come in here? Why does he have to care I mean he called me a whore that ALWAYS needed Zayn for sexual needs. It's bullshit I never do that, because I love him. And Louis is a dick which doesn't care if I had a miscarriage at the hospital yesterday. I lost my baby for having stress and not eating too much or at the right time I starved to death. It's not good for my body that's what the doctor told me. I wanted to be alone yesterday, after I left the hospital I walked by myself to a park. I sat there on a swing and started crying. The park was filled with children, staring at me like I was a crazed maniac. Although the good thing was that there weren't any paparazzi's around me. I needed a break. 

"Why do you care?" I said softly, in a dull voice. I don't even give any emotion to anything I say now. He frowned and returned a quick lie to me. 

"I came to talk to Myceala." Oh yeah, that's very smart of you to talk to a girl who's heart was broken- speaking of broken hearts, two!

"That's so smart of you; I don't believe you." I tolerated, such a dick. 

He just laughed and turned to face me,"I don't need you to believe in me. I have a lot of people that believe me than peasants like you." Peasants? Who the hell does he think he is. Just because his names 'Louis Tomlinson.' Like Louis Vuitton doesn't mean he's gucci and shit. Oh my fucking god! I smirked and crossed my arms. 

"Peasants? Please, 'my highness', like I care. I don't even give a shit. Now shoo shoo get out of my dorm." I scowled. 

"This isn't your damn dorm Paige! It's also Mycaelas! Stop acting that you're in your own world and you can do anything you want! Your fucking head is all jacked up! Get in the real life, you're not a kid anymore!" He screamed at me. I wasn't a kid, I wasn't trying to be in my own world, why does everyone say that. It was breaking my heart. "No wonder your dad leaves you. If he didn't leave you, you wouldn't been a spoiled brat and act like this. It's not all fun and games, it's life. It is suppose to hurt." 

"Louis! I think that's enough from you!" Mycaela shouted, I ran out of the room and started speeding out to my parking lot. The shouts of- 'Wait Paige!' from Mycaela. 'What's going on?' Niall's voice. I couldn't breath I had enough with everyone. I entered my car and started driving to PeekHill PQ. Can't I be late a bit, I think I need some fresh air. After I reached there, I stood out and slammed my door. Room 400. I leaned next to it and looked at my phone buzzing- Zayn, decline. 

"Nice ride." A guy passed by, I looked up nodded. I grabbed my keys and shoved them in my purse. I tightened my infinity scarf a bit. Fixing my hair and silently walked in the big building. Everything was made of glass. There were telephones ringing, 'Hello this is PeekHill Industries. How may I help you?' 

A well appointed building, perfect matching furniture. Expensive decorating. No smells. It was perfect. The building was beautifully appointed, workers wearing uniforms. That weren't crappy as I thought. Girls wearing uniforms, a short gray skirts, wearing ascots. And a cute girl stylish suits, while the men wearing tuxedos. I walked up to the lady, Nancy, that's her name on the tage, next to the counter, Big words- MANAGEMENT. 

"How may I help you?" Her voice was so dull, tiring. 

"Um may I see Simon Cowell right now?" I asked. 

"You need an appointment to enter, Mr. Cowell doesn't want to see anyone right now. Please leave." Really? I grabbed the mail from my purse and handed it to her. 

"It's Paige ReSmore. I need to talk to Simon and management about rumors." I immediately cut her off. God people these days. 

"This doesn't prove anything. You obviously printed this off." Oh my god this lady!

"Yes it was printed and mailed to me. Just show me the damn room, 400. And tell him I get to see him now." I yelled. Everyone in the room stopped working and stared at me and the bitch. 

"Security!" The so called red head named Nancy shouted and pressed a red button. Oh great then 1 huge man walked over. "Take this girl outside. Get rid of her please." She scoffed. Wait until I get my hands on you- I opened my jays wanting to punch her. The security didn't say anything but grabbed my arm. 

"Wait! Stop! I was appointed to Simon Cowell! I was suppose to meet him!" I kept repeating myself. 

"Take the crazed maniac ou-" 

"What is going on here?" A voice grunted. I was stopped being pulled and right in front of my eyes was Simon Cowell. Wait- what? I'm that loud? He stared at me and back at Nancy. 

"Nancy, why are you kicking out Paige ReSmore. out? Is this the way you act in front of a celebrity? I was getting a cup of coffee and then I heard noises. What will people think of my industries?" 

"But she-" 

"You know the rules, I don't like people saying buts. You're fired. Pack your things and leave this place." As she left silently , serves you right bitch. 

"John you may leave me and Miss. ReSmore to work. Please follow me, Miss. ReSmore." We walked next to an elevator and punched in the number floor 23. I followed him into his office,the hallway was big- glasses was everywhere- I did not dare to look down, afraid of heights. There was a big brown door labeled in gold, this wasn't room 400. It wasn't really his office, because to the right his room, was labeled 400, SIMON COWELL. This room, was labeled. Meeting. Shit. Simon opened the door and there I saw 5 boys laughing and joking around- people starting with lanyards around their neck- official agents, managements. I sighed quietly and Simon said,"put this on." I put on the lanyards- it wrote. Paige ReSmore. Great they made a lanyard for me how welcoming. 

"Paige?" What the freak? How did they get here so fast! I turned to face the 5 boys, there was a long table and a huge Tv Screen shown. Security guards standing there. 


It was darker than I expected, I thought it would have been a lot of glass doors. I shivered and looked up meeting surprises face. "What are you doing here?" Liam asked. 

"She's here because she is guilty of being too friendly with you boys. Taking your manhoods and playing with them." A 28 year old looking woman looked over too me. "And I believe girls like her shouldn't be in school. Shouldn't you be in a club already?" She purred. Great more hate. 

"She hasn't taken anyone's man hood!" Niall shouted. 

"Yet. Isn't it obvious, she and Zayn have already had sex. The term sex, she probably licked and covered all her scent over him. I can smell it already from here, so tell me this, Mr. Horan, what's going on between you two?" 

"You should sit down next to me." Simon whispered in my ear, as he sat in one of the single chairs that - the main chairs, I sat on the other side with the rest of the boys. Management was on the other sides but the old lady was in the opposite direction of Simon. I took a seat as Zayn glanced over me reassuring a smile. 

"Alyssa, Paige and I were just doing a rehearsal for Paige's play. Why are you getting all intense in all this thing. Shouldn't boys like us make our own opinions? " Niall lied, he was so good at this. 

"You were? It doesn't seem like Romeo and Juliet had a cheating part." She spoke roughly at the word cheating part. My heart was beating rapidly I couldn't speak. Palms was getting sweaty as my lips were trembling. Alyssa, stared at me, and smirked. 

"Why don't we go to Miss. ReSmore's point of view." I looked at her, and sucked in my breath. Everybody's eyes were on us. I can feel Zayn's pressure. She tapped on the TV, it was like an iTV. The video of Niall and I sitting in Starbuck's. "Why weren't there any scripts." 

"Actors don't need scripts." I said softly. "A true actor can think on their own. Memorizing the whole entire play." The boys were amazed how I was acting original. Holy crap I'm doing it! So awesome!

"So what's this play called? It is Romeo and Juliet isn't it?" Alyssa looked at me. I nodded,"I memorize the whole book, Paige. Why don't I see any words you two just spoke in the play. She took out the play book, Romeo and Juliet 

"Like Niall said in his twitter, It's a new version the whole school had made. Teenagers want some drama, spice, and of course amazing ass plays. " 

"Mr. Styles, do you agree with this? Has the school changed about Romeo and Juliet? " Pointing to the play. Harry laughed, in his Cheshire chuckle. 

"Yes, we have. Mrs. Dee even agreed on it. We put in our own words, but still keep some few play words in it." 

"Suppose if Mrs. Dee is here, she will tell us that, is that right?" Alyssa smirked, what the hell is she doing right now? "Do you want that Simon?" That blonde! I swear. Simon's hand waved, meaning sure why not. She opened the door, in Mrs. Dee walking in looking at me. "Tell me Nicole Elizabeth Dee..." 

Wait- Nicole? Nikki? What! I thought Mrs. Dee's first name is Destiny. How could this be? Mrs. Dee doesn't have a middle name, Elizabeth is my mom's middle name...I scrunched my eyebrows, my heart pacing. Mrs. Dee's eyes went into shock- seeing Alyssa saying her first and middle name. 
"I am not Nicole Elizabeth Dee, My name is Destiny Dee. I believe you have the wrong name." Her voice said. 

"I am never wrong." Never say never. "Management searched you up," She looking at me,"It says that you were married to Jones ReSmore, leaving him one night- changing your name on your birth certificate and surname. You married a man named Joseph Dee and then got a job at the school, East High Panthers, as a drama teacher, bribing the principal to let your daughter in your class. Am I right?" 

Mom....?No impossible. 

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