Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


35. Chapter 34

Have you guys heard of Bieber's arrest? Sorry for whoever has Justin's fever, just saying, I knew he would do drugs. This is my opinion. Don't hate. And I got a bad grade in math now, I am horrible at math ugh and every thing I do is an A+ like wtf. I'm an over achievement except math. 


Paige's P.O.V 

"Where's Zayn?" I asked, not bother to look at Harry. I didn't want to say anything- he could have yelled at me for the break up. I had to think though, he was pretty nice for protecting me. "Guys?" 

"Give him a break, Paige. You ruined everything." Louis's voice shouted through the whole area. I didn't do anything, and you're just yelling at me? "You have ruined Harry's relationship on New Year's Eve and all you care is, 'Zayn. Fuck me.' 'Zayn this spot please.' 'Zayn.' Zayn this Zayn that. Do you ever shut up!" I was taken away from the hurtful words escaping through Louis's mouth, I gripped onto my shirt, tightening it. 

"Louis! Shut the fuck up for once. Why are you always steaming off and blaming everyone? Just because I broke up with Mycaela doesn't mean I'm not happy, she was a control freak." Harry explained wiping his tears. I knew he didn't mean all that. 

"No Harry, I am right. Ever since we met Paige, things are happening. So it's Paige's fault for your break up." Louis stood up walking to me. He took his index finger and pointed at my chest,"From now on, stay away from ALL OF US. ONE DIRECTION. Or else." Or else? What? He was going to abuse a girl. That would ruin his reputation. 

"Enough! What the fuck Louis. What the hell is wrong with you? It's nobody's fault that Harry broke up with Mycaela. It's life Louis. So shut the fuck up, I don't care if Paige cheated on me. I believe that Paige deserves a chance and not be hurt by you douches, just like Mycaela and you." Niall ranted. I didn't say anything but backed away- holding back my tears. I ran out of the door and back to the deserted building. But on my way there I saw Zayn standing there, smoking. 

"Paige?" He questioned. Great now what am I going to say? I ruined New Year's Eve for everyone. Louis hates me because of my slutness. I gave a fake smile to him. Maybe it's alright to not tell him the 7 minutes in heaven. Maybe he doesn't care, I knew he is jealous. "What happened in the closet?" That's all you asked? What happened in the closet? No 'Oh Paige, what's wrong? Was it one of the mates who hurt you?' 

"Nothing h-happened." I shivered outside the cold. I wasn't wearing any jacket- oh wait I left it at Zayn's room! He took off his jean jacket and placed it over my shoulder. I didn't want to say anything but looked away from his face. The smell of cigarettes were all over me- he was still smoking. I coughed and brushed my hand over my nose. He didn't looked at me and sighed throwing the cigar away and stepped on it. 

"A bad habit of smoking when I get mad and shit." Zayn explained, as I didn't say anything but nodded. "Paige, just tell me. What happened in that room." 

"Why do you want to know?" I covered my face with my hands. I felt guilty, the feeling swarming all over my stomach. It bounced up and down-"Zayn, do you care for me?" Of course he does, what kind of question is that?

"I do, Paige. That's why I left to go out here, I hate seeing my babe kissing my mates or doing a stupid dare like 7 minutes in heaven." 

"It was actually 2 minutes in heaven because I heard a smack." I removed my hand and looked into his eyes. He scrunched his eyebrows. 

"What? What do you mean a smack?" He said in a confusing tone. I told him about Mycaela slapping Harry because he said something that she shouldn't mess with our relationship and if she wants to mess with someones relationship then it should be theirs. He was shocked and didn't say anything. My heart was beating rapidly- I couldn't breath much. Everything was all blurry and black. All I heard was,"Paige! Paige, what's happening! Wake up..." 


I made a groggily sound, as I flashed opened my eyes- blinking several times- the light was shining right to my eyes. I closed my eyes, rubbing them. Where am I? I turned to face my right arm. There was a IntraVenous (that's IV, the needle that sticks out of your arm in the hospital) sticking out of my arm. I was looking up at the white ceiling- the looking to the sides. There was a glass window and to the sides it had balloons and stuff animals. On the table next to my side was my phone and my clothes neatly folded, along with a card. I grabbed the card with my left hand and read it. It had a bear on it with the words, Get Well Soon

Paige, I hope you get well soon. I love you

-Zayn <3 

P.S The bear is for you. 

I looked over at the bear, and took off my mask. I took a deep breath and sighed. The door was flashed open- there was the boys rushing in and smiling. But there was no sign of Louis and Mycaela. Of course. Zayn rushed in handing me flowers. I didn't say anything but smiled weakly. I felt tired and of course feeling shit as well. 
"You're awake!" Niall exclaimed as Zayn set down the bouquet and sat next to me. The boys pulled up a chair and sat down. I sat up-"No save your strength, just lay down." I did what I was told and closed my eyes. 

"What happened?" I whispered. The boys didn't say anything but nudged Zayn. I looked up in a confused face. The boys whispered to each other and left leaving Zayn by himself. His smile disappeared and I looked at him. "Zayn, what's going on?" He took a long time and didn't say anything. He kept looking down. "Zayn! Tell me what the fuck is going on! You can't keep things behind you." 

"Paige, you had a miscarriage. " Zayn didn't say anything else. I shook my head. I never threw up. I never had cravings, but I did have headaches. I killed my baby. I was pregnant? I never ever knew. And the worst of all it was Zayn's baby. My throat started to burn- I was crying, my face was all red- I kept crying. Tears were started to fall out. "Paige..." Zayn whispered. I wanted to be left alone. 

"L-Leave me alone, Zayn. P-Pl-ease." I whimpered. How did I kill it. How? My mind was rushing through. He didn't say anything- but nodded. I screamed in frustration throwing the blankets off, crying in despair. I killed him. I killed her. The worst New Years Eve ever. 


It was Thursday, the day where I get to meet Simon. And the stupid management thing. I sighed and got up and dressed up nicely. 

I didn't felt like putting make up on, but I set a bit of mascara and I put on my sneakers. Mycaela was asleep, I think. I walked out and took the piece of paper. "Where are you going?" I turned around and shrugged. "Listen, Paige. I'm sorry for everything. I didn't mean what I said. I was just mad because you were keeping secrets behind my back. I just wanted to help." 

"I don't need your help." I hissed, crossing my arms. 

"Exactly. You don't need any one's help. You keep pushing everyone away even your best friend." She touched her chest, empathyzing her emotions. I shook my head. "I just want to help Paige, you don't need to be alone." 

"I can be alone. I'm fine by myself, Mycaela." I hesitated. 

"Your ass isn't  a hat, so get your head out of your ass, Paige! You don't even understand the word help because you never deserved it!" She shouted. I slapped her face, you don't even know how much I wanted to do that. She shouted and pinned me against the wall- punching me in the face- I scowled and kicked her off me. 

"What the fuck is going on in here?" Louis screamed. Mycaela let go off me and didn't say anything. Uh oh. 

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