Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


33. Chapter 32

A/N: I just noticed they don't have Science xD oops. Oh well. And remember it was somewhere March in this story? Can we put it back to January to May? ;3 Thanks~Oh and let's put it to New Years Eve right now! 
Paige's P.O.V 

"Where were you?" Mycaela said. I ignored her and continued listening to Mr. Venci. "Paige you have to answer me, You live with me." 

"Mycaela are you paying attention?" Mr. Venci said. I smirked. She turned to face him and nodded. "What are we learning about?" All eyes were on her. She looked at the board and face to me. Pleading, 'help.' I didn't reply back. "we're waiting, Miss. Files." 

" I don't know." She said. 

"Louder." He ordered. Everyone was holding back in their laughs- they looked at Mycaela in disappointment. I looked at her- she deserved it. She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. "Mycaela you have to answer. What did you say?" I began to hold in my chuckle. She stood up and sighed. 

"I don't know." She scolded Mr. Venci. 

"Good now pay attention or you're not going to participate in this activity. Paige, tell Mycaela what we're doing." Great. I stared at her face and rolled my eyes, I sighed and began. 

" The activity we're doing is singing. It's a contest and whoever sings the best gets to go on this field trip to a fashion show where Joan Rivers is attending too. And you get to bring a friend with you. Unlike you I don't think you will win because you don't pay attention. You're too busy talking to me." I hissed at her. She growled and looked away from me. 

"Do you want a bet?" She snapped. I guess I broke her twig. I scoffed and rolled my eyes. 

"I rather not. You would already lose. " I smirked. 

"Excuse me, but at least I don't have a voice surgery that I can't sing for a very very long time." She taunted me. Unbelievable, she still thinks that's true. For instance I can say I swallowed a snail and she could still believe that. I shrugged and looked at Mr. Venci sighing- then began teaching. I could hear, 'oohs' and 'aww the fight is over' from behind. 

"I bet Paige is going to win." A voice muttered behind me. Oh Kaylin you're too nice. I didn't bother turning around and talk to her. Instead I smiled-

"What the fuck! Why are you so mean!" Mycaela hissed at me. I was walking to Drama class, I took a deep sigh and ignored her. I know it hurts- she deserved it for all the backstabbing and hating on me. "Paige if it's about you cheating on Niall. I kind of think you deserve it." I turned around. Wanting to slap her across her face. 

"Shut the fuck up Mycaela. Leave me alone. You're not in this. You're causing too much drama and I had enough with all of you. Fuck you and everyone who hates me. I don't need you guys to take pity on me or anything. I'm fine by myself so just shut up- you think you know everything about me. But you don't so just turn around and go maul off your boyfriends face off!" I spat at her. Storming off to Mrs. Dee's class. 

"Alright class today is costume day! You must all wear these-" she said showing the clothes. 

"You look hot Paige in that red dress." Joey winked. I rolled my eyes- this ones better than the white original dress. I walked over and looked at my phone. 

ᴢᴀʏɴ (٩◕‿◕٩): I hear you're Juliet ;) show me what dress you're wearing.

I took I picture of those two dresses I wore and sent it to him


me: [sending images: 2] I look terrible 
ᴢᴀʏɴ (٩◕‿◕٩): you look beautiful <3 How are you feeling? 

me: anxious. I just told off Mycaela in music class and on my way to class. sigh* 

ᴢᴀʏɴ (٩◕‿◕٩): Don't worry about me. Just keep thinking about right now, not the past. We'll get together one day. Look, I'm going to invite the others to dinner tonight along with you. We should get together and talk. Dress nice xx 

me: Sure...I'll dress in a bra and panties is that fine? ;) 

ᴢᴀʏɴ (٩◕‿◕٩): Yea that will ;) 

I rolled my eyes and I heard a laugh from behind," Seriously bra and panties?" Harry chuckled. I smiled and hugged him. 

"My god you scared the shit out of me." I whispered. He laughed and we broke our hug. "You're not mad at me?" 

"For what? Swearing at my girlfriend? Well that's not my problem and about you cheating on Niall. I don't think you and Niall weren't meant either. I mean you and Zayn, yeah. But not you and Niall. I am on no one's side." He smiled. I am really liking Styles. I smiled warmly back to him. 

"You're so nice." I sighed,"Oh Romeo, how can I live without you." I laughed. Since tomorrow's Zayn's birthday, I'll go shopping."Do you know what Zayn really likes? And on his wish list?" I asked.

"Well, he likes to go party a lot." Harry joked." Actually he would like to get a hot girlfriend- oops that's off the list." He chuckled. I rolled my eyes."Okay, I'm going to be serious right now. He would like to go out to a fancy dinner- sounds like a girl- but then go to a club get drunk." That's all? He wants to get drunk? 

"I already have something in plan to buy for him. I'm not taking him to a damn club." I muttered. I guess I can go to the mall today to buy a watch or maybe a bracelet. What am I thinking, he can never possibly like that gift. Would he like a shirt? I turned to face Liam. "What did his last girlfriend gave him?" I wondered. 

"Nothing. She broke up with him after cheating on this random dude, and she stole Zayn's money that was 1,000 dollars." I made an 'o' face. "But I'm sure this girl has something up her sleeves to give something special." He nudged me. I smiled. 

"Alright class let's prepare for the play on Friday. 3 more days till the play!" Mrs. Dee squealed in delight. I sighed and stood up. Vanessa hasn't talked ever since. I wonder what's wrong. She was talking to Mrs. Dee. Ugh Understudy, yea I know. "Alright, Vanessa will be the nurse in 'Romeo And Juliet." That was all. I guess she doesn't want to be the understudy then. 

"Paige, I think you're losing it though, today is December 31. New Year's Eve. Zayn's birthday is in 12 more days." Harry smirked. I gasped in horror. Are you serious? Throughout those stress I lost it. I sighed and leaned against a wall. Vanessa turned to face me and smiled. What's with her problem? I've been losing everything- my mind, the date of the month. I shook my head,"You okay?" 

"Are you sure it's December 31st?" I asked completely ignoring Vanessa. He nodded cautiously and pulled out his phone and showed me the date. I sighed and shrugged. The bell rang and Mrs. Dee sighed.

"Happy New Year's Eve everyone! Have a splendid day. Rehearse your roles!" She smiled. I began to change into my regular outfit and packed my dress in the changing room. I walked out and grabbed my bag. 

"Wait- Paige." Vanessa stopped me. I scrunched my eyebrows and turned around. What did she just talked to me?"Hey I was wondering if we could be friends." She smiled. "Again." 

"How can I know this is a trick? So you can go into the role of Juliet. Break my legs? I'm not falling for it, Jones." I turned my back. She caught my hand.

"I don't want to be Juliet! You can have her. I just found out the new role as a nurse. You know the usual thing." Usual thing? 

"Yeah right, like I believe you." I crossed my arms. She hesitated and looked into my eyes. Good thing no ones around us right now. 

"I just want to say I'm sorry about  everything." /sorry/ ? I never heard this girl said this. 

"I'm not believing you. Until you can prove it." I muttered under my breath. Vanessa sighed in frustration. 

"Look, it's not a trick. I just want to be friends back again because everybody is being so rude and mean to you. You don't have any one there for you. So I decided to be there, since everyone hates me and you for being a slut." She chirped. I rolled my eyes. Slut? 

"Vanessa, look here, I'm not a slut. I didn't do anything so just leave me alone. I'll think about it, until then go away." Not wanting to answer what she asked. She sighed and faced to Brook. Shrugging. 


Hi guys! Happy Late New Years Haha. I have to go to school on Monday :( Goodbye winterbreak 


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