Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


32. Chapter 31

I love you guys so much. I really want to update all day but I'm always busy on writers block. So I'm going to try to update everyweek! Fallen (my other book) I am going to update it next month or next week or so. I'm going to start working on Irresistible. And I wonder if I should put this book to M or still stay the same? 

Thank you so much xoxo



Paige's P.O.V 

I turned to him and kissed him, things were getting steamy. 


"Late again, Miss ReSmore" my history teacher said. I smiled shyly and rushed to my seat. It took 2 hours to have some soft rough sex in a car. I have to admit I didn't regret anything. MY stomach was twisting and turning- memories from him touching my breasts as he fingered me. My breath was getting heavily. 

"You okay?" Liam whispered. I turned to face him- how did I forget about him sitting next to me. 

"Shit you scared me." I whispered back. He smiled and chuckled.

"Ah, sorry. Anyways where have you been for 2 hours?" I ignored his question and made it mysterious. 

"Somewhere special." I sighed,"I screwed up so big time. Everything is a big blur right now. I have a Romeo and Juliet play this Friday and fuck tomorrow is Zayn's birthday." I slapped myself mentally. Nobody was watching us they were too busy talking to their partners about General George Washington and the Declaration of Independence, our founding fathers. Plus the battle of Yorktown.


"Paige, calm down. Niall told us everything, and I don't blame you. Louis is kind of pissed off at you for cheating and Mycaela is pissed of at you for everything shit happens. Then there's Harry, nobody's side. Niall, he doesn't want to talk to you ever since the tweet he lied about." I felt like choking on a rag- hanging myself. I ruined people's life. I was too busy in the drama I didn't catch up to things I had in mind. We only have 2 more semesters and I'm beginning to screw things up. "Y'know I'm always there for you. Just think about the future and not the past. Smile." He said. I sighed and didn't replied. Since my grades are already passing, I should start studying for the finals, for the competition. 


" YOU BOYS RUN LIKE LADIES! MY GRANDMA CAN RUN FASTER THAN YOU ALL FASTER! YOU'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE UNTIL YOU FINISH THIS MILE!." Coach shouted. Let's just say I call my pe teacher coach. I walked into my role call wearing my pe clothes. I stood there alone, I guess everyone hates me so much. Two hours of sex, was it really worth?"Today we will be running a mile, two laps around the huge perimeter. After you are done, you will do 30 push ups and 15 sit ups. Then rotate to the hurdles." Such a long pe thing to do. The students were lining up for the mile, at least I was the fastest one in this class always first. 

"On your marks get set go." Louis blow the whistle and stared at me. I rolled my eyes and started to sprint my mile. Still first place. About 6 minutes I finished it and sighed running to the obstacle course."What the hell? You finished already?" Louis opened his jaws. I ignored him and continue my push ups. "paige please answer." No fuck you Louis. I sat up and down 15 times. Then running off to the tracks and saw Louis following me. "Come on 'maid.' please!" Never call someone a maid or joke around when someone's pissed off. I still ignored him- flames burning inside me. Wanting to scream at him, punch him, throw him in a trash pit. I let him eat my dust- sprinting and jumping over hurdles. After I ran off to my role call sweating- Brooke threw a ball at me. 

"Ooops." she laughed. I was about to jump on her and scratch her eyes out with my claws- yeah..too bloody. I threw the ball at her face.

"Oops that slipped out of my hand. Now you hurry up and get a plastic surgery on your face- to make you pretty, because I'm tired off seeing that ugly shit on your nose. You're welcome." I snapped at her- walking to the locker rooms.


"Didn't you hear? Everyone's mad at Paige. Rumors have it that she's a slut like Vanessa now, fucking every boy." I heard someone whispered. 

"I've heard that. Oh god and she has a life? Can't she just die already. She took Zanny away from me." Another voice muttered. My heart dropped like someone just stabbed me. I was hated- My twitter gave hate- why couldn't I be in college, why did I have to be held back? I could have a better life than this high school dump. 

"She's so lucky, but everyone hates her. I think shes's unlucky- the leader of all sluts, like just die already we already have enough people at this high school. " I took of my clothes and took a shower- I guess they left already. I wiped the tears out of my eyes. I grabbed my original clothes and began to shove my pe clothes in the locker. I took my Jansport and let go of my hair from a pony tail. The bell rang. 

"IF YOU'RE NOT DONE WITH PE FOR ME, YOU WILL STAY UNTIL YOU FINISHED!" Mr. James shouted. Haha sucks for them. 

"Louis come on lets get lunch!" The Irish voice said- my heart dropped even more, Niall. I turned my back holding in my tears, sensitive bitch. "Wait there's Paige.." "Paige we need to talk!" Niall ran to me, I ignored the world. I didn't want apologies I didn't want to face everyone now, I started to sprint off- hot sweaty tears escaped my eyes, as I ran off to the storage room, I slammed the window locked and played a bad note- I was frustrated crying. 

"Let it go, let it go can't hold it back anymore! Let it go turn my back and slam the door and here I stand and here I'll stay! Let it go.." I played, wiped the tears away from my face. I'm so weak, I screamed quietly in frustration. My phone buzzed- 40 text messages 20 calls( spam much?) from the groups.

MyBoo(mycaela): Where are you? 



Tommo: Paige come to lunch, please!

Niall: Why did you run? Let's get lunch, we need to talk x

Liam: Hey everyone is searching for you. Where are you ? Paige you know I'm always there for you. Harry and I are on your side, Niall and Louis wants to apologize, I don't know about Myc. but will you?  

Liam please dont make me get more pissed off.

Harry: Hi ;D just to say that you shouldn't deserve this shit. I know you need time and leave them but please don't take too long.

I looked through all the text and ignored them-I saw Zayn's phone calls.

Missed calls from Zayn❤️(10)

Missed Calls from Niall (3)

Missed calls from Louis(4)


No fuck you all. I do my phone into my backpack and made a bad note on the piano. Stress was going through my brain I pulled out a jacket and fell asleep


"Hello"I smiled at my math teacher.

" hello Miss Paige would you like to pass these papers out." Greeted me I nodded and got the papers and set them on the tables 2 for each. "Oh and Paige you have a letter from someone"I turned around and looked at her and got the mail.

Dear Paige ReSmore,

This is from the management since everyone is talking about you you must come to New York Peakhill PQ. Management wants to deal with you one direction need to focus to become even more famous. You are in the way and we want to see you at Peekhill PQ at Wynn Westendey Rd. Wear something nice Simon Cowell is there. Be there you may not tell anyone about this till tomorrow.

Amanda West

head secretary of management management

HQ industry


"What the fuck?" I thought. I rolled my eyes and crumpled the paper into my backpack.

"What was that dear?" She asked.

"Just a note from a friend" I lied,god what a horrible liar.

"okay you probably want to take the test and finish it before you have to deal with the kids and there aren't any homework today you may be free after you finished the test" she smiled. I said nothing and sat down 10 problems to easy. The bell rang and everybody from lunch sat down-some people were chattering about homework some people were talking about me I didn't really care I was already been hated. I choked on the rag (imagining). Finished the test and then handed to her. I left. When I opened the door the hallways with empty I heard the door clicked meaning it was closed there was footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw Zayn walking with his hand in his pocket- wait was he crying? He looked up and saw me standing there in the hallway he ran up to me and hugged me.

"Where the fuck were you" he hugged me tighter.

Did he really care? "Somewhere very sad"I whispered.

"Everyone was worried at lunch. You weren't there how come? You know I was worried about you too a lot." His accent soothed me. Some tears were escaping mean my eyes- no get back in there you watery bastards.

"It's like you're the only one that understands"

"Because I do understand you Paige I love you and this morning- this morning was perfect" I kissed him softly my hands were running through his hair. He kissed back. "Jump." He growled in my ear. He pinned me against the lockers I jumped; moaning through the kiss.

"Z-Zayn take me." I moaned again. He nodded. He took me to the boys restroom, locking us in there. The black backpack was his, he took out a huge towel.

"Was going to take a shower." He smirked."Arch back." Setting me on the towel, I took off my shirt as he unclasped my bra. I unbuttoned his plaid red shirt and threw it where my shirt was. Along with his jeans, then he slid off my dark blue pants. I knew he was horny, his boner showed. I squeezed his friend outside the boxer.

"Well well well Mr.Malik Jr. You really are big." I teased. He moaned and bit his lips.

"S-Stop t-t-teasing me" he mumbled. I winked and kept rubbing him. I finally took off his boxers and I switched positions making me on top of him.

"Sit on the counter. I want to be the one that's in control. " I said. He smiled and did what he did what I told him.

"I'll give you 10 minutes then it's my turn."

I smirked and smiled, I leaned down and began to lick the tip of his dick. I heard him groan. I giggled and shoved his entire big friend into my mouth. "P-Paige..mmmmm..." He moaned even more. Many moans and groans were made from him. This was actually my first time giving someone a blow job. Zayn grabbed my head and pushed me even more into him. I continue licking him as he then exploded him my mouth. "Swallow it." He said. I swallowed it, his taste was delicious."Was this your first time giving a blow job?" I nodded as he smiled,"it was amazing, now it's my turn." As he pushed me to the ground on top of the towel. He put on the condom and softly kissed me as he shoved his dick into me.

"hmm..ZAAYNN...." I moaned. "I love you so much."

" I love you even more." He kissed my cheeks. I'm falling for him. I'm falling for him so badly.


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