Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


31. Chapter 30



Paige's P.O. V


I opened my mouth and squinted,"What?" Zayn was acting rude come? I turned my head to face him. 
"You know what. What's wrong with you. You're so nice and then not nice."

Wow, that's all? 
"Nothing much, Zayn. It's just how girl's are. Maybe if you're not too rude, you'll understand it." My voice raised. Harsh, yeah it is. But that'll shut him up. My stomach was growling- I felt nauseous, I tightened the drivers wheel and began to drive. 

 "I'm sorry.." Zayn muttered. I didn't want to reply or anything- I felt like throwing up. "Paige, are you okay?" He looked at me- studying my face. I was breathing hard. "I'm fine and Zayn it's alright.." 
"It takes 35 minutes to get to school. Let's ask questions.." He said. I bit my lip and nodded, "I'm in." 

  "Err favorite color." He said. I shrugged,"It comes time to time. I feel purplish today." I rolled my eyes while saying that. He chuckled,"Your turn." 

   "What kind of girl you're looking for?" Meaning what taste does he have for a girl. Probably a slut one like Vanessa, so why ask? He sighed and clicked his tongue. "well? Gonna answer me or what, malik." 

     "I like a girl when she's shy-not too shy. A girl with a wonderful laugh- pretty eyes-any body would fit, there's no such thing is fat. I also like a girl who could sing;but usually that girl is always picked on and then she becomes alone. A girl with a true mind, smart, funny. All I'm looking for is 'voice'. There are so many girls to choose from, but they're not connected to me. It's like a sweet apple from the rest of them. I have to pick the right one." He explained. Woah, that's really a beautiful wisdom. I guess he's not that bad. Not even 'Vanessa' bad. I got chills from my arm. "And you?" He said with his thick voice.


   "Me? like a girl?" I joked. He rolled his eyes,"A boy." 


 "Umm. I don't mind if he's handsome or not. Not those picky ones. Or however his cock is big." I coughed,"Vanessa" He chuckled,"I like boys who actually expresses his feelings not hold it in, that actually doesn't lie. But I like guys with big brown eyes-" 


    "Wait so you dated Niall for nothing?"

       "No, I never said that. I mean, Niall is sweet and all but he's not really my type. I didn't want to disappoint him. He asked me out ; even though I wasn't really into him. And then I finally liked him day after day after- you get it...but when you went to my dorm and you leaned in to kiss me, I actually felt weird- chills." 


  "You like me." He winked. I rolled my eyes. 


"I wasn't finished you idiot. Just keep your eyes on the rode." I huffed. Malk made a 'rawr' sound, which made me smile. He is buff and handsome of all, I actually like him-falling for him.."What's your secret?" Ignoring him." He just smirked and didn't say anything. I made a puzzled face,"Well? C'mon Malik, spit it out." 


   "Alright, let's just say we both lost our virginity to ourselves." He mumbled the rest. I widened my eyes, Bullshit. Niall told me he had a lot of sex with his girlfriends. That's why Niall hates Zayn for that, he's just lying. "Paige." that's all he said, he stopped the car and pulled in an empty parking lot, and looked at me. He stopped the motor," Paige, why won't you say anything?" I was speechless.


"Y-You're lying. What about Niall's girlfriend." I furrowed my eyebrows-thinking about Niall's ex- Christina. 


 "I never did." Meaning he never did it with her.



  "Let's just say, I told Christina, I will pay her to date Niall." He was looking hurt,"He was always lonely;all the boys had girlfriends, and then I felt so bad, I paid her to date him. Then every time Niall is away; she checks me out, she just jumps on me and kiss. One day, Niall came home and found her kissing on top of me- she was in her bra, and I had no shirt on- just boxers. She pulled them off- making it looked like we were-" I couldn't take it anymore so I cut him off.

   "Are you lying?" I felt nauseous - he shook his head. I had a huge headache- every time I'm in a drama, I just feel like falling to sleep. 

  "No I'm not." he wiped his tears, he was so nice- I felt bad for him."But when I say you, I knew from the start I liked you. I saw it in Niall's eyes too. Every time I'm with you- I screw up because I would know Niall must have you. I'm falling for-" I didn't let him finish. My heart ached, I'm falling for him too- cutting him off by a kiss. I immediately kissed him- surprisingly he kissed back. Zayn took control,"school will wait." He growled. Dark side. I didn't like the sound of that., He let go of me and locked the doors. My windows didn't have a lot of vision; when you're outside trying to look inside- it's all dark, can't see a thing. 


 "we can't." I whispered. But he didn't listen. He took off my shirt and his- then leaned in. Every time he kisses me; I feel butterflies erupting in my stomach. I do like Niall- but this was way far- I don't want to be the school's new slut, my eyes were getting watery thinking what mom would think about me.


   "Paige, why are you crying." He wiped the water that was falling of my cheek."I'm sorry, I shouldn't have." He handed me my shirt, I took it and sighed. 

   "I'm scared." 

    "Of what." his voice got softer,"Whatever I did I'm sorry, I'll leave now." 

    "No, no no. Please don't leave. It's just that what if you leave me for reals, like I'm a one night stand." 

   "Why would you think, that? I love you okay! I love you Paige ReSmore." He admit it..



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