Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


4. Chapter 3

                                                             Paige's P.O.V

      "So how did you like, 'helping' out with Mr. Hillbilly?" Mycaela scared me. I turned around. I knew Mr. Hillbilly was Mr. Smith. I smiled, "Ah, helping out? As in quotes, showing some students around. They're new." She smiled, "Who was it?" I looked at her. She would freak out if she knew it was One Direction. I sighed,"Oh I don't know, a couple of boys." A COUPLE OF BOYS? Well all of them are. "Ah, any cuties?" She winked. I rolled my eyes,"Clearly you didn't think it was true. I don't like them." I sighed- I did liked them, but not too much. "
"Stop resisting! I know you did!" She said as she took a bit of her sushi. Wow, she didn't even make spagetti for me. How rude. 

     "So, I suggest you get cho ass up and make my spagetti, woman." I laughed. She rolled her eyes and ignored it. 
"Nah, you do it. I'm getting back to my studying." She left and came back. 
"Oh so you came back!" I smiled. She shook her head, 
"No I came back for my sushi, rawr." She took it and closed her bedroom door. I smiled and sat out the balcony with my laptop and homework on why I chose the conflict of Romeo and Juliet. 

    "Hey!" The voice shouted. I ignored it, and sat down on the chair and started typing. Then, something hit me. A rock pebble landed on my head, falling onto my computer. It was small, but still hurt. 
"WHO'S THE BIG IDEA THROWING THE FUCKING TURD PEBBLE!" I turned around facing Zayn in the other balcony. 
"Sorry, mate." He winked at me. I rolled my eyes, rubbing my back head. 
"Aye, so you're the one throwing me the turd pebbles." I scowled, standing up and walking to the end of the balcony- facing him. He smiled, I crossed my arms looking into his brown chocolate eyes. 
"Sorry, love- again, I'm sorry! I just wanted your attention, you didn't listen to me when you still had your earplugs." He smirked. Lame excuse, I turned around as I typed onto my conflict- I ain't going to let any pesky celebrity block me away from my A. 

    "Hey!! Come on now don't be mad for something stupid." He chuckled. I smiled, he really does want my accepting. I turned around and looked at him- still sitting in my chair. "Alright Malik. Just leave me alone I need my homework to be finished!" He looked sad. "but- I want to hang out."   
I shook my head-"No." I grabbed my computer and locked the balcony door, walking inside the living room. 
"Hey, who were you talking too?" Mycaela smiled, walking out of her room. I rolled my eyes- "Like I said- new people. Now people stop bother me! I have my assignment due!" I started typing. She rolled her eyes, walking into her room again- skyping her parents I guess.

    ~Romeo and Juliet's conflict is that- love shall never die till part of the afterlife. The life of theirs is like a blossoming tree. A tree that is growing into a beautiful way of life- and turning ugly; into a disaster way of life in the death. Romeo and Juliet's forbidden love was bad- they ~

  I looked at myself....they what? God what am I s'ppose to do....they erm....I don't really get it now. I closed my computer and grabbed it to my room- setting it onto the table of mine. My room was much likely a queen bed with a pink/purple design. It had a variety of colors of decoration. I pulled the duvet and closed my eyes. Great- what to think of Romeo and Juliet? 

          Zayn's P.O.V

   I heard her voice- walking inside. I rolled my eyes, walking inside the room, sitting down at the table with Niall. 
"Hmm, flirting I see?" Niall chuckled. I just shook my head,"Nah, mate. Just talking trying to apologize about the throwing pebble." 
He looked at me strange,"You threw a a girl?!" I looked at him nodding- he looked at me dissappointed,"Your such an idiot-" He grabbed his plate of chips and walked into the living room. 
   "Aye mate!" Louis sat down. "So, I hear ya- flirting with Paige." I shook my head, 
"Just talking!" He smiled ." Okay okay. So how are you going to teach on with the class about math. I have what, P.E funniest activity ever!" He said in his boring voice. 
"Um, I don't know...I'm going to sleep mate...." I walked over to my room. I kept on thinking of the girl's voice. Who was she?

   'Zayn....Zayn.' the voice smiled, 'I'm at a Payphone trying to call home...Oh Zayn, it's me....' 
I smirked, walking and opening the door- facing a girl with blood over her face. 'Zayn it is I, your singer!' She smiled, laughing crazy. I was scared, backing away- opening the door- locked. Shit....I screamed and screamed nothing happened.....then all of the sudden I felt like I was falling. The scream shouted and laughing, 'Oh Zayn!!!' 

   "Zayn!" The voice shouted- I opened my eyes, seeing the duvet on my side. 
"WAKE UP, MAN DRESS UP! IT'S TIME FOR SCHOOL! TEACHING!" Harry shouted- I glimpsed at the time- 7:03. I grabbed a shirt and some jeans with my converse- running inside the bathroom and taking a shower, adding onto my clothes and walked out- applying hair gel on me. 
"Thank god hurry up!" Niall shouted as he opened the door walking inside- I brushed my teeth and grabbed a toast from Liam. 
"Thanks mate." I sighed. 
"Morning sleeping beauty." Liam sighed looking at me. "Had a nice dream?" 
I remembered my dream looking to him, "yeah." I lied. He smiled, "Well let's get to our class shall we? Or we wait for the lovely Paige and her friend Mycaela." He smirked. I sighed- looking at the painting of the word 'BELIEVE!' As I turned facing back to Liam;"Um I guess....I'll just go on I have to see what class is which." He looked at me, "Unbelievable Zayn, just don't talk to me- just go." He pointed out the door. I put my hands in surrender- walking out the door. Man, does he have to over react things?

     When I entered the classroom. Everyone stopped and looked at me. A girl with blonde hair screamed and then fainted. What? Ever seen a guy pop in? The room was huge- with about 34 desks and chairs. The teachers desk was normal. There were 5 large windows. The math was chalk board- with equations and with exponents. 
"Hush child!" The teacher walked over to me. I guess this is....erm...Mrs. Pierce. 
"Hello Mrs. Pierce." I smiled,shaking her hand. 
"Hello, Zayn. You are so welcomed to do anything and teach our students about math. Oh and, you will be doing this for the rest of the year, thank you. You can do anything of course." She smiled- she was about 29 years old. Very beautiful- I can tell she was married. Her hazel eyes and her brown hair was long. I nodded- moving my body to the back table. Students were staring at me; especially


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