Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


30. Chapter 29

A/N: Just a quick heads up~ Our team won 2nd place for the volleyball tournament :). I'm so happy. Now everyone wants me to try out girls' basketball. Ah, but I pulled up my grades. A's and B's That good? I used to be a straight A's but since Science and Math are B's it's alright right? Please answer that for me in the comments, I have grades-a-phobia >.<' 


Paige's P.O.V

   My eyes were being bored from my script. Memorizing all of them weren't hard- I read Romeo and Juliet a long time, so much likely this is easy crap for me. Certainly, nobody has been texting me; since they all hate me for 'cheating.' All of the sudden, my phone vibrated. I looked into my phone and saw a tweet about me. Jeez, hate is coming towards me. Yay..

   Without looking at the tweet- I slide to unlock my phone. The tweet was from Niall. What does he want? Ruin my reputation? Please, he said the same thing last time. Seriously? I'm not really mad at him- nor happy. Just grouchy since I'm on the rag. Daily life-duh. I sighed and began to read it.

    @NiallOfficial: Directioners calm down. Don't send @Penguin_Paige hate. She didn't cheat on me with @ZaynMalik. Lol its just a new scene of Romeo & Juliet for Paige's play. 

    @NiallOfficial: Sincerely, Fuck you paps :) Go get a job. Wish @Penguin_Paige luck for her play <3 Love you. So please stop sending my love hate, love you directioners

     Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I changed my username. Gee thanks for the lie, now there's no more hate. Yeah, way to go Niall. Thanks. Now, my phone is busting with spams -.-' 
I grabbed my laptop and went on Facebook- 32 friend request? What the- Oh no...I swear if it's those directioners. is. I declined all of them and sighed. I felt lonely. "I wish I died."escaped from my mouth. 

    "You shouldn't say that." A British voice whispered. Hey, I know that voice. I froze. HOLY SHIT. I'm too scared to turn around! What if it's a scary man with a beard. Or even worse a unicorn that's pink! No, PINKIE PIE! I whispered,"Who are you.." 
The voice laughed,"Calm down, It's just Zayn." I turned around facing him. How the hell do people know where I live?! I turned around and crossed my arms. 

    "What are you doing here?" I spat. He sighed and looked at me hurt,"I thought you would be more happy." 
"Happy as in frosted cupcakes? No. I'm really pissed off because I'm all over the news." 
"But Niall cleared it." 
"And everyone at this school in drama class knows it's not true." I squinted. "I shall never show my face again.."
"You can't leave." Zayn sighed. I crossed my arms, "I'm sorry!" 
   I kissed him,"I forgive you." Friends with benefits? No. He's really sweet. But we can't be an item. Although it was a kiss on the cheek, he moves his cheek and kissed my lips. I couldn't help but taste the sweet of his'  I kissed back. It's not cheating, I'm not dating Niall, am I? He smirked and pinned me against the wall. I gasped and felt his hands moving to my thigh. I pushed Zayn away,"We're just friends. Not an item." 

   Zayn didn't spoke but opened his mouth. Then he said,"I'm sorry. It's just that I really like you." 
"That doesn't mean to fuck me." I gritted my teeth. I leaned against the wall. He was an inch near me, he pursed his lips,"Because I love you. Like I said, ever since." I shook my head and snarled(Not harsh) "Zayn, you love me? Oh really, you known me for 2 months. And it's March. School ends in December, and you're just standing here saying I love you. But when school is over and I'm going to college to full fill my dreams, you'll be gone." 

  "And what about your 'angel of dreams?' " I quoted- even though I knew it was me..he didn't say anything,"Forget her." He hugged me,"This is my angel." 
"Wait- you know-" 
"Know what?" He looked at me strangely. I shook my head,"That Niall and I had a fight and you're in love with me now?" I lied. Shit. 

   He smirked,"Well? So? What's holding between us? Niall's out the way-just you and me." 
"The problem that's in the way is your 'angel'. I know you will leave me." I said, leaving him shaking his head. That's the problem- not wanting any drama. I can't just leave him-I mean; Niall is cute but not like Zayn;he's mysterious, sexy, and daring. My stomach felt knotted twist. "I love you too." I whispered. Even if we do go out, I'm not telling him my secret. 

   He smiled and kissed my cheeks,"Item?" I rolled my eyes,"How about I think about it. Right now let's talk about how you find my house." Zayn chuckled and looked into my eyes. Damn his eyes. "Well.." He rubbed his neck. 

   "Speak, Malik." Obviously he's a stalker like Niall. I rolled my eyes and walked over to my kitchen. Good thing I bought food. I grabbed a dough nut :3 out of the box and began to eat it. I handed one to him. He smirked and ate it-"Alright, let's just say I sneaked into the school's office and took a look at your profile..." 

  I opened my mouth,"What!" I stood up washing my hand and growled at him,"Why?" 
"You see...errr I wanted to say hi."
"That's all?" My blood was boiling-why do people keep doing this! 
"Yeah..." He sat next to me and hugged me,"When the news popped up- I was scared you needed someone."
"What about Mycaela?" I replied, looking at him."Doesn't she care?" 
  He shrugged,"She didn't see me yet. I don't know." I sighed,"Why do you care for me?" 
"'re special." 

*The Next Day* 

      Zayn's still here. He slept on my lap last night. We talked and watched The Notebook. I opened my eyes and saw Zayn on my bed. It was 6:00 am, I leaned over to look at Zayn sleeping so quiet. So innocent..I leaned over and laid on his chest. My breast on top of his chest. I blushed, I guess I do love him. But my feelings can't admit it. 


      Tomorrow's the play. I was getting nervous. What if somebody would ask me what happened. I sat in the car and waited for Zayn. Zayn took the cab to my house... Jeez, why do boys fall for me.Finally he came and I turned to face him. "seat belt." Without any hesitation and talking about the morning thing...

    I turned on the radio and heard, 'People Like Us' By Kelly Clarkson. Zayn's hand turned it off and faced me,"What's wrong with you?" 


A/N: Sorry it's short :( I'm really busy. On Friday I will write a huge chapter I promise <3 


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