Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


29. Chapter 28

Paige's P.O.V

    He wasn't pissed. He wasn't mad at me. He was disappointed. What kind of person isn't mad at someone that cheated on him? Plus it was Sunday! Not school day. I flipped out a bit and finished all my homework. I lied to people, and hurt them. I grabbed my phone and looked at it- a strange number appeared....

Unknown Number: Paige, are you there? 

   My heart beat. Who was this..I never gave a number to anyone before? Should I answer it? Millions of questions were on my mind-and all of the sudden a random number text me. 

Text> Unknown Number>Me: Who is this? 

Unknown Number: Are you Paige? 

Text> Unknown Number>Me: Answer my question. 

Unknown Number: I asked first, hun. 

Text> Unknown Number>Me: This is She. Now, who are you?....I'm waiting. 

Unknown Number: Oh my god, Paige. I can't believe you have the same number. It's me Paige, your mom. I am in tears now.. Thank god you're still alive. Where are you? 

    My heart pounded faster and faster. Who the hell is this? It can't be my mom- wait she could. I couldn't breathe. "Mom." 

Text> Unknown Number> Me: I don't recall a mom for years. Are you sure you're my mom? I don't give out private information to strangers. I need proof to know you're my so-called 'mom'. 

   No answer. I shook my head,"That's what I thought." For years my mom never ever called me-text me- never seen me in real life. She has been a mystery. I asked for the police to put up a missing poster. They had no time for that...I growled and bit my lip. Sometimes I wish I never lived...and regret the things I do. 

   I grabbed my purse and began to walk to Starbucks. "Hello, how can I help youuuuu... Oh my god you're Paige, from the radio station- aka Niall's girlfriend!" The guy smiled. 
"Guy directioner?" I asked. He nodded,"It's a pleasure to meet you. Paige." I laughed,"You too, umm." 
I shook his hands," Any ways can I get my normal routine." He clicked the pen and nodded- he knew what to write. Since I announced it on the radio. 

   Well that was perculiar. I grabbed my coffee and paid for it. I began walking to my car. It was 2:00 pm. I sat in my car- not wanting to say anything. I felt so lonely..and sick. 

~2 Days later, 9:00 pm.  Tuesday.~ 

     Nobody has text me or called me. I have been at home, studying and doing my homework(They send homework home). The teachers doesn't care if I skip school- dad announced that at least I did my homework and study I would be fine. I'm an A straight student. Never gotten a bad score. Mycaela seemed not to text me, too busy kissing her boyfriend. Most likely I'm the third wheel to everyone. 

    I turned on my Tv. E! News was on. I smiled and it faded, Dad. 
"Today on E! News is about Jones ReSmore and his girlfriend, Cally Westly and her daughter Diana Froedge (Omg Diana lucky girl!huehue)." I groaned,"Engaged? Please dad still loves mom, right?" 

    "We caught Jones and Cally in a diamond ring store. Could it be? Are they engaged! After Jones divorce with Nicki Quin, who is still missing, he quote, 'divorcing Nicki was a good idea. And it's a better idea for me to find a new woman who doesn't complain anything' I guess the family of ReSmore is happy for this. Paige ReSmore, if you are watching this, are you excited for a new mother?" She smiled. Ugh shut up. My anger boiled- I was frustrated-fuck the world. 

    "Speaking of the family ReSmore, we caught Paige in New York kissing one of  the famous British boyband, Niall Horan. Could there be love sparks everywhere? Stay tune for the upcoming video of Niall Horan and Paige ReSmore in a coffee shop. It's going viral!" Oh stomach was twisting and turning. No No No No!!! Please don't be the one where Niall and I fought. I hope nobody is watching this. 

     I couldn't bare watch it anymore. I immediately turn the TV off. My phone rang and I picked up. "Hello..." 
"Paige? Are you watching E! News?! They're talking about us." Niall shouted through the phone.
"Yeah. I am. Mostly me." 
"Well this is going to ruin my reputation!"
"It's not my fault, Niall. It's your fault because of your big mouth. Embarrassing in front of millions of coffee lovers." I growled. He didn't say anything. 

    "I'm sorry?" He didn't mean it. I knew that. 
"Whatever Niall. Look, whatever happens we're still friends. Right?" 
"Make it best friends?" 
I sighed,"Fine. But on one condition. Don't tell anyone about everything we did secretly. Like my secret. We can still hang out there...but don't make it obvious. Okay?" 
He laughed,"I'm not stupid. Of course not! Anyways, I'm worried about you." 
   "A lot of things...I got to go. Bye. See you tomorrow?"
"Can't Niall. I'll be back on Thursday. I have to do something tomorrow."
"I can skip school, if you need help. Alright?" 
"I'll give you a call. Good Night Niall." I hanged up. 

      I closed my eyes and sat on the piano chair. I guess I'll just play some songs. Irresistible. 

Zayn's P.O.V 

      I sat in my room concentrating at the TV. Wow, Niall did hurt her. I hurt them. 
"I saw you,Zayn,and Louis talked. You're such a slut Paige." slut. She's not a slut, I forced her to have it with me. She liked it. Maybe it wasn't a bad idea. They didn't really look like a couple after all. I felt bad for Paige...I closed my eyes kept thinking about that girl who sang so beautiful. I hope I will be able to find her....


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