Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


26. Chapter 25

  Paige's P.O.V

You are strong. Always remember I love you. Tell your father to always watch out for you. Don't let anyone get to you. Show them who you are. You'll always be that daughter of mine that is talented with her voice.I'm sorry I have left you, but I will always be there in your heart. I wish I could be there for you-just remember that I am close. I know you will make the right choices. Dad might not always be there for you-or anyone....but I guess there will always be someone, like a boy ;). Make right choices. Find the special someone, hun <3 Try not getting in trouble, hun. For fill your dreams :) xx

-Mommy <3 xoxo

  I read it over and over again. I tried making right choices! I keep trying....but I never will make you proud, mom. I felt used. I felt like I was going to throw up. Zayn used me. Was I that one night stand? I cheated on Niall. Niall James Horan! The guy I love. The boy that always been there for me. Knows my secret. Gives me a love bite every time I'm sad. And I completely broke his heart within a month.

   Somehow..I'm a whore to everyone. Like Vanessa...I recieved a text from Zayn. 

Zayn:) : Hey look, I'm sorry about a hour ago. I do really like you. I just don't want to hurt Niall. Do you understand? Last night was amazing. I never felt so complete. You're not a one night stand, Paige. You do realize from the moment I met you, I finally found you. I'm sorry if I did hurt you. I can make it up. Please answer. 

Text>Zayn:)>Me: ....(No comment)

   Did he really mean that? I rolled my eyes....stupid me. No Paige! Don't forgive him! Noooo

Text>Zayn:)>Me: I love you <3 

Zayn:) : I love you too. I want you in my arms now :) xx I swear I will make you the happiest girl. 

    I smirked....I did liked him. I couldn't be mad at him. Zayn....Paige Malik. Shut the fuck up Paige. I hissed to myself. Ugh. I should question him this (;

Text>Zayn:)>Me: What if you found out about the music girl...girl of your dreams? <.<' 

Zayn:) : It's just you... ;) 

   I rolled my eyes. He's lying...I rolled my eyes and began to walk to the dorm. The love birds were gone...of course to the amusement park. It's been one hour. No text from Niall. Louis- oh Louis, please don't tell Niall. I keep thinking about it. 

   I locked the door and knocked on their door with my fist. Suddenly, Zayn opened it. I was surprised of him- "Hi.." He gave a big grin-"So we're cool?" I rolled my eyes and kissed his cheeks,"Yeah." 

   "Ahem." I heard a voice behind Zayn's back. "Umm- look Louis please don't tell Niall! It'll break his heart." I whispered to Louis and closed the door. 
Louis didn't spoke a bit and opened his mouth,"H-How could you do this? You cheated on Niall. If you kissed Zayn it would be okay. B-But this, is horrible. You had sex with him! How cruel are you! Oh my god." He panicked. I looked down-sad. "I-I'm sorry." 
A tear slipped down my cheeks. "You shouldn't be sorry to me. Say sorry to Niall. Think about it, it's better to tell Niall not to keep it a secret." 

   I looked over to Zayn,"Zayn...will you help me?" Zayn looked at me with pity-"Ye-" 
"No Zayn. This is her responsibility. She needs to do it by herself and Zayn, if I was Liam I would lecture you. But guess what- I am still going to lecture you. You know better. You're going to use her aren't you?" 

   Hello! I'm right here! Really Louis! You don't have to lecture us. It's not like I'm pregnant. least I'm not those girls..
"It was your huge mistake to have sex with her. She's not a one night stand!" Louis shouted at Zayn. 
"Calm down! It's not my fault I was drunk! She's not like the others!" 
"You're always banging on the boy's girlfriends. Every time! And this time it's Niall. Poor old Niall! Last year you slept with his girlfriend, Jenna. What the hell is wrong with your head, Zayn. I am disappointed in you." 

   "You're not my dad, Louis." Zayn growled at him. I rolled my eyes and walked up to Louis. Pointing my finger to his chest-"Listen here Louis. I can do anything I want. You're not the boss of me." 
"I thought you were better, Paige. But I guess you're a slut like the other girls." Louis pushed me to the side and opened the door. 

   "You don't push a girl!" Zayn shouted at Louis. Louis turned around, "To me, she's an animal. Not a girl." 

    That broke my heart. My mascara was running down my cheeks. "Take that back!" Zayn defended me.
Louis clapped his hands to his mouth-covering it. "P-Paige I didn't mean to say that." 
"Save it." I looked at Louis. "I'm garbage to everyone now." I stormed out of the dorm-running to my dorm. I wrote a note

No need to find me. I'll be back on Wednesday~ I just need to get away from the drama, from 'someone.' 
Tell Niall I love him :)xx 


  I wrote another note for another person, as in Louis. -sigh- 

Hey, Louis. 
You think I'm mad at you? No I'm not. I'm just sad. Disappointed in my life. You think I'm going to do something very stupid aren't you? No I'm not. As you can see, there's nothing for you to say sorry. You're right. If Niall does find out about the secret, just tell him I'm sorry, that I love him very much. I will come back in a week. I lied about coming back on Wednesday....Yeah. 
And Louis, thank you...that I'm a slut. I understand I am- I will always be worthless to people. But I don't care. Because you see. I don't give a fuck about what people think. 

Thank you for the word of advice!!

P.S If Zayn is reading this-tell him don't worry. 


  I set the small note on the fridge. And I carried the long letter to Zayn's door. I left the paper down and knocked on the door, then ran off. Hiding around the corner- I eyed and saw Louis looked left to right. He was sad- and looked down. "Hello?" He said. Nothing- I didn't want to reply. He suddenly looked down and reached for the paper. " might want to see this..." 

 It was my cue to leave. 

*30 minutes later* 

 I sat there in my Ferrari and cried. Cried like there was nothing left-"Such a slut..." I muttered to myself. 
A minute later, I came to my senses. I opened my car door and closed it back. I stepped on my steps and opened my pent house. Still brand new. 



    Everything was the same, since I left. On the counter of the kitchen there was a dead rose. It's been 5 months since I came back here. It was my only place to concentrate. It smelled the same-blossoming flowers. I set my bag and looked at the dead rose;studying when was it sent. There was a card. 

To: Paige 
From: Dad

Hey Paige! How are you doing in school? Anyways I am always busy but have a nice year. 

   That's all? Have a nice year? I haven't seen you for years and you say 'Have a nice year' What kind of father are you! You are a worthless father. Why even bother sending me roses. 

 I grabbed the flower and threw it in the trashcan. I ran to my bedroom, without any thinking I grabbed out my phone- a text message was from Niall. 

Niall♡ : We need to talk. 

   No smiles. No hearts. Nothing. But a command. My heart was beating fast...I regret sleeping with Zayn. Saying sorry, hurts.

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