Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


25. Chapter 24 {Graphic +13}

{A/N: Warning Pg-13 or as in Dirty! Warning smut.If you wouldn't like to read it, try to skip or maybe don't read this ._. Eh. If you're like me, just go with the flow! :D and ignore this~ OH AND I SUCK AT THIS SO IM JUST GOING TO END IT A BIT .__.}

Paige's P.O.V

    He smiled, I could smell alcohol. Zayn you're drunk, fuck. Fucker, I knew this wasn't him. It was the alcohol taking over his mind. Zayn smirked and kissed the edge of my lips. "Face it, Niall never kissed you this way, did you?" He rubbed my inner thigh while kissing me hard. I huffed, looking at his face- wanting air. I never wanted him this much-wait, what the fuck! I'm cheating on Niall. No-No-No! I love Niall...but at the moment, I love Zayn too. 

   "Paige, I love you. Ever since I met you." He kept kissing me again and again. He wanted entrance- he wanted me to let him in. So stupid of me- I did. His tongue swirled next to mine. He tugged my shirt for me to take it off. I smirked and shake my head,"Do it on your own, bad boy." He smirked back and ripped off my shirt-damn, cheap buttons! "Don't call me a bad boy." He kissed my cheek and looked down at my breast. This is it...

  "May I do the honors?" Zayn said, I was speechless. I nod-stupid! Why didn't I speak. Oh my god Paige- you're such a horrible person. "I know you're a virgin." He slurred. I bit my lip-"how." 
His brown eyes looked into mine-his palms cupping my breast and kissed my neck,"The way you act." I felt his boner throbbing against my thigh. I wanted him-hormones were floating into me. A moan slipped out of my mouth-I heard him chuckle. My chest was empty-his hands were massaging my nipple. Another moan came out. "I know you like this. Stop trying to act that you aren't enjoying this." he growled against my ear. 

    I opened my mouth to say something but he immediatelly crashed his lips to mine. I didn't want to say anything- I wanted to savor this. Stupid of me, I kissed back. I gave a warm smile through the kiss. Zayn then moved his hands to my shorts, pulling them. Without saying anything I hesitated and glared at him-"No. You first. Take off your polo and skinny jeans." I winked at him. He laughed,"Whatever you say, princess." Slurring again. He removed his polo and then unbuttoned his jeans. I stared at his abs...fuck tattoos...those tattoos. Why am I always attracted to boys with tattoos, I bit my lip. 

    "Like what you see?" I then looked at him-everything was gone except his boxers. I didn't respond to him and smirked,"I've seen better." Lying was good...He then growled and jumped onto me. I was frightened and looked at him,"You wouldn't even hurt a fly." He scoffed at me, and tugged down on my shorts. All was left was my panties. He smirked and looked down-"I see, you're wet already." I looked down-He was sexy. 

    He slid his fingers into my clit. The moan escaped from my mouth. He pulled it out and licked it. He took his thumb and index finger and massaged my breast. My left breast was taken in his mouth and he gently massaged the other one. I moaned due to how sensitive my nipples are. "I bet Niall never did this before." He suddenly moved his right hand to my v. Rubbing them- I let out a gasp. "S-Stop teasing." This boy...I swear to god, he loves to tease..I moved my hands against his naked back. Pressure was coming to me. I bit my lip trying not to moan. 

     " I do really like you, Paige. Like love.." He muttered shoving his face into my breast. I still felt his boner against me. "To be honest, Zayn. I like you and Niall..but you caught my eye in the first place." I muttered. He looked up and said nothing. A smile was put on his face after I said- I liked him first. He immeditatelly pulled his boxers down-leaving me a wide view. Zayn kissed my neck and down- to my stomach. He stopped at the point where my private spot was wet. He smirked and I felt a wet tongue entering into me. "Z-Zayn." I whistle. His tongue licking all the juice. I grinded in his face. I looked down and saw Zayn's huge erection. I straddled my legs onto his waist. 

      I was almost at my climax-I wanted him. I wanted all of him into me. He pulled his tongue out and shouted,"Do you want it babe?!" I gritted my teeth,"Zayn I need you inside of me!" I screamed out his name. He smirked- He brought his big friend into my entrance. He was making my body wild- I wanted to scream, the pain was getting better and better. I never felt anything like this- I wanted more."Faster." I begged. "Beg for it." He spat at me. "I love you so much please!! Zayn, baby. Thrust into me. The pleasure!!" I screamed at him. I sounded so stupid- but I wanted his pleasure. Zayn....Without any warning he thrusted inside of me. I was screaming with pleasure- going faster and faster. 

     "Zayn. I'm going to cum." I moaned. "Hold it babe." I was already at the climax. I clenched onto his neck and hugged him tightly. "Shit, you're so tight." He muttered. His deep British accent growled into my ear- He was thrusting and biting my ear. I kept moaning and moaning-"Zayn...I'm at my climax." He finally pulled out. Laying against me, I closed my eyes."I love you Zayn." 
"I love you too Paige." He kissed my lips. He jumped up and wore his clothes. "You're leaving?" I pouted. "I would like to stay but Harry and Mycaela are coming back in 5 minutes. I'll text you tomorrow. A secret between us." He kissed my cheeks and ran out the door. 

    My leg was struggling to stand up. That was the best first sex I ever had. I began to wear my clothes and saw a text from Niall. My heart was beating fast. 

Niall: Still studying? (; 

Text>Niall>Me: Yeah. I'm tired. Going to sleep. :P Byee xx 

Niall: Hey tomorrow we should have some study buddy ;D if you know what I'm saying <3 

Text>Niall>Me: Haha. I see baby. Never in your wildest dreams (; xx 

Niall: Alright....find :c Good Night x<3


    I woke up from my alarm clock. I slammed it shut and stood up. I got ready- 


I curled my hair: 

      I looked out my door and saw Harry laying on top of Mycaela. I chuckled and took a picture- sending them to Louis,Harry,Niall,and Zayn<3. I also posted it on twitter. Hehe. I'm that evil (; ! 
"So cute..." I wore my black heels and began walking outside with my phone. I knocked on the boy's door and guess who opened it! Liam. :D 
"Hello....woah...Paige?" I laughed and nodded,"Good morning to see you to Liam." I stepped inside-letting him closed the door. 

      "well ya. I just woke up. Drinking coffee duh." He lift up the hot coffee cup. I smiled,"Can I join?" I walked over to the counter. "Sure." He smiled and poured coffee into my cup. 
"So where were you yesterday?" I looked at him. 
"Err...Louis was really drunk. He decided to pole dance when Britney Spears's song was on. I stopped him- he was chasing this old poor lady. Calling her Eleanor and yeah...he ran naked." He sounded grossed out. I laughed."I surely wanted to tape that!" 
     "How about you and Niall." Liam winked at me. I took a sip of the coffee. "hmm...we made out and just studied. That's all. Did you heard, Zayn broke up with the toe eater." I glared at my coffee. Liam chuckled,"What? Really?" 
"Yeah. She tried to have sex with Zayn. But he was like 'No bitch you ain't getting the D.' Nah I'm kidding. I don't know. That's what I heard from Vanessa." I heard laughing behind me. Niall jumped out of no where. "Hey baby." I kissed Niall's cheeks. 

     "Hey. Dress up special tonight. I'm bringing you to the fanciest restaurant in New York City." Niall kissed me on the cheek. I felt bad- guilty was running in my stomach-"Oh but you can't I have work today." I was telling the truth on this one. "Well tomorrow." He hugged me. "Anyways I have to go and travel around New York City with Liam." He pulled Liam's arm. I waved Niall and Liam goodbye.
 ♡ And.....they left. Now it's just me and Louis and....Zayn ♡ ♡ ♡. Woah there....Am I falling for Zayn? Oh my fucking gosh. I am! I swear to god, I didn't remember what happened yesterday. I cheated on Niall! Holy shit I cheated on Niall! 

   I panicked. My fingers were slipping through the cup and it fell. My ears heard a crash. My eyes narrowed to the cup-crap. Fucking clumsy Paige! I went on my knees, touching the broken piece of glass. I felt pain at the tip of my finger-blood was dripping out of my touch. "Hss." I made a noise. "Damn it. I'm so fucking clumsy..." I muttered to myself. I finally cleaned up- no broken glass-no coffee. Just blood on my finger.

  "Need a band-aid for that, maid?" Louis popped out of nowhere. I was frightened. "Err yeah." I leaned against the counter. 
"What happened?" He looked at me. "Coffee cup dropped. died." I looked at him. 
"It's alright. The cup had a sad life..." He chuckled. I smiled as he handed my the band-aid. "Anyways I have the worse hang over ever." He rubbed his head. "I see...and you were having fun yesterday running down the streets naked?" 

   He gave a warm laugh."Never get a Tomlinson drunk." I nodded,"Alright." 
"I got to go and call Eleanor. She misses me so much. Ta Ta." He laughed."Why is everyone leaving me!" I pouted. He shrugged and patted my back,"it's okay. Zayn is here. Just don't wake him up. He bites." All of the sudden- poof he's gone. I began smiling and walking to Zayn's room. Of course I saw on his door-'I'm sexier than you.' A sign.. -.- 

   I began to knock on his door-but he opened it. A quick smile spread across my face. He looked unsteady and spoke,"Hey." That's all? A Hey! No hi! Yesterday was great! Fucking turd....No,'Hello Paige. I love what we did yesterday. I love you. -kisses-' But noo just a hey. D: 

   I shook my head,"Hey to you too." Zayn pulled me into his room and said,"We need to talk. Yesterday I was drunk and I didn't know what to do. And first of all I broke up with Vanessa. She was out of my range and she's very gross and a slut. A massive slut. She tried to have sex with me! Okay anyways. I mean, I didn't mean to have sex with you Paige." I felt heart broken. I shook my head,"I should have never let you have my virginity. You're such a prick!" I yelled at his face. Slapping him across his face. He hold his face-still stable. Very still. My palm was pumping with pain. 

   "Paige.You didn't let me finish." He looked at me. I glanced away from him. "What's left to finish. You're just like every boy. You make me sick." I hold in my tears. My throat was burning-just like my body with anger. I opened the door and saw Louis opening his mouth. Great. Just great. I didn't want to talk to anyone right now, I pushed Louis aside and I felt my wrist tightened. 

  "Just let me finish!" He spoke. "How dare you touch me!" I screamed at his face. Zayn was shocked."I didn't want to have sex with you! But I am glad that I did! I love you ever since we met when Mr. Smith introduce us. I wiped my tears and ran away. A broken heart...every time. 

Should I trust him? I'll text him the the meantime I'll be in the secret room..
What's left of me? No parents...I cheated on my boyfriend. I don't think anyone will be able to recognize me anymore. I'm the huge slut in school...right? 
I fumbled in the room (secret) and played the piano. 'Heart by Heart' Demi Lovato. Fuck my life. 


A/N: Hi Guys :D Is the graphic horrible? I judge myself. I never ever in my life wrote a smut before. This isn't really a smut...right? Idk. Confused Q.Q ! Anyways, like I said I never have write anything like this including Moments <3,'Harry Styles Fanfiction' My friend wrote that for me D: 

   What is Paige going to do? Ahh I feel bad for Paige. ANYWAYS AHHH IM SO HAPPY IS IT FAKE OR TRUE!! ZERRIE IS ENGAGED ;-; !!! OUR BABY BOY IS GROWING UP!!!! Is it true of fake? Because I hear a lot of rumors and stuff believe me ._.


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