Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


24. Chapter 23

Paige's P.O.V

    Things were getting dirty. He pushed me down, kissing me passionately, it felt good but it was bad. I finally came to my senses and pushed him back, making me lean against the wall- and him standing in front of my face. Our breath were against each other's. Chill began shivering down my spine. "Too early?" He looked at me concentrating on my face. How I want to say. I looked at him-tell him the truth? He does know I'm a virgin, duh the way I act. I sighed and darted my eyes to his blue's,"I'm not ready for it. Sorry Niall. I want mine to be special.." I looked down- I knew he was nodding,"You're right. Sorry for the way I acted. I guess we're boyfriend and girlfriend?" His smiles grew. 

     I gave a wide grin,"Yes." He made a 'score' arm swing. But one thing was in my mind- I love Zayn and Niall...

-1 month later-

    Things were going well between Niall and I. We made out for a long time, yesterday. It was just only Niall and Harry. Then, me. Mycaela was getting ready for her date with Harry. I smiled at Niall- we've been sleeping together and kissing. But never had sex. Niall then spoke,"Hey when Harry and you finished Romeo and Juliet want to go study for your next exam?" I scowled rubbing my head, ever since there was exams and the studying and the stupid play and and oh my god, I'm losing it. I never have time- and my job- always busy. There's 3 more months until the big test and the graduating thing. Plus, don't forget the awesome talent show...

   "What bad timing?" Niall looked at me. Our language arts exam was all our grade, and if I didn't pass- I wouldn't graduate and will not be able to take the huge test...I rubbed my temples and sighed,"Yeah it's alright. We can make arrangements too..." I muttered, flipping through the pages. I already memorized my lines in Romeo and Juliet- Harry just chuckled,"I think you should just pay attention to the play more than exams." I sighed and rolled my eyes,"You know what, We'll begin  the exam studying tomorrow. The exam will be on Next week Tuesday. So don't get your knot in a twist. Good night." I slammed the book and kissed Niall on the lips. "See you tomorrow, Irish." He laughed,"I have a nick name now."

  "What about mine?" Harry questioned me. I stood up and crossed my arms,"Hmm, I'll think about it...Maybe Styles. I like it. Tell Liam I said bye, oh and tell Louis that I left hamburgers in the fridge. And, bye!" I kissed Niall again and hugged Harry. Leaving the door I heard crying. She was in the stair room. I opened the door and saw Vanessa crying hard, she sniffed and turned around. What the hell is wrong with me...I keep saying and...Never mind that! What the real question is why the hell am I here? I coughed,"Ahem." She turned her back and sniffed,"W-W-What do y-you w-want." She chocked on her tears. I sat down on the step and looked at her,"I know we're not friends, we're enemies. I'm here to help." 

   She scoffed and wiped her cryings. There was black mascara dripping down. She sighed and looked at me, scoffing again,"I don't know why I'm talking to you." I bit my lip and stood up,"Don't have to be bitchy every time." I shrugged and walked away-she then shouted,"Stop. Please don't leave. I need to talk to you.." I groaned and sat back down. 

   "Okay..I'm crying because Zayn." Was all she said. I rolled my eyes, unbelievable. Zayn. Everything is about Zayn. Isn't it? Really, in the whole wide world, she chose to talk about fucking Malik. I licked my lips and nodded,"Go on." 

   "He broke up with me....he said that there's only one girl that can have sex with him." She shivered. I opened my mouth,"You tried to have sex with him?!" I was really not shocked. Duh~. She's the slut here. She opened her mouth and tried to say something. I nodded and laughed,"Why would you even do that." 

    Vanessa looked at me,"To make you jealous." 
"But I don't like him." I rolled my eyes. "Seriously, making me jealous isn't going to get you any where. I don't know why you have to be like this. I liked the old Vanessa..."I stood up and leaned against the wall. She sat there looking at me,"You still like me?" It's hard to believe it...right? "I don't know. You've been a real pain in the ass." I looked away. She sighed,"I'm sorry." 

   "Bull shit." I muttered. "I mean it!" She looked at me. I looked at her back, with pity- a death glare came from me. "Whatever. See you in Ms. Dee's class." She sighed. I walked away and left her, crying. I didn't want to turn back and talk to her. Mycaela walked out of the dorm and stared at me,"Why were you at the stairs?" I laughed,"Just working out!" I hope she buys it, I don't want to get in trouble talking to Vanessa. I leaned against the wall again,"You look sexy! Tell Harry to use a condom." I winked. Mycaela groaned,"Shut up. It's just a date. What about you and hmm Niall. Had sex yet?" 

   I slapped her arm,"I'm still a virgin." She looked up and down,"Yeah you better be." Mycaela laughed and opened the boy's door- speaking of boys where is Zayn...I know Louis and Liam are out to some club. Mycaela and Harry were laughing and walking out of the dorm, they waved and started going downstairs. It was just Friday night, March 21. After they all left, except for Niall, he's probably sleeping hehe. 

    It was 11:00. harry and Mycaela would be home in about 3 hours. Of course, it's late but they're going to a club with Liam and Louis.I sat in my room watching home videos. Seeing mom and me laughing together, when I was 5. Tears were slipping down my eyes. I wiped it fast and heard a knock. I stood up and opened my bedroom door, walking through the living room-to the dorm. Zayn, was out there. I closed the door-but his foot was in the way. 

    "what the hell do you want..." I hissed in his face. He looked at me with sadness,"Like I said, I would come back. I'm not losing a friend. A pretty one.." He muttered. I looked up,"What did you just said?" 
"Nothing." Looking away. He spoke with confident, but not towards to me. I bit my lip,"Tell me." 
He sighed and crashed his lips onto mine. I didn't want to resist, I let him take entrance to my tongue. Oh god, we're french kissing... He pushed me back to the wall, closing the door-wait let change that, he locked it. 

    He carried me to the bed and kissed me hardly-I kissed back, hoping Nobody hears us.


A/N: Sorry if it's short ahhh. Cliff hanger. If you want the scene comment down below! Anyways I'm really busy don't kill me. I'm in a volley ball team :D Yay! bye <3 <3 <3 I will write more tomorrow or today (; 

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