Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


23. Chapter 22

Paige's P.O.V

    I finally went to Mrs. Dee's class with Harry. We gave each other warm welcoming smiles. For Vanessa- the bitch started complaining on how I was Juliet. "Have you see Paige? She's too ugly for the role. Fyi she had sex with every boy in class. Harry and her are dating too and Paige is dating Niall so she's a cheater." She made all those lies and improper grammar. Harry and I chuckled and looked at Vanessa,"Y'know. Nobody cares." I smirked. 

    The rest of class didn't bother to look at Vanessa. They were too busy building and learning lines for the play. That's what Mrs. Dee was ordering us to do. She scowled and looked at me,"I'll do whatever it takes to make you drop your role and let me have it." 
Harry laughed,"In your dreams." He said in his best Cheshire accent. I pointed at Harry and spoke,"What he said." She flipped out and stumbled down the stadium of the class and started to text. 

   "Oh Romeo, wherefore art thou." I began the play. Harry looked at the script and began to read the lines,"Shall I hear more or shall I speak this?" 
I didn't read the line anymore and looked at Harry. "I think this is stupid." Harry laughed. 
"Same, but every year we have to do this and we get to pass the class." I explained. He nodded,"How about you and me go study the lines tonight in my dorm or the boys." 

    I nodded,"I shall be there, Romeo." He rolled his eyes and we began talking about things that we hated the most. And mostly about our dates. For as mine, fake boyfriend. The bell rang - letting me get out the room and start walking to my dorm. Before I could get upstairs I was pulled away by Vanessa. She smirked and looked at me- cocking her head to a side,"Don't do anything stupid, bitch." 

    "Trust me I won't. Don't you have your dogs to talk to." I muttered. She grabbed the collar of my small jacket."Listen hear Paige. I heard you got the job as stupid radio announcer or whatever, I want you to stay away from Matt." 

    I scoffed,"Slut alert." She punched my face and knee me in the stomach. The pain was flowing into me,"Don't you ever start with that. Every boy here is mine, and if I see you hang around my boyfriend you won't be able to walk anymore." 

    Was she serious? Threatening poor me. "Lighten up, slut. You don't love him at all. You just want to prove me that I'm jealous of everything about you. But guess what, I bet he doesn't love you. I'm never jealous of you, because you're just a slut." She growled,"Stop calling me that!" 
"You do realize that I can tell the fat Amy's husband that you are bullying me." I smirked. 
"You don't have the guts to do that, Paigey." I finally snapped and punched Vanessa in the cheeks. Her jaw was open- as in her mouth dropped. 

    "Did you just-" 
"Yep I just did. Don't ever call me that, bitch." I walked away from her, shrugging everything off. She scowled and shouted,"I will watch you!" 
"Stalker!" I laughed and began pacing myself to my dorm. I didn't bother to check my face nor my stomach if I had a bruise. I opened the door and saw Mycaela and Harry making out. Good thing they're not having sex. Urgh gross!

   "Ew!" I gagged and walked to my room closing the door. Mycaela and Harry laughed and replied,"See I told you she would say that." I groaned and looked at my tummy- a small bruise that was purple appeared. Great just great. My eyes was looking at the mirror- looking for anything that was bloody or some kind of bruise on my cheeks. Apparently there was. I applied some foundation to cover it up. 

   My phone rang and I picked up. "Hello?" 
"Hey, I was just checking if you're done with homework and we could go to the abandoned place." The Irish accent spoke. I sighed and looked at my homework- Done with everything except practicing the play. 

   "Yeah. I'm done- want to go at 7?" I asked. He then said,"Harry said you guys were practicing for the play. Aren't you going to go practice?" 
"Well, we could also rain check." I muttered. 
"I don't think Mrs. Dee would like that." He responded quickly. I rolled my eyes and then sighed,"Alright we can hang out there and at eight, I'll go and rehearse." 

    "That's better. Now see ya in one hour. I have to talk to Zayn, bye." 
"But wait-" He hung up. 

       A hour passed. I was already in the room waiting for Niall. What did he want right now? His movement made me shocked. "Hi Niall." I looked at him. He kissed my cheeks,"Hey. So I was wondering...why Zayn is sad." 
"Just because I told him off doesn't mean he has to mope about it." I hesitated. He shrugged.
"Okay, what happened?" I didn't felt like telling him about it or about Vanessa today. "Nothing, it's just I told Zayn to stay away from me. That's all." 

    He didn't say anything and looked at me,"Okay this isn't the topic or anything, but would you like to be my girlfriend?" I looked shocked and furrowed my eyebrows,"I'm your girlfriend already. Like as in fake girlfriend. Speaking of girlfriend, why am I dating you all of the sudden. I don't need Zayn to be jealous. He doesn't like me, I don't like him. So I'm fake breaking up with you." 

   "Err..." Was all he said. I poked Niall's nose and then look at him-"You're so confusing, Ni." Niall looked down in embarrassment and I finally said,"Even though we're not in a fake relationship anymore,we can still be best friends like Mycaela and I am." I tried to make him look at me. 

    "Listen Paige. I know it's early and then. I think you're different from other girls. I'm not trying to be cheesy and all, but will you be my real girlfriend?" He asked me. I stood up and didn't want to answer the question. It's all so sudden. "I'll think about it." I swallowed hardly. I heard him gulp in disappointment. I felt all squishy- my cheeks flushed with scarlet red. I didn't want to admit my feelings. 

    For who I like is, Zayn and Niall. But at the same time- I love both of them. A lot. I sat down and leaned in and kissed his lips- My thoughts went; What the hell are you doing Paige...

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