Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


21. Chapter 20

Paige's P.O.V

    "Guy's I'll be in my room and going to sleep. Night, see you at school as usual." Mycaela kissed Harry's lips and grabbed my hand,"And so will you." 
"Hold on, let me kiss my boyfriend. Like you do." I giggled, walking over to Niall and kissed his cheeks. Avoiding his lips. Niall chuckled and looked at me,"Good night, 'babe' " 
I hissed and rolled my eyes and grabbed Mycaela's hand and brought her to our dorm.

    "So, when did you and Niall like become a thing and never told your best friend!" She cried. As in faking. I looked at her, not replying and then laughed,"He's cute." It was the truth. He's cute, nice, kind, all sorts of stuff. But Zayn- well he's hot, sexy, and mean. Including the promise he broke. "I'm going off to talk to Mrs. Dee, about the play." She nodded,"Alright, bye." Then, she went off to her room. I heard squealing noises and 'I love you's'. 

    I grabbed my phone and began looking for anyone that could stalk me. The window was unlocked- so I opened it and snuck in. No one. Even Niall was here. Perfect, just me,myself, and I. My fingers glided through the piano keys- I struck them on a note. (F). I began playing; Heart Attack by Demi Lovato. I didn't want to sing, I wanted to feel how it was so quiet with the notes pattering by itself. 

    All of the sudden I heard a buzz, I'm no stupid to put my phone on ringtone right now. People can catch me. My  phone was on vibrate, I saw the collar ID. "Zayn?" I muttered. Why would he be calling me? Wasn't he mad at me- calling me all those mean things. 'I should die'. Should I pick it up? I mean I never let down a call. I hesitated, finally it stopped buzzing. Sighing in relief I played another note-this time Zayn buzzed again. I grabbed the phone and accepted the call. 

    "What do you want, Malik?" I made my tone as in annoyance. He sighed and then spoke,"Listen Paige, I'm really sorry." 
"Doesn't seem like you are sorry or sound sorry." I hissed. Alright, he was a dick, a mean dick. He told me to die and he doesn't even care if I did. And his reason is because he doesn't know me a lot so why bother giving him rules or command him to too hang out with the slut, Vanessa. He mauled her face off. Adding those two together would make my whole life even worse! She will command him everywhere and make my life a misery.
    "But I am!" He shouted through the phone. I heard voices as in'Shut up Zayn, I'm trying to sleep' 
'Zayn hush, I'm trying to beauty sleep.' 
I sighed," I don't know." 
"Please." He begged me. "Why." Was the question I asked. He didn't answer," Because I need your help to find this girl. I know you know her, because how you act. Why can't you tell me her name an-" 

    "Zayn you just want me to forgive you so then you can break my heart by breaking that stupid promise. Maybe you want me to forgive you so I can tell you that stupid dream girl's name so that you can go marry that girl and you can just leave me be. Zayn Malik, it's not that easy to let me forgive someone." I hissed through the phone. I already known- I was pissed. Piss enough to beat the living shit out of him. How could he do that to me. 

    He was quiet for 2 minutes then spoke out- stuttering."It's n-not that." Wait, was he crying? 
"Are you crying?" I whispered. He sighed,"No. I just want to say sorry. I'm not losing a friend, Paige. I regret saying that to you." He then hanged up. I rolled my eyes and put my phone on the piano. I talked to myself,"Jealous isn't going to get you anywhere, hun." 


(Skips day because it was boring now at lunch)

   In first period it was boring. Niall even slept in Ms. Stevens class, she was lecturing us how to study hard in Language- on how to be a great writer when we're grown up. Second period Liam had to stand up and give a large speech on how history was awesome with the invention of the light. We had to write a 6 page on what inspired us in history. Snore..Third period, well it wasn't boring than I though. Talking to Louis made me cheer up. We were talking like Niall and I use to. 

   Fourth period was the bad shit. It started with Vanessa making out with Zayn by the lockers. They were moaning. When I was walking out of my P.E locker, I walked by my lockers to put my books in. I saw across from my aisle- them. Eww! Zayn looked at me with sad eyes and whispered," be right back, babe. I got to use the tolier." 

   Vanessa smirked,"hmm ok." And he left. Then her fucking body walked over me and pushed me against the locker. Guess what, the hall ways didn't have cameras to film. Nobody was in the locker but the bitch, the liar, and me. She crossed her arms,"You're too ugly for him. Just leave the school, you nobody." I felt pain spread through my throat. Holding in my tears. I then sighed out,"I don't like him. Just go and be the slut you want to be, Vanessa. Sorry slut, I'm with Niall Horan. So move along and go make a business you're good at. Sucking dicks." 

   She was speechless and then shouted," I will make your life miserable. Just wait, Juliet."  I rolled my eyes and began walking to lunch. Niall hugged me and kissed my cheeks,"Hey." I smiled. 
He smiled,"Hi. How was pe?" I shrugged,"Alright. Had fun sleeping in Ms. Steven's?" He chuckled,"The best dream ever. With you in it and me.." He kissed me. I heard Louis gagged,"Get a room." 

    Mycaela and Harry rolled their eyes,"You're just jealous Louis." And they kissed. Liam just laughed,"Well let's check out the promise breaker." Louis nodded. We eyed Zayn he was looking at me....Guilt? Try better. Vanessa glided her hand to Zayn's chest and glared at me- smirking. I seriously wanted to slap her smirk of her face, bitch slap her! Niall's Irish accent whispered in my ear,"Plans working...."




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