Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


3. Chapter 2

                    Paige's P.O.V

     "Going somewhere Ms. ReSmore?" I turned around facing Mr. Smith. God- he's always the bossing person- he's the principle with a fake wig, he's bald actually wearing a wig- erch. He's mustache is always in front of his mouth, making me want to shave it off him. Mostly everybody calls him Fat Patricia's husband or Mr. Hillbilly. Don't know why- because he's a short chubby man? Or because he's a red neck. I looked at him and then stood up. 
"Yes, going to the cafeteria of course. I was just looking through the window if Mr. Venci was in there." I lied, looking at his mustache, him nodding in agreement. 
"Okay then, carry on- don't sneak behind the trees anymore." He said. I nodded, eagerly and began walking out of the trees, being followed with him. He walked over to the 5 figures standing and laughing. 
    "As you all should know- that is one of my good student, Paige ReSmore. The daughter of Mr. ReSmore who directs movies, as you all know again, he doesn't really hang out with her, so please do not remind her of him. She never got out of her room, when we told her this. It was hard." He said. I rolled my eyes, really does he have to go in all my information. Of course my dad directs scenes, a movie he's making with Megan Fox & Josh Hutcherson. I looked at them, it was him again- the quiff. He smiled and waved at me. I looked at him again- no....get back to Mycaela or she'll get worried. 
"Ms. ReSmore. Can you please come here and show them around? I have to get back to work." Mr. Smith asked- while shouting. I looked around- thank god no one was around- or they'll make fun of me. I walked over to him. 

    "You asked for me." I whispered. I looked at the 5 figures running around and goofing. 
"Ah, yes. Will you please show them around? They will be living next to your dorm, so you can show them around more, and take time." He smiled- his big round cheeks were huge with his teeth showing. I rolled my eyes, and stood up straight- 
"Yes sir." I laughed, and then shifted my shoulders, "But who are they and why are they here?" 
"Hmm, well we won the best school achievement for the State Test, thanks to you, one of the student that got 10,000 points." He smiled, " And they came here because they were forced to teach about life I guess for the whole school year. Helping you guy's graduate." 
"I guess that makes full sense...." I ended. He nodded, "I'll be going. good luck, you will be showing them around, and give them this." He pulled out about 5 papers and gave it to me. I half looked- Styles? okay..... 
He walked away, "good luck." 
    What did he mean about good luck? The boys were shoving each other around. I stood there, what just happened? 
They all played until one bumped into me, making me fall. 
"Shit." I cursed under my breath- I grabbed the papers and stood up. 
"Oh, sorry erm, girl." He said in his rough British accent. 
"I have a name." I hissed in my accent.
"Oi, a tough girl aren't cha." He smiled. I rolled my eyes, "Stop fancing me-- it's not working." I looked at his curly brown hair- through his green eyes. He chuckled, "You like it." I shook his head and backed away. 
   "Harry, stop fancing the innocent girl." A guy half cut said. He was wearing a navy blue shirt. What should I do now? 
"Erm, you must be Paige ReSmore." He said. I nodded, looking at the papers- ' Harry Styles, Assignment: To teach drama.' I sighed under my breath. 
"Okay, so I need people's name." I said. 
"Ah, I'm Niall Horan." The blonde one said, "You should know me though. Scratch that, you should know us!" Us? Wait Harry Styles- ONE DIRECTION?! 

   "Ah, I heard- word on the street- there are lame boybands coming over to our school. Do you know them?" I smirked. 
"Haha, lame? I hear them- that they're awesome! The sexiest one ever is the one who could do the hipthrust. He's the queen of sass and he has a nice ass." The striped guy smiled. I rolled my eyes. 
"Nice rhyming" 
He smiled, "The names Louis- Louis Tomlinson. You don't seem like a peasant- I like you." I laughed and nodded, handing his papers along with Niall. Niall winked at me- making me smile- "Nice to meet you to blondie." 
He laughed with me. 

   "And you must be L-" I was cut off.
"His names 10.2 inches." The curly laughed. Liam rolled his eyes- i think it was Liam....right? 
"It's Liam Payne!" I nodded- handing him his papers with Harry. I turned and faced the quiff haired guy. 
"Zayn Malik...." I handed him- he snatched it. I backed away with my hands up in surrender, "Sorry- geez." I turned around and walked away.
"Wait- I'm sorry." He sighed, "Just a bit frustrated." 
"Take it on me then...." I turned and faced them, "Okay. I'll be your leader today. But One question! Who are you guys?" 
"ONE DIRECTION." They all said in unusion. I nodded. 
"The names Paige ReSmore- you can call me Pay." They smiled and smirked at each other, "Why are you guy's here though?" 
    "Oh seems like someone wants us to go then." Zayn chuckled. Niall looked at me,"I thought you finished asking questions." 
"One correction it's asking one of the question! I asked 1 question." I sighed.
"Smartass....." Louis smirked. "I like it." 
    "Okay- then..." Harry sighed, "Simon expected us to hang out in highschool till you guys graduate." 
I nodded, "Seems legit. What did Smithy already showed you?" 
"Smithy?" Liam looked confused, "Ah it's Mr. Smith." I folded my arms. 
"Okay- He showed us the cafeteria and the maze already." I nodded. 
    "I'll show you the classrooms. Then your dorm." 
They all agreed. Okay.....I pulled out my phone texting Mycaela. 

TEXT> MyCookieBooBxtches>Me :  Hey, I got to do something for Smithy. I'll be back in about a hour. Don't wait for me for dinner. Make me spagetti women! D:<  

MyCookieBooBxtches: Okay! No I won't I'm making sushi! c: 

    I rolled my eyes.
"Enjoy texting?" Louis said. I nodded, well this will be long......

       Zayn's P.O.V

    I walked outside back to Louis. 
"What were you doing over there?" He asked me. I looked at him, "I heard someone....special...." 
"Okay. Erm Mr. Smith is waiting for us." He tugged me out of the room and to the maze.  
    "C'mon!" She tugged on my arm. Wow she was beautiful I could fall for her any day.....Her brown locks were flowing along with her blue eyes shining. She smiled at me....
"Hey, who do you have for your current helping assignment?" She asked me. I looked at my printing schedule.
    "Mrs. Pierce. Math....what period do you have for him?" I asked looking at her, following to the classroom. Louis was pretending to kiss with Harry, making fun of Paige and I. I rolled my eyes. 
"Oh I have her for 5th period." She smiled. 
I nodded, "Aye, Zayn I need you." Niall shouted. I walked over to him. "I know you like her...." He smirked. I shook my head, "No, I don't......" 
He looked at me, chuckling,"Whatever you say!" 
"So I have 1st period for Language Arts- Ms. Stevens with Niall. 2nd period for History- with Mr. White with Liam. 3rd period for Physical Ed- Mr. James with Louis. 4th period is lunch yay! With all of you, but I'm taken with my booboo, Mycaela, she's a sweetie. You guy's should hang. 5th period Math- Mrs. Pierce with Zayn 6th period for Music-Mr. Venci with noone no wait my booboo!! and 7th period drama- with Mrs. Dee with Harry! " She explained. 

    I looked at her, music. This would be fun......We walked to the dorms, as I looked up tired of the stairs.
"Urgh, Harry carry me, I'm dead." Louis said. 
"I'm sorry Louis I'm tired....." Harry panted. I laughed as I got up- seeing Paige running up, "I'm used to it, we're almost there." She shoved us to the door. Room 178, she pulled out the key for us. 
"It's for you guys, that room is huge for people, like for 5. and if you need me I'm next door." She pointed to the door. I nodded, "see ya tomorrow." She said. 
She entered her room as we did too. Our stuff was already on the bed. was like a penthouse. 
   "Well there are 3 rooms and 2 beds in each except for the 1 room- it's 1." Niall said. 
"I call the lonesome room!"  I shouted. The boys agreed- Louis & Harry, Liam & Niall. There were 2 bathrooms and 1 huge kitchen connected to the living room. The balcony was huge- you can see the next door neighbors, and the maze. 
Well this would be fun.....


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