Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


20. Chapter 19

 Paige's P.O.V (At The Mall)

      "Bye guy's. Have fun, Paige!" Mycaela hugged me, holding Harry's arms. They were skipping away like they were getting married. I rolled my eyes, and crossed them,"Okay you guy's can wonder off now. Shoo. Go sign some autographs with fans. Or like Zayn ; you can go at the end of the mall and there's a club there. It's for liars and useless people mauling off their enemies face." I turned around walking to the woman's bathroom. I heard Liam complained,"You really hurt her, Zayn." 

      "She's not even my fucking girlfriend. She can die, I don't care! I don't even know her." It was like I was taking a bullet for someone. It pained my heart. I stopped breathing and turned around and walked to my car. Sitting in there for an hour. I guess they don't care about me. Even, Niall doesn't. A tear slipped right through my eyes-I wiped it fast. Don't cry, it'll make it even worse. You're weak. No wonder nobody likes you. Words started flashing through my head when I was in middle school. Bitch, slut, whore,stupid,weak,nobody,go kill yourself. 

      Zayn is right. I should kill myself-I'm worthless. No good talent person. All I do is just complain. Why even live? Zayn broke his promise and now he wants to hurt me even more!
I flinched- a pain was hurting my throat. I was holding my tears too much. Suddenly there was a knock- Niall. I looked at him and mouthed,"What do you want? Aren't you suppose to be in the mall with the liar." 

     He shook his head and mouthed back- wasn't mouthing but I heard his voice- the soft Irish voice."Just open the door. Let me in, please." I shook my head in 'no'. He smirked,"Fine I will lick your glass window." I gasped in horror, my car is so sparkly clean I never let anyone touch it. Even Mycaela, I could smack her hand. "Fine." I growled and opened the door. He sat in the passenger seat and closed the door. "Hey, look at me." I ignored him. 

    "Paige." I rolled my eyes and looked at him. 
"Have you been crying for hours?" I shook my head-no. Just holding in the tears was all. "Just holding in my tears." 
"Why would you do that? Crying is life." Sadness filled his eyes. He was so sweet and kind. I smiled. "What's wrong?" 

    "Well, Zayn's a liar. I think I'm getting jealous." My face was getting hot. Niall chuckled,"Jealous? You like Zayn?" I nodded. He was quiet for a bit. "I got a plan. We should go out and make Zayn jealous. The way Zayn looks. He likes you but doesn't want to admit it." I laughed,"Yeah right. I'm too ugly for him." Niall looked at me and shook his head,"Don't say that. You're beautiful." 

   "Really?" Yeah. He leaned in and kissed my cheeks. "Alright Paige. Want to get bad boi jealous?" I smirked evil,"Yeah." 
"He has to admit it." I nodded. Niall then spoke,"Why can't we call you Paigey?" 
I sighed and looked at him,"Err well. When my mom had me. She always calls me that. She loved calling me that. Then, when she left she finally said 'I love you Paigey, don't ever let anyone call you that but me.' " 

     I sighed. Niall looked sad,"I'm so sorry, Paige." I nodded," It's no big deal. I mean-I don't want people to pity me." He smiled,"Let's go to the mall,babe." 
"On one condition. Never ever call me that. I will stab you." He chuckled,"Okay. Let's go baby." I scowled,"No." He rolled his eyes,"Okay princess." "Better." We got out of the car and two fans came running up to me,"Oh my gosh Niall Horan! Can we get a picture. Is this your girlfriend? She's so pretty!" 

    I smiled. Niall then spoke,"Sure and yes she is." He kissed my cheeks. I blushed. Wait- Why am I not fake blushing? What the heck. Okay, now I admit. I love Zayn and Niall. Oh jeez >.< ! 
We took pictures and gave them autographs. My first time giving out autographs. 


 Niall's P.O.V

    I sat there in Starbucks. The mall had tons of stores. "So what you're saying is that you became a radio voice person because you know us?" I asked her. She laughed,"Yeah. My boss can be a bi polar. But he's awesome." Her laugh chimed my ears. I'm falling for Paige. Ever since I met her. But Zayn- I'm sorry mate. Zayn was mean to Paige. I tried cheering her up. The way Zayn looked at Paige- he just can't admit he's in love with her. 

    I can't believe a beautiful girl was hurt by her past. She had to suffer the pain of losing her mother. Her father left her. Sending her here. At least she has Mycaela and us. We laughed and then told mistakes about our friends. I was enjoying laughing about her happy funny past. She smiled and kissed my cheeks,"Thanks for being there, Niall." I smiled to her,"No problem. I'm always there for a friend in need." 

    Paige and I went to search for the boys. "They're probably at school." 
"I don't think so." She sounded unsure,"Go ahead and text them." I nodded and text Liam. He's always in charge! 

Text>Leeyum>Me: Wey Hey! Where are you guy's? 
Leeyum: Err we're at Victoria Secret. 
Text>Leeyum>Me: Wtf. Why are you guy's at VS? Don't tell me Harry wants to buy a bra for Mick.(Myceala)
Leeyum: No. Louis wants to try them on. He bribed the clerk and tried them on. [Picture]

    Oh god. I rolled my eyes,"Louis is at Victoria Secret trying on bras. And look at this photo." I showed her a photo of Louis in a bra. "Eww my eyes!" I laughed,"Better than thongs." 
"Let's go then." I grabbed her hand to Victoria Secret. "Louis, what the hell are you doing! Take those thongs off! No women wants to wear it now! Burn it!" I heard screaming from Zayn and Liam. "I wish Harry was here." Louis shouted and running around in a bra and thong. I covered Paige's eyes."Erm...I don't want to see." 


     "eww that's disgusting." Mycaela laughed. We were together in our dorm. "So Niall and you a thang?" Harry looked at us. "Thang is not a word." Paige stated and smirked,"But yes." I heard awes from Liam and Louis. Making kiss noises. "And look who's going kissy kissy." Mycalea teased Paige. "Shut up!" She threw a pillow in Mycaela's face. 

     "Zayn, you haven't said a word." Louis looked worried. He stood up,"I'm not feeling well. I'm going to sleep. Good night." 
"But it's 7 o'clock in the afternoon." Liam stated. He ignored Liam and walked away. Paige and I looked at each other. He's totally jealous...





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