Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


19. Chapter 18

The Next Day 

Paige's P.O.V

   I groaned, hearing a loud noise. I got off my bed, and out of my room. I opened the door and squinted,"What the hell do you want?" It was a blurry vision. "Wake up sleeping beauty. Time to be my maid. My leg hurts, carry me down to the cafeteria." The annoying voice shouted. I mentally slapped my face-"Fuck off. I'm going to sleep" 

    He smirked,"Uh uh uh." I looked at him confused,"You owe the master then." 
I sighed and rolled my eyes,"Don't you have legs?" I closed the door on him and heard him shout,"You still have to carry me down,mate!"  
Mycaela yawned and stretched,"Who was that." "Some annoying guy." I smirked. She giggled,"Well sister, you still have to be his maid." She was right. I sighed in a annoying tone,"Fine." 

    I took a shower and wore my clothes-

     I walked out and looked at Mycaela,"Hey what's for breakfast?" I sat down pursing my lips. She bit her lip and tapped on the counter,"How about we go for cafeteria breakfast." 
"I know it's open but they don't give out breakfast on weekends as in weekends it's Sunday." I sighed. She nodded,"Alright, we'll grab some Starbucks on 23rd street. While we go shopping!" 

    I smiled,"With the boys?" 
"I thought you don't like One Direction? When I squeal about them- you'd be like 'Eww I can't believe you would squeal over them. They're just some boy band.' " She said rolling her eyes, and laughing. I giggled,"Maybe I changed." "Or maybe a boy changed your mind," She said poking me. "Stop poking me!" I laughed. "Never!" Then,something popped into my mind. "How's your relationship going?" 

    Her hands stopped poking me and sat down straight."Err what are you talking about?" I scoffed,"Seriously. Didn't Harry-" She stopped me,"Let's not talk about that." She blushed. "What do you mean?! You like him, did he asked you out?" 
She sighed in defeat,"Yeah he did. He text me yesterday for a lunch date today."
"But I thought we were going to the mall you know, Best Friend Time." I pouted. She smiled,"You'll have fun flirting with Zayn."  I literally growled,"I do not flirt. You do realize Vanessa will take him away." 

    "Yeah you're right. How about being the maid for Louis?" She smirked, I gagged,"I wouldn't dare do what he says." "What about inapropriate stuff." She winked, "You know, you have a dirty mind in that little brain of yours." I joked. She laughed,"Want to bring the boys to Starbucks?" 
"Yeah and we'll go to the mall and leave you and Harry to 'kissy kissy' land."  
"I don't go kissy kissy." She cocked her head in funny way. "Well you do now." I grabbed her hands and pulled her out the door. Her keys and phone were already there. I grabbed my purse with my stuff in there. 

    We walked down to the cafeteria- about 30 people were in there. It was noisy with some talking-and shouting noise. Including squeals from Vanessa. She was walking over to Zayn- my heart beat faster. She sat on his lap and smiled. Talking like a bitch. I walked over there along with Mycaela. "Aye Maid!" Louis smiled. "You pretty much woke up on the wrong side of the bed." 
I laughed,"You woke me up early." "I deserved it?" "Pretty much." 
Mycaela then spoke,"Who wants to go get Starbucks then to the mall." Harry grinned,"I'm in. Starbucks is my weakness. Well second now." He winked at Mycaela. I rolled my eyes,"Alright, love birds go flirt in the car. We'll meat you over there." 

   Louis and Niall made kissing noises. While they left- Liam chuckled,"You guy's are so immature." "Have some fun!" Niall patted his back. I heard Zayn and Vanessa laughing and she then kissed him. Anger rise to my blood. I was angry- but I showed no affection to it. No emotions. Wait- Am I jealous? No I can't be. I huffed,"Let's leave them alone. C'mon." I grabbed Niall's hands. and he blushed. I smiled-Zayn looked up and looked away-mauling her face off. I rolled her eyes,"Slut" 

   Liam and Louis awwed,"Niall and Paige!" I brought them to my car and Niall sat shotgun. All of the sudden Zayn at in the car. "I thought you weren't coming?" Liam asked. " I wanted to go to the mall." He just replied. Louis rolled his eyes. I laughed at Louis' reaction and turned on the radio. My work there. "Hey guy's it's Chelsea Briggs and Chad Manescott. We're here to show you our this week radio celebrity! Coming on Tuesday it's One Direction!" Then they stopped talking and played music. Same Love by Macklemore. 

   "Aye I wonder if Harry and Mycaela are doing appropriate things." Zayn laughed. Niall then spoke,"You think wrong." "everyone has their own mind, Niall. Even you have dirty things." I smiled. "She's right." Liam smiled. We reached to 23rd street and went through the drive through. I saw Mycaela's car. She waved behind and I waved back. 

 Zayn's P.O.V

     Paige was holding Niall's hand. Wait-am I getting jealous? Phht that's stupid- I never get jealous. But Vanessa just randomly sat on my neck when Paige walked in. She planned this all along....I looked at Paige- she looked so pretty... What am I saying? I never fall for someone- only the girl with a beautiful voice, which I can never find her...I think I'm in love with Paige. I wiped Vanessa's germ off me and looked at her. Paige looked at the mirror-staring at me with sad eyes. 

   I broke a promise.

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