Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


18. Chapter 17

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Paige's P.O.V

   The wind blew a strand of my hair, away from my ear. I smirked and finally kicked the ball. Louis starts running towards me-while I kicked the ball sliding under him; impossible right? Wrong, I was a pro at this. When I was 10, my father taught me soccer, I won a trophy- my dad praised me. I guessed not anymore. 

   Louis shouted,"That's not fair!" I smiled and stood up and then kicked the ball in the goal. "It is now. I won, I beat your butt and guess what? You have to do what I say, butler." Louis shook his head,"Another round. This time I'll show you, what I'm made out of."  I smirked,"Is that another challenge I hear?" "Oh yeah, it's on!" He shouted. 

   "Go Louis!!!!! Beat the Big Apple girl!" Big Apple was a nick name of New York. Guess they don't want the American to win. Harry was shouting things at me, telling me to lose. I rolled my eyes and started to dribble the ball (as in kicking it side to side of the foot). Louis came towards me and kicked the ball away from me. I guess he's right, he is pro at this. I started to jog towards him- behind his back, kicking it under his thighs.  

   "Hey!" He shouted, I turned the ball around with my foot's heel,"Too slow! Try to catch me if you can." I smiled and kicked it into the goal. We went back and forth. It was 10 - 10. If I kick the ball into the goal, I'll win. And he will be butler. Lou (my nickname for him) came tumbling towards me. I smiled and distracted him, and kicked the ball to him,"Kidding." I kicked it towards the goal- it missed. WHAT! 

    "Ha! I blocked it." He then kicked the ball away from my sights. No. 
"You can do it, Paigey!" Mycaela shouted. I hate it when people call me 'Paigey'. My anger started to burst out,"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" You're going to get it Mycaela...
"What Paigey, too scared to lose?" Louis smirked. That's it! I ran over to him and kicked the ball away from him. He then, swung the ball away from my leg. "Mine." 

    That was it....he won. I crossed my arms,"That's not fair." 
"You did great though." He patted me on the back. "Good game! You got new followers, Paigey." Zayn chuckled. I hissed,"Anyone call me Paigey and you'll regret it." Niall put his hands up scared of me. I shook my head,"And what do you mean new followers?" 

     Liam showed me his twitter account- the posts he put. 

@Real_Liam_Payne: Watching @Louis_Tomlinson and @Dat_Fuffy_Pandah challenging who will be better at football(soccer). The bet is whoever loses has to be a maid/butler to the winner (: #TeamPaige 

     I eyed all of my twitter notifications. Spammed. (hmmm...Spam-meat xD). I earned about 120 followers. And I was in recently all of the boy's twits. Even in Mycaela's . 
"Wow, did you really have to do this." I gulped. Twitter famous, great dad will find out now. Good thing my dad isn't following me. "Ahem" was the voice that belonged to Louis,"Maid, will you please carry me to the dorm." 

    I crossed my arms,"I am not carrying you. Styles can." 
"Ahh, I got a nickname! Sweet. M'lady," Harry opened his arms for Louis to be carried. But Louis resisted,"Nope. Miss ReSmore has to do it. She's my maid." I sighed and mentally slapped my face. I gave a fake smile and then turned to the others,"I will be back." 

    "Meet us in the cafeteria." Niall said as he left with the others,"And good luck Paige. You'll need it until next week." 
"Thanks Niall." I sighed and opened my arms, Louis jumped on and I almost fell. "I regret challenging you."  "Of course you do. Everyone does. Even Josh, our drummer regret it too. I beat him in Black Ops 2. And he had to do my chores for a month." 

    "I feel sorry for him." Carrying him made me uncomfortable. He was awfully heavy. His arms were around my neck- bridal style. I finally dropped him,"You're too heavy."  His blue eyes closed and sighed in dishonor,"Fine piggy back ride me to the dorm, then." I hissed- before I knew it he jumped onto my back. I heard people laughing at me and then taking pictures. Can this day get any worse? Damn it. I just jinxed it. 

     Louis was in his dorm, ready and steady. Yays. Niall was outside when I opened the door, "Tsk. Can't believe you lost to the Doncaster, Big Apple." I rolled my eyes,"Like you can do better?" He gulped,"No. But I'm just saying." "Good now shut up Irish." He chuckled,"I got a nickname! Great." 

     "Listen Paigey-" I looked at him eyeing at him. I swear if anyone calles me that-"Sorry" He then replied. I relaxed,"Thank You" 
"We should tell each other secrets and stuff. Just like yesterday." He blinked. 
"So what you're saying is that you'll tell me everything, your information. And I tell you yours." 
"Didn't you tell me yours?" He looked at me confused. I leaned against the door-"Erm there's one more. Why I didn't want to be called Paigey." 

     "Okay, how about we sneak into that room, yesterday. Tonight." I looked in his blue eyes, can't! Crap I have to work tonight. The radio needs me. "Can't! I have a job at night. Tomorrow?" 
"Okay rain check it is." Ni hugged me and I hugged back, smiling. 

       My car drove in the parking lot and I stopped the engine. Pulled out my keys and began to walk to the front door. It was a huge story building. Mostly a worker building. I wasn't those radio announcers. I was just the assistant. Mark and I were best friends and he got me the job. He never wanted me to get fire- because of Vanessa she told him to boss me around. He was wrapped around her finger- a toy to use. Mark's father, Mr. DeShawn is my boss. 

     I opened the door and saw Claire, the girl who always sits in the front desk- and booking famous radio chats. "Hello Miss. Paige." I never wanted to be called by my last name. It was really weird, being called that. Even though my teachers called me. 

     "Hey Claire. What's up?" I smiled and leaned next to her desk looking at my files. "Mr. DeShawn wants you in the office at about 5 minutes. And next week we're having guests over to the station." She sounded excited. "Who?" Without looking at her, she shouted out 2 words. "One Direction!" 

     "Oh, well you're a big fan aren't cha." I poked her. "And what does Mr. DeShawn wants?" 
She nodded and then spoke,"I don't know. Well you better hurry." I waved and left to the man's room. My heart pounded, what if he wants to fire me. He's going to destroy my job? Being fired isn't that bad is it? I mean- just a statement that you're the worst. I knocked on his door. Glass frame. "Come in, Paige. Please close the door." 
     "Have a seat." Have a seat my ass, I'm getting fired. I thumbled my thumbs. And looked up. He smiled, smiling?! God, the man is evil! "I have been seeing some tweets on twitter, and our guests next week is One Direction. I heard about you versing with Louis Tomlinson." He suspected. "And they're teaching a school where you're learning at. Is that so?" 

     I fake smiled,"Yes yes they are." 
"I thought so. Well since you're making this radio station popular, you're promoted to announcer. You will be doing it for 9 pm - 11 pm. And you will be working on Saturdays only. Be paid $200 dollars every Saturday. Would you like that?" He smiled. $200 dollars every Saturday? Oh my god. I can save up to travel around if I don't get picked in the competition! Or or maybe try to find my mother. Even maybe, go to college, Stanford! 

    "I will do it." I smiled. He gave me a warm welcoming handshake. "Welcome to the Station" 


    "He did what?!" Mycaela laughed. I smiled and told her everything. "Okay okay. Let me tell you something." "What is it?"  
"My parents want to...." I looked at her confused. "ADOPT YOU!" I gasped. She was excited,"We're going to be sisters!" I smiled but something didn't felt right.....

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