Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


16. Chapter 15

  A/N: How are you guy's liking the story? Hmm, interesting (; 

 -Night past, now Morning. 8:05 am.-

  Zayn's P.O.V

     "Morning." I groaned, rubbing my eyes. "Morning to you sleep head." Louis chuckled and took a sip of tea. "So, are you going to be watching me kicking Paige's butt at football (soccer)." I looked puzzled,"Why?" "Because the rest are. And Paige and I made a bet." "What's the bet?" "Whoever wins gets to have a butler or maid which is the loser, for the day." 
      Harry suddenly walked out of his room and said,"I heard maid and betting." I rolled my eyes and took a deep sigh,"You perverted kid." 
"What? Hey, Louis make her-" Louis slapped Harry's head,"I will not! I have a girlfriend, Eleanor Jane Calder. Which, she is in college." Harry chuckled,"Alright." 

      "Well, I hope you win." I patted Louis' back and the said,"I'll meet you in the field at noon. Right? And if you need me. I'll be meeting Paige. Need a talk ." The boys looked horrified like I was a scary ghost that was about to take their babies. "Guy's we're just friends." 
"More like friends with benefits." Harry smirked. I swear, Harry could be annoying sometimes. I shook my head and walked next door. I was wearing a navy blue blazer and a white T-shirt. With black jeans. My hair was up and I was ready to talk to Paige. I knocked on the door. No answer. 
      I knocked again. Then, I heard a groan. Chuckling to myself she finally opened the door. Paige, looked pretty with her messy bed hair. She was in pajama shorts and a tank top. I looked at her chest and looked up at her. Stop Zayn. Are you falling for her? No I can't! But she's different..I can tell. "What?" She closed her eyes, leaning her head to the door. Spit it out, Zayn! I slapped myself, mentally."Are you okay?" She laughed and looked at my eyes. Her brown eyes, shone into mine. I sighed,"Um I was wondering about that deal, the other day." 

      She finally flashed her eyes wide awake. "Erm, come in." I smiled,"Thanks." The room was amazingly decorated. Light colors were from the walls. Stuff animals laid on the ground. "Is that very necessary." I pointed to the stuff animals on the ground. Near the fluffy red rug. "Oh, that's Mycaelas'." Was all she said. "You can sit anywhere. I'm going to prepare myself." "As in studying?" She rolled her eyes,"Change." 
I looked at her chest again- Stop it Zayn! "Don't look there." She shook her head and walked away. I heard her mutter,"What a perv." 

     I sighed and sat in the balcony. I hummed Payphone - Maroon 5. The mysterious girl was in the room. I heard her sing, without getting the chance to see her face. Nor body part. Except her voice. It was different, like an angel singing. Could it be Vanessa? I mean-her voice is beautiful how she replies to everything. I closed my eyes and thought about Vanessa. I mean, she's pretty and all. Some bit rude. Don't think she's the one though. Can it be Paige? No, Liam explained she had a throat problem that's hurting her voice. I felt bad.

 Paige's P.O.V

    He kept looking at me. My chest and my face. I felt disturbed and scared. On why he was here to ask the deal or talk, the other day. I mean, I didn't promise him- did I? Mycaela is on her way towards school. She talked to be on the phone, about 15 minutes. But in the meantime, Zayn is keeping me company. 

    My thoughts were everywhere. I can't figure things out. What if he knows? What if Niall James Horan told him! I took a deep sigh. Could he heard, what I told to Niall, yesterday? Too many questions in my mind. They float around in my head. My head shook, no calm down Paige. Maybe, he just wants help, right? Why am I talking in 3rd point of view. What the heck! I was wearing my shirt,'Hipsta Please' and black jeans. Along with my white converse. My hair was curled and I applied mascara. That's all. Just mascara. 

   I walked out of the room and cracked a smile and opened the door. "Hey." I didn't see him on the couch- I walked out to the balcony and saw him sit there. He looked at me and paused for a bit. Finally he came to reality, flashed a smile,"Wey Hey." "That's Niall's greet." I scrunched my eyebrows. "You're a fan?" He asked. I shook my head,"Mycaela is. She blogs a lot of you guy's on her facebook, twitter, and instagram." "Oh" Was all he said,"Do you have a twitter?" He asked. "Yeah." (A/N: Fake twitter.) 

   "What is it?" He looked at me. 
"Are you going to follow me?" He nodded, I rolled my eyes,"Mycaela is, @Mycaela_Luvs_1D. Mine is @Dat_Fluffy_Panduh." He chuckles and then looked up from his phone. He Dm'd me. I looked at my IPhone4S. 

 Notifications- Twitter: @zaynmalik followed you
                         Twitter: @zaynmalik Dm you, "Hey x(: " 

   I laughed,"Wow." He smiled,"Anyways about the deal. The other day." I put a straight face and sat down. There was a small round table between us. "Yeah?" I looked at him. "I need help, from you." "What is it?" "There's this girl. Who sang on Wednesday. She was perfect, all I heard was the song, Payphone by Maroon 5. I didn't get to see her face,nor her body parts. Only her voice. She was also in the music room, playing the piano. When I opened the door,she was gone." I took a sigh and lied,"I think you imagined her." He nodded,"You might be right. I mean the plane ride was several hours from London to New York." I smiled,"Perfect. If you need help tell me." 

   He nodded, then leaned closer and said," I still think, I'm not imagining her." I rolled my eyes and leaned close,"What if you found her?" 
"She's my Cinderella. I would kiss her and other things." "As in..?" "I don't know. I still don't think you'll believe me." I rolled my eyes,"Whatever and leaned back." 

    A squeal came out, and I turned to face the door. Mycaela's home. I smiled,"Hey." "Why is he here?" She winked. "Just a talk." Zayn laughed. "Anyways I got to go. Get ready for the huge Football Game. Hope you win." I nodded,"Thanks." He left. I turned to Mycaela,"Don't hey me. Seriously what did you do when I left?! Tell me everything." "Okay, mother." I stated. She pulled her index finger and said,"Don't start with that tone and sentence." I laughed along with her. "Sheesh, we were just talking. He wanted help to woo a girl."I lied. 

   "Awes, It's you! I can tell!" She winked. I rolled my eyes,"Yeah right. Anyways come on. I got a game to compete against." "I heard. Let's eat breakfast first!" She smiled. "The cafeteria isn't-" 
"Don't be stupid, we're being the boys to breakfast at IHop!" "Eww I hate IHop!" I groaned. "Too bad. Or else it's Danny's." I growled,"Fine." She grabbed my hands and pushed me to the door. "I can walk!" She laughed and said,"Okay. I'm going to lock the door. Go to the boy's room and ask them to come." "Sure the more, the merrier." 

   I knocked on their door, Liam opened it,"Hey girls!" "GIRLS!!" Haryr jumped out and hugged Mycaela. I rolled my eyes,"Hey. We're going to eat at IHop. Want to join? After that we can go to the mall and then have me win at football and make Louis lose." I laughed evily. Louis gasped,"You will not!" I nodded,"I will." Niall finally jumped out of the bathroom,"I heard,eat. I'm in!" He hugged me. "Great now we need Zayn!" Mycaela shouted. "Sure." He walked out of the living room. "I'll drive." I called it. Zayn sighed,"Fine." "I have 5 seats. Mycaela has a 2 spot convertable. Mine is a ferrari with the doors that opens ontop." I said. "Somebody has to go with Mycaela." 

    "ME!" Harry shouted. I rolled my eyes,"Off course." "Well let's go! I call shotgun!" Zayn shouted. He carried me."hey! Let me down." "Too bad!" He shouted, leaving them behind. I blushed...Am I liking Zayn..?No...can't be..

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