Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


15. Chapter 14

  Paige's P.O.V

    Me? I just shoved everything I known into the report. Why me? Couldn't it be someone else. Unless, Mrs. Dee did it on purpose, so Vanessa can't be Juliet. No wait. Teachers can't do that, it's against the rules. One of the teachers from math chose the smartest kid in the class. It was a fair, whoever could guess the right one won. It was a Jelly Bean challenge. But the smart student guessed it wrong, the dumb student got it right. Even though it was a trip to France, the teacher chose the smart student. She got fired away, straight away when the smart student told on her. It wasn't right. But this one is different right? Mrs. Dee maybe did it on accident. 
    The safety chat started texting again. This time Harry typed in...

  Safety Chat

Harry S : Oh..well this is awkward. SPAM still..
Joey: Whine much?
Joey: What if I won't? 
Joey: Threat!!!
Harry S: Woah there. Rawr. Pussy cat on fire. Someone get the hose!!!

     I laughed at what Harry wrote. Then I saw Mrs. Dee typing. Uh oh..

Mrs. Dee: Vanessa, all you wrote was. 'I love to be Juliet. I know my boys love me to be in the play. Bring all my booty down to all. I got this. Just let me be Juliet.' Then you gave me $500. Isn't that a bribe? You even put lipstick on the paper. Bribing is bad, it will get you nowhere Vanessa Jones. Paige actually wrote the whole story, cutting it into pieces that make sense. And chose her favorite scene. Between Romeo and Juliet, the connection of the character. You did nothing but bribing and putting lipstick on this piece of begging paper. 

  I laughed. Wow go Mrs. Dee ! She actually told her. I smiled and look at what other people wrote down. 

Steven: You go girl! Go Mrs. Dee. 
Vanessa: Nerd much? I mean seriously Paige just wants the leading role to make me jealous. Pathetic. At least let me be the understudy. 
Mrs.Dee: Okay. That's all then. And Vanessa, sure I guess. Just pay attention please.
 Are you serious? Vanessa, understudy? She will totally do something suspicious to me. Probably will hurt me and I can't act. But I didn't want to be Juliet. I didn't mean to make Vanessa mad. I sighed and looked at my phone. I finally got a text from Mycaela. 

MyCookieBooBxtches: Oh my gosh!!!! I heard girl! You freaking got that role! Did Vanessa get jealous. I bet that beef stick is! I'm so happy for you (: !!! AHHH!! I wish I can go over to the dorm and hug you! But sadly I'm at my parents house visiting T-T . See ya tomorrow, girlie. You sure you don't want to come over? 

Text>MyCookieBooBxtches>Me: Wait, How did you know? And thank you, yeah BeefStick is mad -.- She's an understudy for Juliet! Urgh she's going to hurt me. Sorry I don't want to leave the dorm :c I really don't want to go over. It's awks. there. 

MyCookieBookBxtches: Harry told me x He's Romeo (; My Romeo..xD. I like him btw and WHAT?! IF SHE FUCKING HURTS YOU I WILL KICK HER TO REDNECK TOWN! 

         I ignored her text and rolled my eyes. She liked Harry. I can really tell...I closed my eyes and went to sleep. I just hope Niall keeps his secret. I hope Vanessa won't kill me. Sigh, life is so hard. 

   Mycaela's P.O.V 

          She didn't answered my text. She's probably sleeping. I probably scared her too. "Mom." "Yes honey?" "Would you adopt Paige, if she was abandoned?" I asked her. Paige was my friend for 8 years. I saw her crying in the bathroom stall. Locking herself in the stall and crying,'I want my mom.' I remember knocking on the door and say,'Are you alright?' We became friends, when I cheered her up. Hearing all the stuff. That she was picked on, called names. By Vanessa and Elizabeth. I stood up for her each time Vanessa made a rumor. I was always there for her. She was always there for me too, when I broke my leg. Was dumped by my ex-boyfriend. She always came over to my house for sleep over. Her parents divorced when she was age 13. That's when she was broken. 

         Her father watched her and then got a girlfriend when she was age 14. Then, he moved to Hollywood. To get a job. Paige didn't want to leave me, so she stayed at my house for a year. We then payed for our High school dorms. Her father got a flat/penthouse for her. And soon paid everything for her. She was rich. But had a job, at a radio station. It was a part time job. Only on Sunday. I always tag alone since I worked there. "Mycaela.Hello?" I shook my head,"Uh yeah?" "I made my decisions. I will adopt her if she is going to abandon. I think your father would like that too." She gave me a smile. My heart raced." What?! Are you serious!? Oh my god thank you!" I gave her a tight squeeze. "We're going to have Paige? Oh great!" Cody walked out and winked.

        "Puh lease. She wouldn't go out with you." I said to my twin brother. He rolled his eyes. He didn't applied to our school but to a different school. You see our parents didn't have enough money, he didn't want to go either. His friend went to that school not this one. So it all worked out. "What's all the ruckus?" My father walked in. "Hi, sweetie. We were just talking about the beautiful Paige. Who's going to be my wife one day." Cody blinked. I rolled my eyes,"Did you just called dad, Sweetie?" "Yeah and?" He replied. "That's weird, Cody." Dad shook his head. I laughed,"We were just talking about adopting Paige." Dad looked at me,"I would like another daughter actually.Paige is good enough! Where's the papers?" He rushed while smiling. He was never that happy when we were talking about getting a daughter. 

        "Dad why are you so happy?" I asked. "Well because Paige is a good daughter. I don't even know why Jones would leave her alone. Plus last time she was here, she fixed my car." He explained. I widened my eyes,"Woah. Paige can fix cars?" "That girl is special." He smiled and took a sip of water,"Now where's the forms?" "We were just talking about it if her dad kicks her out or specifically abandons." My mother said. He nodded,"Then sure." I smiled,"Love you guy's. I'm going to bed. "Night sweetie." My parents told me. "Night" 

        I called Paige. She didn't picked up. Well then. She's always acting so strange around me. Is she keeping a secret from me? I mean, every time I ask her to go out and eat with me she's like,'Oh I have to go home.' Yesterday, Liam said she had something wrong about her throat. But she never did had anything. He said she couldn't sing...It doesn't make sense at all. 

  Zayn's P.O.V

      Niall left for a long time. How long does it take for a guy to get air? It has been several hours. Okay, I'm exagerating, maybe 2 hours. 1? I don't know but it seems like he's hiding something around me. I wonder if he hates me after I told him all that nonsense. I kept thinking about that girl that sang Payphone. Who is she? It could have been Vanessa. Right? The rest of the boys, Liam, Louis, and Harry went out to eat and go to Statue Of Liberty. Niall came back home, I heard his voice saying,"Hello? Anyone here?" "Yo." I responded quickly. I wonder if he told anyone. "Hey Zayn. What's up." He lift his head as in a 'Hey.' Like a gang thing. How teens do it. 

     I kept thinking,"Hey, did you tell anyone about our...conversation." He looked at me and shook his head,"Secret kept." Sealing his lip. I smiled,"Thanks mate." I just wonder if he figured out my Cinderella. I will find you....

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