Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


14. Chapter 13

   Niall's P.O.V

     I trust her. I can always keep secrets for anyone. Never betray anyone was what  I was told by my mum. She finally spoke out to me,"Niall, I do sing." I opened my mouth and looked at her."But in the cafeteria you said you didn't. Your voice had problems." I scrunched my eyebrows and looked at her. She spoke out,"I lied. I didn't want anyone to know. It's been this way since I was alive. No one never known. Everybody thinks I'm different. But I'm not. I'm the same as them. I will explain everything to you, if you swear and keep this promise not to tell anyone." She begged and pleaded. I nodded and smiled,"I told you again and again. I never ever told a soul about everything I promised to others." She cracked a smile,"Thanks Ni." I nodded,"No problem. Now spill." 

    She took a huge sigh,"Well, Vanessa use to be my friend. We were best friend since preschool. Until middle school. 6th grade August 5th. Vanessa and I had to sit different tables. So that's made me sad. I had to sit next to this boy I liked. Seems like my enemie, Elizabeth liked him too. Elizabeth, my enemie. She was the one who sat by Vanessa. And made her to seem that I was the one Vanessa should ignore. In hatred, to make my life miserable." She explained. "Vanessa was under her spell...Then when the year ended, Elizabeth moved, sending 3 aliens too Vanessa. Following her. Vanessa was now the one in popularity. Making my life miserable. She had sex with all of my crushes." 

    I opened my mouth,"What?!At what age?" She looked at me,"16. She had an abortion at age 17." She sighed,"She really has changed. Disgusting huh?" I was flipped. Having sex at age 16, who does that?! A slut of course! I made an expression letting Paige noticed. She nodded. "Continue." I said. 

    "Well, when we came, I started sneaking in the music room. Playing songs after school. Not letting anyone know. Even my best friend slash sister, Mycaela." She sighed.
"Why won't you let people know? You're perfect the way you are. You have to let people know the real you. Don't hide yourself like a little turtle." I explained. She looked down,"I don't know. I won't,Ni. It's my decisions and I will keep it this way." I nodded,"You're right. Anyways you have to sing." "What?! No!" "Nah uh you said you sing. So go on." I smiled. "Okay, fine.What song? You choose." She asked. "Um...How about Little Things by One Direction. Or us." I laughed. She rolled her eyes,"Okay!" 

     She started singing,"Your hands fits in mine like it was made just for me..."

      I sat there and awed. "Wow." Was all I could say. She nodded,"My mom, she said I have a gift. But from my father's eyes, he doesn't pay attention to me. He left me to this school and went of running to his girlfriend slash wife, Cally. He doesn't pay attention to me, but his work and maybe he doesn't care about me. All he does care about is Cally's daughter Dian..." She stated,"My father doesn't call back. All he does is just send flowers in my penthouse and always write,'Good luck with your exams x'" I felt bad for her,"I'm sorry." "No need too. I'm not the only one. There's probably other people in the world that is like that." "What about your mother?" I asked. 

     "Nicki, well she's gone-" "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry." I cut her off. She rolled her eyes,"I'm not finished yet, dummy." I laughed,"I knew that." "Sure..." "Continue." "She's gone. As in lost. I don't know whether she's dead or not. But I have her phone number. She never picks up. Her phone number probably changed, she probably changed herself. Her name and last name." She sat there looking down. Her voice cracked,"I want my mother. I want my old life back. My parents divorced as you can see." I hugged her,"I'm here for you. Mycaela too. And I think the boys will always be there." She hugged back,"Thanks Niall." 

    "Right now, our mission here is for you to study your 'exams' here." I knew she is singing in here. 
"I'll be here everyday okay?" I asked her."Don't make it too obvious." She said. I nodded,"Will do." 
"You still should join the contest." I muttered. She made a smile,"I'll think about it." 


Paige's P.O.V
           I laid in my bed thinking about what I told Niall. What if he doesn't keep the secret? What if he told Zayn and things go wrong and the world will end and-and...No Paige, you're just hypervating. Calm down. Take deep breaths. I sighed and relax. Niall wouldn't do that. I felt good having someone to talk too. Except Mycaela. She's always busy for me,but she never seen me sing. I always fake bad sing to her. I smiled,"Don't worry Paige..." I knew that I will be joining the contest. It's just a secret. It'll be a whole surprise to everyone. To show that I'm the same as them. Unless, I'll be failing. But I shall not. I looked through all my textbooks. I sighed after this school I'll be living my dreams. 

           I got a text from Mrs.Dee. She uses this safety texting chat to us. To give us information about homework and notifications. This texting chat gives it to everyone. Mrs. Dee specifically told us to text when she text. I thought that rule was stupid and so did others. I finally unlocked my phone and checked it. 

  Safety Chat

Mrs. Dee: Hello class! I have good news. For the roles! 
Vanessa: WHO IS JULIET?!

         She would...There was other students texting. Harry was also in it. He just signed in. As he told me. 

Joseph: Oh my god, you would Vanessa. 
Chelsea: I want to be a Capulet! It doesn't matter if I'm not Juliet but I want to be a Capulet!(: 
Steven: Well who's Romeo? I bet I did a 'eggcellent' work on my biography. 
Vanessa: Stfu Joey and wtf is up with your pun. That's stupid. 
Steven: I like eggs. So shut up.
Katie: ....
Mrs.Dee: Use nice words Vanessa. Poorly, some of the boys didn't really understand what Romeo and Juliet is. One of the boy wrote,'Romeo and Juliet are from Star Wars. They fought in an inter galactic battle. Romeo died from eating too much donuts and Juliet became a hooker.'-.-
Eddie: whoops...
Joseph: LMAO

        Are you serious?! Eddie is such an idiot. I guess none of the boys got the role..
Mrs. Dee: Well sorry boys, you guy's don't get the role. You have either Capulet or Montigue. I'll tell you guy's later. But Romeo is Harry Styles. Juliet is Paige LeVale.

Harry S. : SPAM!!!!! SPAM!!!! SPAM!!! *@!# SPAM!! Ooohh I'm Romeo (; 
        I read it and looked at what Mrs. Dee wrote. I laughed at what Harry wrote but then I looked at who was Juliet. Juliet is Paige LeVale. Those 4 words haunted me...

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