Paige ReSmore was just a girl in high school. Every day she secretly sneaks in the music class after school and plays the piano- singing her favorite songs- nobody knows until Zayn Malik hears the voice. She runs away from him- making him try to find out who's the voice belongs too. Will she be too Irresistible for him? Will he find out his Cinderella...... c: Find out *Go tape that sexy Favorite button*


11. Chapter 10

  a/n:  Anastasia and I made up so we're friends. Everything back to the way it was Bff <3 and my crush...I found out he's asian like me - looks like mexican xx..

      Mycaela's P.O.V

     I snorted, after hearing what Paige said about her voice. I continued walking towards my class- Mr. Bates. My math teacher. Nobody literally t.a's this boring class because Bates here is so completly boring. I chuckled, hearing Brooke, said some stuff,"Haven't you heart that Paige is prego? She's been hiding stuff so lately." I looked over to Brooke,"Prego?" "yeah, haven't she told you- oh wait she doesn't want to. She never liked you anyways." She smiled. I didn't believe this. I went along with this- making a sad face." What?! That's not fair." "Well it is now. Sorry not sorry. Hey, we can be friends better than prego girl." She winked. Wow, what a complete dumbass. I gotta love drama. "Um..." "Don't worry. I don't bite." She smiled, giving out here big smile- "Well....I guess so." I lied. "Really! Well I gotta tell Vanessa. She'll be so happy! We have to hate on prego girl." She kept whispering. 
     Oh sure, I 'will' . Urgh, so much drama lately. Why couldn't it be just a regular day at all. " you're going to hang out with us or with prego girl?" "Well. I'm pretending to be her friend." I smiled. "Great tell us what she says about us." She perked. I nodded- "GIRLS! Ms. Files and Ms. Erins. Shut up and pay attention!" Mr. Bates shouted. I nodded, sighing- we were doing blah blah blah...whatever. I must tell Paige about this stuff. 

TEXT> DaCookieMonsta>Me: Hey, well i got to tell u this. It's very important! D: The stupid toe eaters r making rumors about u, saying u're prego. D:< 

DaCookieMonsta: Woah Woah Woah. Stop with the short cutting words. It's hard to read. And WHAT! D:< They better 'Stahp' Before I give them a peace of my mind! Double the stinking mind. I fucking hate them. I want them to get run over by a taco truck D:< And it's not a small one this time. Extra large!

Me: Woah, calm your tits girlfriend. Don't worry. I'm pretending to be their friends and fake being your friend. I'm your eyes and ears. I'll be recording what their saying K?

DaCookieMonsta: Okay (: Thanks! And will you please take one of their shirt 1 of the kind ones. And burn them <3 

Me: (:< Got it. Bye xx

      She didn't replied. I put my IPhone 5 away. Of course I got a new one than her haha. Brooke smiled,"Who's you text." "Who'd not Who's." I replied, my boil of anger boiled. I hate it when people say their grammars right. "Sorry. God. But still who?" "Oh it's just my mother." "I thought your mother was in Florida?" "Yeah...and?" "Never mind."  She sighed. The bell rang- I ran back to my dorm, and bumped into Styles. 

     "Hey Styles watch it!" I hissed. Smiling. "Why don't you Files. Go file so papers." He chuckled, pulling me up. "You should get a better hair style." "Hey! No body messes my curls. They prettuh." "Pretty." I laughed. "Whatever." "deuces." "What?" "Whenever someone says whatever I just come along and say that." "Weird. You are weird." "I like to be called random. It's just my thang." "Haha okay. So are you free tonight?" He asked. "Why so? We only known each other for 2 days and dramas are coming up." I joked. I felt butterflies floating around my stomach. NO BUTTERFLIES CRAWL BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM D:< GO AWAY!!! NOBODY LIKES YOU! Except for you Steve, you can stay. :D . 

     "Hey, are you okay? You don't have to go. I was just asking." He sighed, looking down. I perked my lips, licking them and l fluffed his curls,"Yeah I am. What kind of date is it." I winked. "A get to know each other one. Don't'll be fun." He winked back- chuckling. "Ooh fun..." I laughed, "That's nasty." He opened his door. "See ya later. 6:00?" He said. I nodded,"It's a date." "A lovely one." He closed the door smiling. I closed the door to my back and squealed. "Paige! ReSmore! Oh my gosh! I got a- Paige?" She was gone. But her papers were here. She just said she was here? Where is she? 

     I looked in the refrigerator- grabbing an apple and washing it. I took a bite and crunched! The juicy apple was filled with flavor. I saw there was a note on the door- I pulled it off: 

     Went to talk to Mrs. Dee (; Bye xx Paige.

     Always....does she always have to do this?

  Paige's P.O.V

     I escalated down the stairs after the bell rang. "Hey ReSmore? Why are you in a hurry?" Harry shouted my name. "Uh...I have to pee." I said. "Oh, never mind, go pee in peace. I'm going upstairs and going to 'talk' to Mycaela." He quoted. I rolled my eyes. I didn't have to pee....I ran down to Mr. Venci's class. He was gone. I just can't always play in here? "What am I suppose to do..?" I walked out of his room. Walking straight outside- seeing an empty dorm. It wasn't a building dorm- just an abandon one, with great locking doors. The paper wrote:


     My eyes widened. Maybe I can always go in here. Plus it's far from my dorm so nobody can find me. Just my luck, I used my bobby pins and tried to unlock the door. I couldn't open the lock..."Damn it." I muttered. I skipped around the room- I saw a window- glass window. I pulled it up-"Oh thank goodness" Climbing in. I closed the window. I should use this entrance everyday....I looked around seeing everything all messy and dusty. There was only two windows. That's good enough. I traced myself. Looking at boxes. I think I should make myself homey....myself room. I opened out the boxes- seeing instruments- old ones. I stacked them neatly in one corner. 

   My brown eyes widened as I saw a huge cloth over something huge. I pulled it out and saw a black piano- clean as ever. Including a seat. Why doesn't Mr. Venci use this? I sat down and played the keys. F and G. There was no echo...everything was soft with no distractions- or anyone hearing me. I smiled, playing it. "There's a fire, starting in my heart, reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark." I began with Adele's song- Rolling In The Deep. 

   I removed my hand from the piano. Cracking a smile,"My new secret room for myself." I jumped out the window- and closed it....not locking it. Walking towards the cafeteria I saw Zayn- towards me. His mouth opened, My heart skipped a beat- Did he hear me sing? No the storage room or dorm room was not echoy enough. Like Mr. Venci's room. 

   "The deal?" He said. I grabbed an apple from the table and sat down. I sighed in relieve,"Thank god." "What?" "Nothing, I was hungry and yum I'm eating an apple." I lied quickly. "You're weird." "I prefer random. And I'll take that as a complement. I know you like me as in weird." I laughed. "Shut up." He chuckled, "So the deal?" "Yeah. Go on." "Do I trust you enough. Not to tell anyone?" He whispered. "Yeah. But we have to get to know each other first." "Yeah true. I'll tell you about we get to know each other?" He winked. I rolled my eyes,"Okay whatever." "Okay, tonight 6:00 it's a date?" I nodded-then shook my head. I couldn't if I did go on a date Louis would think I lied to him about my mother. Which was a lie and oh no.."Sorry I can't. I have to go to my mother's home and check on her." 

   "Oh rain check then. How about Sunday?" He propped his lips, licking them. I bit my lip, "Hmm. yeah sure." "Great. See ya later." He walked away- leaving myself with an apple. I remembered what Mycaela texted me. I swear to god I will punch Vanessa in her face one day. I sighed,"It's just you and me, Apple." I bit into the apple. "Yum." Munching it, looking at the table...this should be fun on Sunday.

   Zayn's P.O.V

    I couldn't believe I asked her out... I couldn't take the note that I can tell Paige that, I need to find this girl. The girl's voice...


hey guy's here's the dorms. Note that only rooms 100-200 is luxerious because the parents bought for them or rent. Or they're rich :p. The rooms. 1-99 is small ones. And this is a rich, fancy,high school. It's famous for being the richest one in New York o.o (Fake. I made it up D:< REMINDER!!! :D )

I'll be showing the girl's room. A.K.A the main characters one xD (Also it only works on Movellas on the computer! Not Ipodtouch, phones, or Iphones.) Thanks xx


Mycaela and Paige's Living Room: 

The Toe Eaters Living  Room: 

One Direction Bathroom: 

Mycaela & Paige's Bathroom: 

The Toe Eater's Bathroom -.-: 

One Direction ALL SAME Rooms: 

Mycaela & Paige ALL SAME Rooms: 

The Toe Eaters Room ALL SAME Rooms-.- : 

~J.1D<3 or Jackie 

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