It's a love hate thing

Rose Hughwitt and Capar Knight have sparks flying between them. But is this becasue of love or hate? Hope you like it!


2. Overcoming obstacles

2 minutes into PE and I already want it to be over. Miss Jones is on a course today, so both classes have to go to the sports hall. I groan internally when I see Caspar. He's  laughing with his friends. I sigh.

"This sucks" I mutter under my breath. As if he heard me, Caspar looks at me and grins. He jogs over to me, a smile lighting his face and revealing a dimple.

"Sunshine, you can't stay away from me, can you?" he smirks and my heart speeds up.

Calm down I think to myself

I remain unphased on the outside. My eyebrows raise.

"You are aware that you came over to me, aren't you?" his grin widens.

He leans forward and kisses me on my forehead.

"One day Sunshine, you'll admit how you feel about me." he tucks a stray piece of hair behind my ear. My breathing stutters.

"You me that I think you're an arrogant, cocky idiot who goes out with girls like Ashley Summers?" I glance over to see the wannabe mean girl herself. The shorts she's wearing are so short they should be classed as underwear and the top she's wearing looks as if it belongs to a 6 year old. Caspar looks over too and grimaces.

"Not my finest moment." I snort at his understatement.

"I'm pretty sure you must have been  either A: blind when you went out with her or B: took a few too many bumps to the head in football practce." Capar laughs and it warms me.

He hums in agreement. Caspar moves his hand and gently strokes my cheek. A sigh escapes me before I can stop it.

Mr Harding blows the whiste, nearly making me jump out of my skin.

"You have the choice to either run laps and time each other or play dodgeball." A second hasn't even passed when I decide to play dodgeball.

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