It's a love hate thing

Rose Hughwitt and Capar Knight have sparks flying between them. But is this becasue of love or hate? Hope you like it!


1. In the beginning


12 years ago

My eyes narrowed, zooming in on the back of Caspar Knight's head.Who does he think he is? i fumed stealing my cookie! I marched up to him and jabbed him in the back.

"Ouch!" he yelped. I grinned. His confused green eyes met mine.

"What?" he asked, wanting to go back to playing with the toy cars with his two weird friends, Zac Peckham and Luke Walterz.

"You stole my cookie!" I growled. Caspar's eyes widened innocently.

"No, I didn't" he denied.

"Then what's that?" I pointed angrily to cookie crumbs that had fell onto his blue superman T-shirt.

"Nothing?" he tried  to state, although it came out sounding more like a question.

"Nice try, Cookie Monster, but I want another cookie!" Caspar looked at me mournfully.

"But I don't have another one" I sighed impatiently. Stupid boys

"Then bring me one tomorrow" I suggested.  He frowned then sighed.



The next day Caspar brought in a double chocolate chip cookie for me.

"Here" he muttered, handing the piece of heaven over.

"About time" I grumbled " I thought you'd eaten this one, too!" He pulled another cookie out of his bag, and just when he was going to put it into his mouth, I snatched it out of his hand and quickly ate it.

"Now we're even." I mumbled around the delicious cookie. Caspar's eyes narrowed

"That was mine!" he yelled. I raised an eyebrow.

"Do you mean like the one you stole from me yesterday, Cookie Monster?" His jaw twitched in annoyance.

"I'm telling Miss!" he threatened.

"I'm telling Miss!" I mocked. When he started to stomp off, I lunged at him, making us both land sprawled on the ground. He yelped as my elbow connected with his face .

"Get off me, Rosie, or I'll tell Brandon Foster that you like him" he wiggled his eyebrows.

"You wouldn't!" I gasped.

"I would" he replied smugly.I tugged on his hair until he grimaced in pain.

"You turnip!" I screamed.He stilled and tilted his head to the side.

"Did you just call me a turnip?"

Present day

"I'm going to kill him." I sounded calm, although on the inside I was imagining several ways on how I would murder Caspar Knight. My friend Gemma rolled her eyes.

 "That's nothing new" she snorted.

"One day I'm going to lose it and 'accidentally' " I used my fingers as air quotations " cut something off of  him so he will not be able to reproduce." I shuddered, thinking about mini evil Caspar Knights taking over the world. Gemma remained silent, knowing that my rant wasn't over yet.

"And that smug smirk of his?- I'm going to slap it right off his face!" I silently fumed to myself for a few more minutes.

Gemma's twinkling sea blue eyes suggested she was trying to hold back laughter.

"What's he done this time?" she asked.

"The moron put me on a dating website. A ninety two year old rang me up at 5 o clock this morning, asking me if I wanted to go for some chips next Saturday!" Gemma burst out laughing.

"It's not funny" I scowled.

"What's wrong with you, Sunshine?" a deep voice sounded from behind me and I looked to see the smug green eyes of Caspar Knight.

A smirk lifted my lip.

"Seeing your face everyday for the past 12 years. It's depressing." Not that I'd ever say this to his face, but I had a brief moment a few years ago when I thought he was unbelievably sexy.He has wild, tousled hair that is dark brown, and chocolate brown eyes that sometimes get so dark, they look black. When he smiles, a dimple materializes on his left cheek. Caspar's skin is golden brown  and shows off his white teeth. He stands comfortably at 6 foot 4, towering over my petite 5 foot 5. His body is lean, with muscle in all the right places and broad shoulders.

"Drooling over me again, Sunshine?" he smiled, making his dimple appear.I broke out of my trance and cleared my suddenly dry throat.

"In your dreams" I scoffed.

"Yeah" he sighed "it is" I stared at him.

"Idiot" I muttered as i walked briskly to class


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