A Justin Bieber FanFiction.

Destiny and Jasmine are going to see Justin Bieber at his Believe Concert and Jasmine Meets Austin Mahone. blah blah just read my story and i hope you like it anyways thanks for reading my story


2. That Special Day Is Here / Not So Special Day After All.

Jasmine P.O.V.

So when i woke up this morning my head started to hurt as hell then i got out my phone to check what time it was it was 12:00 pm and it's Tuesday Omg i told Destiny the wrong date of the Concert it's Saturday when we had to go to the concert oh well we can try to hang out all this week together and what happen last night why am i in a damn dress oh shit did i take my contacts imma have to Digg in my eyes that's going to hurt but oh well soo im starting to Digg and i cant find them soo im going to get up and look in the mirror but before i look i see my contacts in my thing with eye drops in the container with my contacts drowning in the watery eye drops soo i must remember how to take them off while i was drunk lol now i remember what happen Destiny and Me went to Jake's party and Destiny got Drunk Because my Alter ego made her my Alter ego is a demon named Demon its a girl and she makes people do stuff for me im half kind and half black hearted but that's why i win every fight i get into i almost did football because of demon she is demanding, non caring, cold hearted, Bitchy that's why im soo popular and u guys might know that song by Drake Started From The Bottom that's how me and Destiny started me and my mom are Rich oh and Destiny's mom is my moms best friend so both of us are rich but we live in a small house i have a car cuz i can drive now but Destiny about to drive she hasn't pass her drivers test any ways i look for my IPhone 5 and i found it and grabbed it and some pillows and blankets and a T Shirt with some sweatpants and of course underwear and bra so i grabbed all my stuff and went to my car and put my stuff in the car and got in my mom is not home because Destiny's mom and my mom went to Mexico to visit my Grandpa Destiny and me couldn't go because we had a concert to go to soo yup anyways now im at destiny's house i brought 21& Over and Twilight Breaking Dawn Part One and Two there good movies i love them i knock on the door and wait for Destiny to answer.

Destiny's P.O.V

I hear a knock on the door i go answer the door and its Jassy she asked is she could sleep over so i told her sure why not so Jassy went to get car grabbed some stuff out her car and came in and went to the Kitchen and she was looking for something and then she found something popcorn and she bought some nacho cheese seasoning for our popcorn well for her buttery popcorn so i put in the Twilight movie in and we sat down and watched the movie and it was 7:30 pm when we put in the other Twilight movie Jassy has all her contacts with her and her makeup and some nice converse that matched her dresses and clothes so she was ready for this week but i wasn't u no Jassy can be the next famous mexican artist Jassy loves to draw she is good at it.


Sorry for the Short Chapter i will write some more in this chapter Tomorrow maybe anyways let me know what you guys are thinking about this story :)

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