A Justin Bieber FanFiction.

Destiny and Jasmine are going to see Justin Bieber at his Believe Concert and Jasmine Meets Austin Mahone. blah blah just read my story and i hope you like it anyways thanks for reading my story


1. A Special Day / No More School !!!!!!!

Destiny's P.O.V.

Hello My Name is Destiny and i have to get up for school to meet Jasmine in class now all i need to do is change cause i just got out the shower soo its going to be a long but short day cause its the last day of school and im going to meet up with Jasmine somewhere cause i guess she said she has some good news eh Jake is my other best friend he is Tuff and he is on the football team he is the caption on the team dreamy you might think but he is not i mean he is cute but im not into him im into Justin Bieber lol anyways im in Reading Class a little bit late but no one notice but Jassy that's Jasmine's nickname she calls me Bitch or Crazy cause i hit her with a desk in her stomach before and she couldn't breathe for a minute or two or five lol im abusive to her when she makes me mad.

Jasmine's P.O.V.

Hey my Name is Jasmine u can call me Jassy let me tell you about myself i can be shy sometimes and I wear Red Contacts and Brown and Blue and my bestie is Destiny were like Sisters but im Mexican and Destiny is mixed she is the most funnest bestie i have besides Jake i used to like him but then we became really good friends more like he is my best friend he is funny cute but i like Justin Bieber better than him lol but if u think Destiny and Justin Bieber would be a better couple than me and him lol i can just go for his friend or maybe One Direction lol i like Zayn and Niall and Harry and Liam and Louis Tomlinson lol lets just say i like all of them and i like Austin Mahone and Drake and Lil Wayne there really cool singers lol anyways im at lunch with Destiny its the end of the school day no more school its Summer Time now all i have to do is tell Destiny that i got us some Justin Bieber Concert Tickets and now i see her at our table and Jake is there great lol im just playing i like to mess around with him its fun but if you make him mad he will put you in the hospital lol so don't make him mad and now to tell Destiny......Hey Destiny guess what i got !!!

Destiny's P.O.V.

Hey Destiny guess what i got !!! Jassy said and i said....... What Justin Bieber Tickets to his Concert ?? and then Jassy gives me this happy face that means there is more girl and then she said Yes u win and i got us backstage passes to meet him too get ready cause 2morrow we are going to the Concert . That's what Jassy said 2day we are going to get our dress its a good thing Jassy has her car its red and she is an artist she can draw anything and design stuff and she can sing like me but yeah she designed her car lol or it would of been boring anyways we are on our way to the mall to get and outfit im wearing a dress with wedges right now im just wearing my jeans with a cute shirt  and Jassy is wearing a dress with her converse what match her dress so now we are making our way to Hollister to buy some dresses its 6:30pm now and i want to go to a party its at 8:00 too 12:00 a whole bunch of teenagers are going to be drinking beer and smoking i just want to go to have fun with Jassy i don't drink but Jassy does but not a lot she drinks like 3 cups of beer but no more than that now its 7:30 yeah we took a while to get dresses and perfume and lotion their Jassy likes to smell nice she is like a tom boy but she is a clean freak lol.

Jasmine's P.O.V.

Me and Destiny are going home im going to drop her off so she can get ready to go to the party and then im going home to get ready and i hope she doesn't forget about the BACKSTAGE PASSES to that Justin Bieber concert i thought her reaction would be like HOLLY SHIT YOU HAVE JUSTIN BIEBER CONCERT AND BACKSTAGE PASS AND TICKETS.!!!!!!!! Now its 8:30 im going to pick up Destiny i have my Red Contacts in and a Red and Black Dress with heels im a vampire freak anyways i look good lol now its time to get Destiny im at Destiny's house i see her mom wave at me and i wave back Destiny gets in the car and we go to the party when we got there the smell of beer is in the air sweaty bodies dancing i just go and dance with Jake and then other boys. Now its 12:00 and i grab Destiny and go home to get some rest i have been drinking all night and i have learned my lesson im really tired no more drinking beer for 2 years lol maybe anyways im going to my room oh no my mother is awake shit  "WHERE THE HELL HAVE  YOU BEEN YOUNG LADY" that's what my mother said to me and all i did is look at her and ran to my room before she noticed my parents are divorced cause my dad abused me and my mom when was little he always hit me and my mother now that he is gone me and my mother are getting along better she yells at me cause she is only worry about me i don't blame her anyways goodnight people cause im about to pass out.





Hey guys thanks for reading if u guys like it soo far i can update when ever i can but if you dont imma just delete it its all up too you guys thanks and bye ps i have been writing this for two days now and me and my best friend will be writing more story's and just to tell you guys this is my first movella. :) <3

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