my world of embarrassing parents

A 70s rock star as a dad and a mum who still acts like a crazed fan=embarrasing life


1. meet my parents

My world is as embarrassing as it can get! I have a dad who was a rock star in the 70's and he still wears these skin tight leather trousers and a weird bandana that he refuses to take off. but hes not the worst. my mum is. see she was a massive fan of my dad in the 70's and she went to see all of his concerts, then one time he spotted her in the crowd,probably because she was only wearing a skin tight skirt which wasn't much bigger than one of those large fashion belts and a very low cut boob tube, and after the show he went up too her and they went off into town  and have been together since. but she hasn't changed from the crazed fan she was she still acts like hes a god, and her dress sense hasn't changed either. she still walks around the house in the short skirts with her bum hanging out and drooling every time she sees him. ITS RIDICULOUS!!!!

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