How'd This Happen?

18 year old Rachel Olsen was just a city girl growing up in The States. She's a senior in high school when she gets VIP tickets to her favorite boy band One Direction's concert. When she meets the boys back stage she's very nervous and nothing like the other fans who would ask for things like them following her on twitter or something like that. As she's back stage Louis and Harry both slip her their phone numbers. She is surprised by this action and takes advantage of it. But. She later learns that's neither Harry or Louis are the right people for get but Niall is. Read on for an interesting story :D


1. The Typical Love

Rachel's POV

"Rachel get up!" I head my mother call from down the stairs.
"I'm up!" I yelled. I flung the covers off my body and left it that way not caring to me my bed. I took my pajamas off leaving me only in my bra and underwear. I walked to my dresser and pulled out a light pink, short sleeved, fitted Holister shirt. I pulled on some skinny jeans that were a little too long at the ends of my legs. I pulled them up a little so they didn't slip past my heel. I pulled on a pair of socks and walked to my closet to look for a pair of shoes. I ended up picking a pair of light pink Vans that matched my shirt pretty well. I picked up my backpack and slipped my iPhone off its charger. I looked at my iPhone and it had a few messages from my best friend Paige. Last night she had asked if I was going to ride the bus. I replied yes and and sipped it in my pocket. But just as soon as I put it in my pocket it vibrated. I took it out and looked at the message she sent me. It said "We'll you don't have to, you can ride with me because my dad is taking me to school today." I answered back and said "Kay ill see you in your front yard in a few. Paige lived right next door to me so I could go have a quick breakfast and get to get house on time. I ran down stairs and opened the PopTart box on the island in the kitchen. I pulled one out and stuck it in the toaster for a couple minutes then put better on the back where there is no frosting. I quickly ate it then ran back upstairs to brush my teeth in the bathroom in my bedroom. After I got done rinsing my mouth my mom called for me to bone down stairs and that it's time to go. I told her since I'm not going to ride the bus to school I don't have to leave so early. She said fine and left for work. My mom is a lawyer and she's kind of strict. She can have fun though. I did my hair and left for Paige's house.
"Good morning Jeff," I said to her dad as I walked in the door without bothering to knock.
"Good morning Honey." I saw Jeff more as a second dad than my best friends father. I stood at the door with him waiting for Paige.

Paige's POV

I was putting on my makeup when I saw Rachel walk over to my hours through my window. Rachel probably ditched wearing makeup today like she does a lot.She is still gorgeous with out it though. Rachel and I have been best friends since kindergarten. We both had a lot of stuff in common, but the one thing we had most in common was our love for a boy band One Direction. A lot of girls here in California loved them, but we saw them more as our crushes. We called them "Our Boys" when the other girls called them "This Boys".
I walked downstairs and saw Rachel showing my dad a picture of "Our Boys". My dad didn't really care because he was used to it from both me and Rachel.
"Hey!" I said to her an she looked up from her phone.
"Hey!" I replied back.
"Are you crazy girl ready to go?" My dad asked chucking a bit by us being so excited to see each other.
"Yeah" we both replied at the same time. We went out side an got in my dad's car. Rachel and I just started talking vigorously about the latest of our boys. Then my dad dropped us off and we separated and went to our home rooms.
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