How'd This Happen?

18 year old Rachel Olsen was just a city girl growing up in The States. She's a senior in high school when she gets VIP tickets to her favorite boy band One Direction's concert. When she meets the boys back stage she's very nervous and nothing like the other fans who would ask for things like them following her on twitter or something like that. As she's back stage Louis and Harry both slip her their phone numbers. She is surprised by this action and takes advantage of it. But. She later learns that's neither Harry or Louis are the right people for get but Niall is. Read on for an interesting story :D


2. The Surprise

Andrew's POV

I saw Rachel come in a take her seat while other people were flowing in the classroom in front and behind her. She was so flawless. She has those perfect blue eyes and pink lips. Her ears wernt too big or too small,but just right. I watched her pull out her things and look around the room quickly. She saw me looking at her an smiled down at her desk. The teacher came into the room and started talking.

Rachel's POV

I saw Andrew staring at me. He always like to look at me when I'm coming in home room. Paige says that he has to like me, because no one could look at some one so much with out either liking them or being disgusted of them. We both picked the first option. The teacher was talking about an assignment when I started thinking about the subject even more. He is a really goo looking guy but if he knew how obsessed with One Direction I am he probably wouldn't like me anymore. I kind if had a crush in him. Actually I have had a crush on him ever since the 7th grade. He had freckles that covered his face and oh, don't even get me started on how skinny and buff he is. I swear I weigh more than him. He's a few inches taller than I am, just the right size.
I guess I had been day dreaming about him the whole time because it was time to change classes. Thanks goodness Paige was in my next class. I started putting all my things into my backpack who he walked over to me.
"Hey," he said.
"Wha- I mean hi." He laughed a little at my stupidness.
"I got you something." He said. Wait what? What has he just said? Had he just said he got me something?
"Er- What is is?" I asked doubly so stupid. He pulled out one plane ticket, a VIP ticket and a card. "Since I know um you like uh that band One Direction I uh got you a VIP ticket for their concert in London, England and a plane ticket to get you there." I just stared at him.
"How did you know I like them?" I asked him finally curious. He laughed a bit then said
"You wear they're clothing and I kinda hear you talk about them with your friend." I felt my checks go red. She must have herd me tell Paige I'm ready for Louis and my sex session. He laughed again. "Thanks so much" I said. I felt amazed that a boy that I like got me One Direction VIP tickets. I ran out of the room while other kids started coming in for their next class. I felt his eyes on my as I left.

Andrews POV

She looked really surprised and happy when I have her the plane and VIP tickets. She ran right out the room and I watched her. When she was talking to me I studied her face. She wasn't wearing make up today like she does sometimes. She looks beautiful with and without it. I sigh and leave the room as one of the kids coming in the room gave me a dirty look.

Paige's POV

Rachel came running to me. She looked do excited. She must have gotten a good grade or extra credit or something. She came to me out of breath.
"What happened?" I asked her.
"Andrew Burton just gave me a VIP ticket for a One Direction concert in London, England!" She almost screamed.
"Whoa Whoa Whoa, how are you going to get there and what?" We were going to be late for Spanish. We started walking towards the classroom we needed to go to and she told me she would explain later. We went into Spanish but our teacher wasn't in there. I looked around and no one was in there. I walked around and looked out the window.
"They're outside" I said to Rachel. She came over and looked at me first then out the window.
"Let's go." She said already starting to walk. We got outside and we were late. We just got a tardy so it wasn't anything that bad. It ends up we were outside because we were learning the Spanish words for the things we find in the nature. Everyone was paying attention except me and Rachel. We were thinking and whispering about the event that happened in her home room.
"Paige what is the Spanish word for tree?" The teacher asked me.
"I'm sorry Ma'am but I don't know." I said. I could feel everyone's eyes on me.
"Well perhaps if you were paying attention and not talking to Rachel about those five famous boys you always talk about you would know." She told me to move away from Rachel so we had to wait for later to talk.

*** 6 hours later ***
Rachel's POV

I met Paige at the front of the school and we were going to ride the bus home. It's a great wonder to us how we are seniors but we don't have cars. We just guessed that we spend all the money we could save up for a car on One Direction things. By the way we have two different dolls of each boy each and our bedroom walls are covered with poster if the sex gods and we have One Direction bedding. We have a lot more but it would take long to name. We got on the bus and talked all through the ride. I told every detail about Andrew giving me those tickets. We got off the bus in front if both if our houses and we walked into mine.
"But you only got ONE plane ticket and ONE. VIP ticket. Does t he know I need one too?" She said sort of joking around sort of not.
"I don't know." I answered.
"Well what are you going to do?" She asked.
"I don't know I answered again.
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