How'd This Happen?

18 year old Rachel Olsen was just a city girl growing up in The States. She's a senior in high school when she gets VIP tickets to her favorite boy band One Direction's concert. When she meets the boys back stage she's very nervous and nothing like the other fans who would ask for things like them following her on twitter or something like that. As she's back stage Louis and Harry both slip her their phone numbers. She is surprised by this action and takes advantage of it. But. She later learns that's neither Harry or Louis are the right people for get but Niall is. Read on for an interesting story :D


3. Preparation

Rachel's POV
Paige went home around 6 o'clock yesterday. I didn't tell my parents about the tickets yet. I know I should. I got up out of bed. Today was Saturday so I didn't have school today. I went down the hall past the guest room and to my parents room to see if they were awake. They weren't in there so I supposed they were down stairs. I went down stairs and there they were. My mom was making some tea and my dad was reading the newspaper.
"Good morning Rachel," my mom said as she poured me some tea in a One Direction cup, " I put your tea in your favourite cup." She smiled.
"Thanks Mom," I dipped a little bit of my tea, " speaking of One Direction there's something I want to talk to you guys about." My dad looked up from his newspaper .
"Oh Rachel don't we already know enough about them?" He laughed.
"No it's not that." I said.
"What?," my mom said, " Did you finally find some sense and stop being so obssessed with them?" She ask and this time both her and my dad laughed.
"Ha-Ha not funny," I said "No but this guy at school he got me a VIP tickets to one of their concerts in London and he have me a plane ticket to get there too! Isn't that exciting?" I asked them. They both looked at me like they didn't believe me which they probably didn't,
"I'm serouis" I said. Their faces kinda lit up a lit up a little and my dad finally talked "So you're asking us for permission?" He asked. I nodded my head yes. Them my mom laughed a little and said "Rachel you are old enough to vote for the president of the United States of America and you're going to ask us for permission to go to another country?" She asked like thus was all so amusing. It would be nice to get away from my parents. I guess I need to stop thinking that I'm younger I thought in my head. I finished my tea, never answering my moms question, and went up stairs. I looked at the date for the concert on the tickets. It was in a week. I could use the plane ticket now so I decided to plan out what I'm going to do. I decided that I was going to go tomorrow and just look around London for this few extra days. I called Paige and told her my plan. I have up admit she sounded pretty jealous but who wouldn't be? One Direction are the greatest singers in the world. I told Paige that we should go shopping for me to find some cute clothes and we could have a girls day out. Paige met me at my house and we wrecfettibg ready to go. I had asked my mom if we could drive her mustang and she says sure. I grabbed my purse from a hook by the door and also my moms keys of a hook. We started driving to the mall and we got there after about twenty minutes. We went into Holister first and I bought a couple of jeans, a few shirts, and teo causal dresses. Then we went shoe shopping a store over to the left. I got some new Vans Sperrys and a couple pairs of heels. They were all really cute. We got kinda hungry after the previous forty minutes of shopping we had just done. So we went down to the food courts and got something to eat. When we were done eating and walking around in the store a little more, we heard "Kiss You" and song by one direction in one if the stores so we went inside. He store was called Claire's. They had a section of 1D things that we were checking out and they had some pretty cute jewlerey.
"You are so lucky." Paige told me. I just nodded my head and kept looking around. Then finally we got tired so we left the mall. By the time the trafic was bad because of the people who work in Saturdays were coming home from work.
"Damn it!" I said mad about the traffic. It finally cleared up and Pauge and I got to my house.
Paige's POV
We got back to Rachel's house around six o'clock. We went straight to her room carting lots if bags. We went into her room and set the bags down on her queen sized bed. She opened French doors to her walk in closet and brought a suitcase out with her. It was One Direction of course. We didn't really care about the attention we got from having one direction things at the age 18. We liked what we liked. We started packing her suitcase with the things we bought and other things from her closet. I slipped a little bit of makeup in there without her noticing. If she's going to meet On Direction back stage at a concert she has to have makeup to touch up her face. We finished packing and we just watched the 1D video diaries from the X factor for the thousandths time. They never got old. Then we started reading out of Tiger Beat magazine so I coul quiz her in how to way around the boys in London in case their a couple cute ones. She didn't really need it but it was better to he safe than sorry. I went home after we ate some dinner and I couldn't stop thinking about how lucky she. Oh well.

Rachel's POV
After Paige left at about 9 o'clock I stripped down and got in the shower. I needed to be clean for in the morning. I took a long hot shower. When I got out it was 9:39. I got into bed thinking about the whole trip. This was going to be great I thought.
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