The Devils Daughter

The only good Demon is a dead Demon...

Book 5 in the Chalson Chronicles. All rights reserved. Cover designed by Alicia Keyes.


1. Winterbrook Again

"Avea, come on! We're going to be late!" Eottil was tugging on my arm, pulling me towards the bleak building. I laughed. We were only a few minutes late, it didn't matter. It was only .

"What's the rush Lit? It's not like we'll get in to trouble or anything," I replied, yawning. Life is too short to worry about lateness.

"We will! This is Winterbrook. You get in trouble if you're early for training, never mind late!" She moaned, tugging on my arm again. She needed to lighten up.

"Couldn't you just wipe the teacher's minds? You could clear my record while you're at it too," I protested. What was the point on being the most powerful telepath in school if you didn't use it? I would of done it.

"Only this is the only place for people like us and I would get expelled for it. Hurry up!" the wind carried her voice to me as she hurried up to the school. Giving in, I followed after her, lost in my thoughts. Just out the corner of my eye, I glimsped the other kids wishing goodbye to their parents for another year. Smiling, crying, kissing, hugging. It only made the grief from my mothers death more raw and exposed. I flicked my head away like I'd been slapped and focused instead on my surroundings. Golden trees stuck up from the ground, stopping only for the city of Granld to begin. The capital of Chalson was not that impressive really. Small timber house's stretched for as far as the eye could see, dwarfed by Queen Opehs castle. The crimson towers were so bright, they seemed to be flashing from the fires of Hell. Winterbrook was like a prison in comparsion. The castles dark gargolye coated towers were so high that they seemed to be trying to touch Heaven and the ravens that sat on top of the spires were so still they seemed to be impaled in place. I hated it here. Hated it with a vengence. Everyone here was different in their own powerful way, but I'm not. I'm competely normal. The only reason I even came here was because it had been in my mums will. No one knew why though. I caught up with Eottil, passing through the vast oak door in to the castle. Well, at least I would finally get some fun. I wasn't one for boredom. We trapsed through the corridors and eventually reached the Guild chambers. Hugging, we both made our ways to our own Guilds. It was funny, our Guild choices. Eottil was one of the least fierce people you could fine, with a deep hatered of hurting anyone, yet she was one of the best Warrior Guild members. The new recruits always asume she's part of my Guild, the Natural Guild, and I'm part of hers. It can be really funny. Slipping through a door, I was soon outside again and making my way through the flower garden. Part the reason I chose Natural was because it was seperate to the main castle. That and I'd always been told tales of the Natural Guild by my father before he got arrested and thrown in prison. Mum had died the next year from a disase and I'd ended up here. Pushing through a wall of leaves, I entered the Natural Guild cavern.A large waterfall rolled against the cavern wall and fell in to a sky blue river that wound its way through the small town standing on the cavern floor. The wooden buildings lined paved streets, surrounded by perfectly trimmed flowerbeds and large flower trees. Birds flitted around everywhere, making nests in the trees, and Familars scurried around everywhere. I didn't have, a Familar. Only actual Wizards got them. Making my way down to the cavern floor, I made my way through the streets to my apartment building. Every Wizard gets a two room apartment in their Guild cavern, but they sometimes chose to share with another, normaly a partner or a friend. I unlocked mine and flopped down on my sofa, kicking the door shut. The room was full of sheet music and musical instruments from all over Planetary. Random ordaments littered the room, sitting on top of books or attached to the fabric that hung from the ceiling. A small kitchen perched on a shelf above a row of sinyas from Vamney and strings of beads hung over the door in to my bedroom. That room was exactly like the main room, just with a mattress on the floor instead of a sofa. Not exactly the most regal or comfortable place, but it does me. Life in the Natural Guild suits me. Very relaxed, no more than five rules and lots of freetime.

Back to school I guess.

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