Loved You First

One new girl.2 hot boys.Both have won her heart but only one can keep it forever.Who will Katie choose?The adorable Niall Horan or the heart-breaker Josh Windslow?Read to find out!! BTW, One Direction wasn't famous at this time.They are just 5 best friends!


1. About me

Hi I m Katie.I go to middle school.I hate that school.Everyone bullys me.They say I m a dork.Every time they say it I just ignore it.They say I always look ugly.They always trip me.When I fall, they laugh and say I'm clumsy.Everybody but 6 boys.Harry,Niall,Zayn,Liam, Louis,and Josh.They are so nice to me.They help me up when I fall and help me pick up the books I dropped when I fell.Now that I rember I have black hair and blue eyes.I am 19 years old.I have a little sister named Anna.She is 12 years old.I have a mom and dad.My mom is 22 years old.My dad is 30 years old.

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