Friends or Lovers

Ashley has been friends with Harry all her life, they went through school together and their friendship is still going strong -Even though he’s MEGA famous- but when they accidentally kiss, sparks fly and send their worlds upside down...


5. Chapter 5

I arrived a Jacks house, It wasn’t really big, it was more like a flat, but Jack insisted we called it a house. I opened the door slowly, checking he wasn’t home, the coast was clear.  I walked into our bedroom, The picture of us at my 19th was still on the bedside table. I walked over to the wardrobe, opened the door, I looked on the rails and shelves, but Jack had got rid of my clothes. ‘Urgh…’ I mumbled to myself. I searched around the room looking for my belongings, there was nothing there apart from the image of me and Jack. I walked out into the living room  walked through into the kitchen and saw 2 black bags full of stuff, it was all mine. Jack had packed it up ready to throw away, I grabbed the bags and headed for the door. I quickly stopped to check everything was there, it was, my clothes, makeup, all of my belongings, were in these two bags. I was about to leave when I had a thought, a note, I had to be kind, I couldn’t leave without saying I had taken my things, he might have thought he was robbed.

I’m so sorry about what happened, I really have no words, all I can say is that I am sorry, me and Harry are. It wasn’t meant to happen, but it did, and I wasn’t expecting it to, I can’t say that I regret it, because you always say ‘some things happen for a reason’ I not going to say I was comfortable at the time, because I wasn’t and I still think it feels a bit strange not being with you, but I just wanted to say that I love you and always will, but I’m not sure if you love me enough to have told me before taking the job. Anyway, I will come and see you before you leave for Australia (unless you don’t want me to!), because I really need to say goodbye. Love you Jack. From Ashleyxxxxxx

I grabbed the bags and left, I had done the right thing hadn’t I? Well there was no turning back now. As I got into my car, I saw Jack pull up to the house. ‘Crap’ I whispered, I ducked my head down and waited for him to get inside the house. He was gone, I started the ignition, and drove off.

I arrived back at Harry’s to see him with a bunch of flowers. ‘They’re for you. I know you’ve had a tough time, so I bought you them.’ he said, I smiled at him.  I hugged him and then kissed him on the cheek, ‘thank you.’ I replied. I took the flowers off of him and put them in a vase, Harry grabbed me a hot chocolate and we curled up next to each other on the sofa to watch some good old TV. We spent about an hour chatting, we spoke about when we were at primary and secondary school together, and when he went on X Factor and how everyone at home reacted about him and One Direction coming 3rd. ‘Can you remember the Prom?’ he said. ‘Oh no, that was the worst day of my life’ I replied. Harry laughed, he knew why. ‘It was Hilarious though.’ he chuckled. ‘No it was not… Having your date be sick on your £190 dress is not a laughing matter!’ I stated, yes it was TRUE, my date was sick on me, but only because someone idiot played a stupid prank and spiked the drinks. I hit him on the arm, only as a joke, Harry didn’t mind. He began to tickle me, I was in absolute fits of laughter. It was only when I fell onto the floor that it was no longer funny. ‘Owwww, Harry you asshole!’ I said in pain. ‘Oh god I’m so sorry Ashley.’ He helped me back up and kissed my forehead. This time we just sat and cuddled. Until the doorbell went. I got up to see who it was and it was Jack. I opened the door and walked outside, closing the door behind me so he wouldn’t hit Harry or start another fight. He kissed me on the lips, and I immediately pulled away. ‘No Jack.’ I told him, I almost sounded like a teacher telling off a pupil. ‘Why not?’ he asked, winking at me. ‘Because I’m not your girlfriend anymore, I’m Harry’s, and you can’t change that.’ ‘Oh so its official, Aww Hashley. What a cute name.’ he replied sarcastically. I squinted my eyes at him, why did I ever date him? ‘I saw the note.’ he said. I looked at the ground, and began to fiddle with my hair. ‘It was cute.’ he told me. I was silent for a moment, I didn’t know what to say. ‘Were you going to throw my things away?’ I asked him. ‘No, I was going to bring them to you, but when I saw the note I thought Id better talk to you properly, without any distractions.’ I knew he was referring to Harry. I looked deep into his eyes, and saw the Jack I had fallen in love with, sweet, sensitive, caring, funny, charming, and all round good looking! I heard Harry call my name. ‘You better go.’ I told Jack. ‘When will I get to see you again?’ He asked. ‘Jack, we are not together anymore, this isn’t something from Romeo and Juliet.’ ‘I will see you at the airport Jack, to say goodbye.’ He nodded, turned around and walked away. I made my way back into Harry’s. ‘Who was that?’ Harry asked as I closed the door behind me. ‘Jack.’ I replied, looking at the floor. Harry smiled, he knew I had to settle things once and for all. ‘What did he say?’ Harry looked at me. ‘He said, Sorry, and that he will see me at the airport, you know, when he goes to… Australia.’ I choked back my tears that I could feel filling my eyes. I knew that I would never see Jack again, so to not say goodbye would be mean. Harry could see I was getting shaken up and came over and hugged me as tight as I could bear.

Harry’s POV

I held her as close as I could, as long as I didn’t hurt her. I thought the world of Ashley, but she just didn’t quite know how much of a crush I have had on her since school. The day that I found out she was dating Jack, was one of the most painful days of my life. I have had girlfriends, I’m not going to say that I was in love with them, because… I wasn’t, Ashley was all I thought about, but she was a close friend and that would have been weird at the time, but I guess now, it felt right. ‘Don’t worry.’ I told her. She buried her head into my chest and I kissed her head softly. I lead her over to the sofa, sat down and lifted her onto my lap. ‘I’m here…’ I said whilst stroking her hair. ‘I’m here…’

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