Friends or Lovers

Ashley has been friends with Harry all her life, they went through school together and their friendship is still going strong -Even though he’s MEGA famous- but when they accidentally kiss, sparks fly and send their worlds upside down...


4. Chapter 4

Shit!’ That was the first thing I heard when I woke up. And it was coming from Harry’s mouth, he had been sent a text from Louis, telling him to check out the papers. So he did.

HARRY HITS GUY TO GET GIRL! Heartthrob Harry Styles was seen last night outside a restaurant caught up in a fight, which involved the girls boyfriend. Harry was then said to have taken the girl (called Ashley, 19) back to his flat to stay the night. We interviewed the Ex who said; ‘Harry has always been after Ashley, he was always trying to take her from me, at the restaurant he just lashed out…’

What the….?’ said Harry. I put my hand on his shoulder.’Just ignore him.’ I said. Harry stood up, his eyes were watering, his body was shaking, he grabbed my arms and looked into my eyes. ‘I’m sorry’ He looked at the floor. ‘Im Sorry you have such a crap boyfriend-’ ‘boyfriend?’ a smile formed on my lips. ’ Oh, sorry, too soon?’ He laughed. I shrugged my shoulders. ‘Nah, I quite like it.’ I giggled. He kissed me on the lips. ‘Ok then, boyfriend it is.’ ‘Just don’t tell anyone yet…  We need to clear things up with the press.’ He carried on. ’ And I think you need to talk to Jack.’ I nodded, I didn’t want to, but Harry wanted me to, so I had to.

‘Hi’ he said softly. ‘What do you want?’ he asked. ‘I called to say sorry.’ I replied. ‘Oh, Ashley, you have been running through my mind all day, I need you back.’ He said. My heart sank, I had Harry now. I couldn’t tell him though. ‘Um… I don’t….-’ He cut me off. ‘You’re with him, aren’t you, tell him I said Hi, actually, put him on I wanted to talk to Haz.’ I gave Harry the phone, my hand trembling, He grabbed the phone and pulled me in for a hug, so we could both listen in on the phone call. Harry put it on loud speaker.’What?’ Harry asked, his tone harsh, he had his eyebrows furrowed. ‘You took her from me.’ Jack said. ‘No I didn’t, you pushed her away, and practically gave her to me, I was there for her, when you went off and left her, she had nowhere to stay, so I let her stay with me.’ he replied. ‘By the way Jack, she was gonna dump you anyway, even if you hadn’t have taken the job.’ ‘Why would that be?’ Jack asked. ‘Because… we kissed, on Tuesday night. While she was at mine.’ Harry replied. I slapped him on the arm. He knew why. Down the phone all we heard was a crash, cursing and then he cut us off.

I dropped my iPhone onto the table, I was surprised it didn’t smash. ‘I need some space.’ I told Harry, I ran into his bedroom and slammed the door. I then sat in his wardrobe, I felt like Harry was with me because of the scent of him on his clothes, it gave me comfort. But I was happy being alone, I couldn’t talk to anyone right now. All I could think about was Jack, I still loved him, I wasn’t completely sure, but I still had feelings for him, after all we had been together for 3 years and we had known eachother for 8 years. Me and him were like, me and Harry, we had been friends for so long and then we had a moment which started it all. I began to look at the wardrobe around me, it was a walk in wardrobe, not massive, but not a normal sized wardrobe. I looked around at his clothes, I led down… and gradually fell asleep.

I awoke on Harry’s bed, there was a note on the bedside table which read.

Hi Ashley, I have left some beans and egg in the fridge, just warm them up when you want them. I think you should go and get your things from Jacks, before he gets back from work at 6. I’m sorry I have to go to work, I have an important interview with the boys and I needed to clear up the whole fight thing, from last night. See you later. Hazxxx:D

I smiled, see this was what I was on about, he cared, Harry really cared for me!

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