Friends or Lovers

Ashley has been friends with Harry all her life, they went through school together and their friendship is still going strong -Even though he’s MEGA famous- but when they accidentally kiss, sparks fly and send their worlds upside down...


3. Chapter 3

‘Hi Haz, Hey babe.’ Jack looked at us both, I was worried he would know what had been said by the way we were acting but he didn’t figure it out. He and Harry shook hands following a pat on the back, and then he kissed me and sat beside me. ‘So, what have you guys been up to?’ Asked Jack. Oh if only I could tell him. Well I kissed Harry and I have fallen in love with him and I’m dumping you! Oh if only I could say it, but I couldn’t and I can’t yet!

We ate, laughed and almost cried at one point, but then Jack went to the toilet and everything changed, Me and Harry started to giggle together, having a foot fight under the table, tickling each others legs and at one point holding hands under the table, But as soon as Jack returned, we stopped but carried on with the foot fight. ‘So what are your plans for this year Jack?’ asked Harry. ‘Oh, well that’s why I invited you both here.’ he replied. Mine and Harry’s eyes widened, waiting for Jack to tell us. ‘I have been offered a new job.’ he told us. ‘But, its in… Um, well… Its in Australia.’ My mouth dropped. ‘Did you take it?’ I asked. I could see beads of sweat on his face.’Um, well yes.’ I stood up, and left the table, I retreated into the girls toilets and sat down crying in one of the cubicles. My phone went off…’Hey Ashley, You can go with him if you want, but if he really loved you he would have asked you first before taking it. I know I would have. Harryxxx:D’ I quickly replied with…’I know u would have, I don’t know what 2 do, do I stay and have a long distance relationship or do I go and b wiv him still, or do I tell him what happened? Ashxxx:D’  All harry said was ‘follow ur <3, Hxxx’  I stood back up, left the cubicle, and recomposed myself. I knew what I had to do.

‘Jack, I can’t come with you, I just spoke to my Mum and she doesn’t want me to go, and I have work, I’m really happy for you but, I wish you would have told me before taking the job, plus I don’t really want to have a long distance relationship.’ I said in a rather harsh tone (lying about the Mum part) . He stared at me in shock. ‘Oh so you’re breaking up with me?’ he replied, rising from his chair. ‘Maybe I am…’ I felt the anger inside of me, after all we had been through, he takes a job in flipping Australia, the other side of the flipping world. ‘Fine then, I don’t wanna see your face again, and as for My house, I want you out!’ He stormed outside, Harry followed, so I did too. ‘You didn’t have to talk to her like that!’ Harry yelled.’I can say what I like!’ Jack replied. I had never seen Jack this angry, he was always so caring and gentle, and as for Harry, who now had his fists clenched, was also gentle, caring and charming. Him and Jack had been friends for years, they had never fought, but I knew Harry loved me, so he was sticking up for me. Harry’s face turned red, and soon Jack’s had too from the impact of Harry’s fist. Everything kicked off, They were both throwing punches and shoving each other against the walls, all because of me. The fight ended when the manager of the restaurant came out and told us he would call the police if we didn’t clear off right now. I got into my car and Harry decided to get in as well  I watched Jack walk off into the distance, alone. ‘He is such an idiot!’ said Harry. I nodded my head. ‘Come back to mine?’ he said. I nodded my head again, unable to talk. I exited my car and Harry grabbed my hand, we walked to his car and got inside. ‘I’ll fetch your car tomorrow, ok.’ He told me. I smiled, I still had no words…

We arrived at Harry’s and we immediately sat on the sofa, Harry wrapped his arm around me and I buried my head into his chest. I began to cry. ‘Shhhh, It will be ok.’ Harry said, stroking my hair. ‘I’m here, and that’s never gonna change.’ he told me. ‘I…I…I k-know’ I said whilst crying. At that moment he lifted me up and carried me to the hallway.

‘Right, so you wanna sleep in my bed with me, or the guest room?’ he asked. ‘Your room. I need a cuddle.’ Harry chuckled at my response  He carried me to his room and put me on his bed, He disappeared into his wardrobe for a moment and came back out with a pair of pajamas  they were mine.’Where did you get those?’ I asked. ‘You left them here once, I kept them in case you stayed over again.’ I stared at him for a moment, taking in his features, his perfect features. His smile, dimples, hair and his beautiful green eyes.’You’re so cute.’ I replied, letting a giggle leave my mouth. He laughed too. He handed me the pajamas  and I went into the bathroom, I got dressed and washed my face, I took my hair down and made my way into his room.’You should wear your hair down more often, its beautiful.’ He smiled at me. I sat down on his bed, I was a little anxious at first but it was ok, It wasn’t like we were gonna do anything other than sleep.’Go on then, get in.’ He said, I pulled back the bed covers and got in, I slept on the right side, closest to the wall. I then saw Harry go into the bathroom, and within at least 30 seconds he was back out, he was wearing a pair of joggers and no shirt. He turned the light off and got in bed beside me, I was facing the wall, and so he was facing my back. Harry put his arm around me and pulled me close, He kissed the back of my neck and planted his face in my hair.

Now this felt right, I had never felt this way with Jack and we had been together for 3 years, but lying next to Harry was, some what magic, the way he smelled and the way he protected me, I was now absolutely positive that from now on we were More than Friends…

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