Friends or Lovers

Ashley has been friends with Harry all her life, they went through school together and their friendship is still going strong -Even though he’s MEGA famous- but when they accidentally kiss, sparks fly and send their worlds upside down...


2. Chapter 2


I woke up to the sound of my phone, I was quick to pick it up and see who had text me. I had hoped it wasn’t him, but it was, and for some reason I felt some comfort from the fact that he cared and wanted to know I was ok. ‘Hi Ashley, I hope you’re ok, I think we need to talk about last night, Harryxxx:D’ I trembled whilst holding my phone, I knew I had to confront Harry, but I couldn’t yet, It was too soon, I had to put it off. ‘Yh we do, but I have work all this week and on Friday I am spending the day with Jack, I hope this is ok, c u soon!:Dxxx’ I got out of bed and made my way to the kitchen, Jack was sat at the table, eating breakfast. ‘Do you want some, love?’ He said, waving his toast at me. I giggled, and took a piece. We sat for a while, talked and ate and then moved to the sofa. ‘I love you, you do know that don’t you.’ Jack stared at me, eyes wide open, as if to say ‘well, do you?’ I paused, because, I wasn’t sure, last night with Harry was a shock, but for some reason it felt right. ‘Yeah, I do… I love you Jack.’ He smiled, and kissed me softly on the cheek. ‘I spoke to Harry earlier.’ He said. ‘I said that we should go out for dinner tonight, to that new restaurant in town, Me, you and Harry.’ Harry… Harry, Harry, Harry, why is it all about Harry. ‘Urgh…’ I moaned. ‘What’s wrong?’ Jack asked. ‘Oh, no nothing, sore throat, I’m really excited!’ I looked away and rolled my eyes, I looked back at Jack, he was staring at me, in a trance which made me a bit scared, he looked like he was going to eat me, I waved my hand in his face and he blinked. ‘Oh, sorry!’ He laughed. ‘You’re just so beautiful.’ I smiled, I stood up and made my way to my bedroom, I got dressed and put my makeup on, I packed my bag and went into the living room, Jack had already left for work, and I was about to when my phone started ringing. I didn’t even bother looking at caller ID, I just picked it up even though I already knew who it was! ‘Hello’ I heard his husky voice say. ‘Hi… I’m so glad to hear your voice’ I replied quietly. He just laughed. ‘So here’s the thing, I know that you were freaked out last night, and I completely understand why, with Jack and all, and I know you ‘friend zoned’ me ages ago-’ I cut him off. ‘But I didn’t ‘friend zone’ you, I really like you, but… I have Jack, It would break his heart…’ He didn’t say anything for a while, all I heard was him breathing. ‘Ok… Well, I’ll see you later… Bye.’ Before I could say Bye he cut me off, did I say something wrong? I knew this was going to be running through my mind all day, so I grabbed my bag and left for work.

It was a long day at work, and as soon as my feet reached the inside of my house, a sigh left my mouth, but then a groan followed, I remembered I had to go for dinner with Harry and Jack. Jack who was working later was meeting me and Harry at the restaurant, leaving me stuck with Harry for at least 10 minutes. I had to stop thinking about him, so I decided to have a shower, then get dressed, I put a Black Peplum dress with a embellished collar on, and added a pink belt and wore my black shoes with pink straps. I dried my hair and then put it in a messy bun. I applied my makeup and grabbed my clutch bag. It was now 6:30 and Jack had booked a table for 6:50 so it was time to leave. I left the house and made my way to my car.

I finally reached the restaurant, I was waiting at the table when he arrived, he was wearing a suit and tie, his hair was styled as normal and he looked almost as if he had been crying.

‘Hi…’ He said as he approached me. ‘Hi.’ I replied. ‘Listen Harry, I’m just going to come out and say it, I’m sorry if I hurt you earlier but, I don’t want what happened to get in between our friendship…’ He kissed me on the lips and waited for a few seconds before letting go. ‘I just want you to know that if you change your mind, I will be… I will be waiting for you.’ He stuttered. ‘That’s why I love you.’ I giggled, but then I realised what I had said. ‘Oh, so you love me?’ He winked at me and chuckled. ‘Maybe…’ I winked back at him.

He knew how I felt and I knew how he felt, but some things were best not said, for now anyway.

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